Smart Appliances
    30 January 2023

    Ikea SYMFONISK Floor Lamp Speaker – Floor Lamp with WiFi Speaker based on Sonos S2 Streaming Platform

    Together with Sonos Inc., Inter IKEA Group presents the new Ikea SYMFONISK Floor Lamp Speaker.
    30 January 2023

    Velodyne Acoustics GmbH with numerous innovations at ISE 2023 in Barcelona

    The subwoofer specialist Velodyne Acoustics GmbH presents itself with numerous innovations at the Integrated Systems Europe 2023 in Barcelona.
    30 January 2023

    KEF GP Group – KEF and Celestion in newly formed subsidiary of GP Industries Ltd.

    With KGG or KEF GP Group, GP Industries Ltd. establishes a new business division that is to encompass all audio-related…
    30 January 2023

    isoFORMS Unit Base Saucer – Based on functionally graded materials

    Based on the principle of FGM, the isoFORMS Unit Base Saucer is intended to offer optimum results in decoupling hi-fi…
    Home Cinema
    30 January 2023

    Lyngdorf MP-40 2.1 and Steinway & Sons P100 2.1 – HMDI 2.1 upgrade for two more systems

    SL Audio A/S continues its efforts to offer HDMI 2.1 across a wide product segment and now presents the Lyngdorf…
    HiFi Electronics
    23 January 2023

    FiiO R7 Desktop Digital Streaming Music Player and DAC/AMP

    FiiO Electronics Technology Co. Ltd. presents the new FiiO R7, a complete desktop audio system based on Google Android.
    Personal Audio
    23 January 2023

    FiiO FH7s in-ear monitor – High-end sound at an affordable price

    Four balanced armature drivers and one dynamic driver are combined in the new FiiO FH7s in-ear monitor to form a…
    Personal Audio
    20 January 2023

    Sony NW-A306 Walkman – New DAP from the Sony Signature Series

    The new Sony NW-A306 Walkman is said to impress first and foremost with its compact design and impeccable sound quality,…
    HiFi Electronics
    20 January 2023

    Denon DCD-1700NE Super Audio CD-Player – CD/SACD-Player with Advanced AL32 Processing Plus

    The new Denon DCD-1700NE with Advanced AL32 Processing Plus and ultra-precise D/A converter is designed to deliver pristine, high-resolution sound…
    Personal Audio
    16 January 2023

    Astell & Kern CA1000T All-in-One Head-Fi Audio System

    The new Astell & Kern CA1000T All-in-One Head-Fi Audio System is designed as a solution that delivers the best sound…

    Personal Audio

      3 January 2023

      Yamaha TW-ES5A now in Yamaha Racing Blue

      As of now, the Yamaha TW-ES5A in-ear headphones are available in a new color variant, Yamaha Racing Blue.
      30 November 2022

      Audio-Technica ATH-WB2022 – High-fidelity wireless headphones

      For the on-the-go studio experience, Audio-Technica Ltd.'s latest solution in personal audio devices, the Audio-Technica ATH-WB2022, should do the trick.
      26 November 2022

      ALMA by Strofeld – The sustainable streaming speaker

      With ALMA by Strofeld, Strofeld Manufaktur from Tyrol presents a streaming speaker that is exceptional in many respects.
      26 October 2022

      Shanling M3 Ultra – New DAP of the Shanling M Line

      With the new Shanling M3 Ultra, the company Shanling once again expands the so-called Shanling M Line.
      25 October 2022

      Shanling UA2 Plus Portable USB DAC/AMP – Big sound in a tiny format

      The Shanling UA Line has been expanded once again with the new Shanling UA2 Plus Portable USB DAC/AMP.
      25 October 2022

      Yamaha cashback promotion – buy a soundbar and save on headphones

      If you decide to buy a soundbar plus Bluetooth headphones from Yamaha, you can get up to 100 percent cashback…
      21 October 2022

      Shanling M1s – The new member of the Shanling MTouch Player Series

      It is the combination of the best features from the Shanling MTouch Player Series models, Shanling Audio says of the…
      19 October 2022

      Shanling H7 High-end Portable DAC/AMP – Simpler DAP included

      With the new Shanling H7 High-end Portable DAC/AMP, Shanling Audio wants to offer a particularly flexible solution in the field…

      Home Cinema

        3 January 2023

        New soundbars with immersive audio and versatile function from LG Electronics Inc. at CES 2023

        A perfect symbiosis for perfect picture and perfect sound is to be formed by the LG 2023 soundbars and LG…
        6 November 2022

        Sonus Faber Arena Series – Home CInema in absolute perfection

        Sonus Faber S.p.a. promises nothing less than home cinema in absolute perfection for its new Sonus Faber Arena Series.
        4 November 2022

        McIntosh MI502 2-Channel Digital Amplifier – New in the CI Line Up from McIntosh Laboratory

        The new McIntosh MI502 2-Channel Digital Amplifier should prove to be a versatile solution for custom installation systems.
        4 November 2022

        IsoAcoustics V120 Mount – Ceiling and Wall Isolation Mount

        For optimal ceiling or wall mounting of loudspeaker systems, the new IsoAcoustics V120 Mount is intended to serve.
        7 October 2022

        Lyngdorf MP-50 and Lyngdorf MP-60 – Upgrade to HDMI 2.1

        Proud owners of a Lyngdorf MP-50 or Lyngdorf MP-60 can now upgrade them to HDMI 2.1, according to SL Audio…
        14 September 2022

        Sonos Sub Mini – Subwoofer in compact form

        The new Sonos Sub Mini, which Sonos Inc. is now presenting, should prove itself as a subwoofer for smaller rooms.
        29 August 2022

        New at IFA 2022 – Yamaha SR-C30A Compact Sound Bar and Wireless Subwoofer

        The new Yamaha SR-C30A Compact Sound Bar and Wireless Subwoofer makes its debut at IFA 2022 in Berlin these days.
        9 June 2022

        Bellevue Audio GmbH new distributor of KLH Audio

        Products from KLH Audio are now supported by the German distributor Bellevue Audio GmbH.
        22 May 2022

        Statement by Aqipa GmbH on the insolvency of Onkyo Home Entertainment

        The news surrounding the insolvency of Onkyo Home Entertainment in Japan has now also prompted Aqipa GmbH to make a…
        17 May 2022

        Let it be said… On the insolvency of Onkyo Home Entertainment

        Premium Audio Company LLC. now felt compelled to issue a statement on the insolvency of Onkyo Home Entertainment in Japan.


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