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Triangle BOREA BR10 – At the top of the Triangle BOREA Series

With the new Triangle BOREA BR10, Triangle Electroacoustique is launching a new floorstanding speaker system at the top of the Triangle BOREA Series, an extremely successful, broad-based speaker line from France.

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  • With the new Triangle BOREA BR10, the new flagship of the Triangle Borea Series is now ready, as Triangle Electroacoustique is now announcing.

The Triangle BOREA Series was launched several years ago with the aim of “High-fidelity for everyone…”. The French loudspeaker manufacturer Triangle Electroacoustique set itself the goal of designing a product line that could offer outstanding features at an attractive price, thus enabling a broad target group to achieve the best results, both for HiFi and home cinema, because the Triangle BOREA Series has been particularly broadly positioned from the very beginning.

Now comes another speaker system to expand the Triangle BOREA Series, the new Triangle BOREA BR10, a floorstanding speaker system that Triangle Electroacoustique is even promoting as the new flagship of the entire product line.

The Triangle BOREA Series – broadly positioned for HiFi and home cinema

When Triangle Electroacoustique presented the Triangle BOREA Series for the first time in 2019, the range included a variety of different models right from the start. Three floorstanding speaker systems, two compact bookshelf speaker systems plus a centre speaker were on offer in the form of the Triangle BOREA BR02, Triangle BOREA BR03, Triangle BOREA BR07, Triangle BOREA BR08, Triangle BOREA BR09 and Triangle BOREA BRC1 models.

Triangle BOREA BR10 – The new flagship of the Triangle BOREA Series

Now comes the new Triangle BOREA BR10, a floorstanding loudspeaker system that is the flagship of the Triangle BOREA Series and is intended to fulfil this task in the best possible way as the most powerful model in the product line to date.

The new Triangle BOREA BR10 is designed as a three-way bass reflex system, with the emphasis on a well-equipped bass register.

Two newly developed 8-inch drivers are used here, with a cone made of glass fibre-reinforced plastic, a particularly powerful drive unit and a basket with optimised ventilation for maximum performance.

The Mittenton driver has a diagonal of 6 inches and relies on a cellulose diaphragm and is designed to contribute significantly to a very open sound image.

The 25 mm tweeter of the new Triangle BOREA BR10 is designed to deliver fine detail right up to the highest frequencies, as the manufacturer states, using a fabric dome tweeter with waveguide and EFS technology (Efficient Flow System) to provide all the details.

Once again, special attention has been paid to the crossover, which is based on a special design: the crossover circuit for the low frequencies is completely isolated from the mid and high frequencies. For bi-wiring or bi-amping, only the jumpers need to be removed, as the manufacturer explains. Naturally, there are solid screw terminals on the connection panel, which provide a secure hold and reliable contact for both standard banana plugs and bare cables.

The new Triangle BOREA BR10’s DVAS system, which stands for Driver Vibration Absorption System, is particularly worthy of mention and is designed to help prevent sound-damaging oscillations and vibrations from occurring in the first place, thanks to internal panels made of MDF and EVA foam, which, according to the manufacturer, rest against the woofers and stiffen the woofer and cabinet unit.

The technical data of the Triangle BOREA BR10 in detail

The Triangle BOREA BR10 three-way bass reflex system features two 8-inch bass drivers and a 6-inch midrange driver in combination with a 25 mm tweeter, supported by a front-firing bass reflex system. According to the manufacturer, this allows a frequency range between 30 Hz and 22 kHz to be reproduced, with the crossover starting at 280 Hz and 3,29 kHz. The impedance of the speaker system is stated as 8 ohms and the sensitivity as a very good 92 dB, meaning that the speaker system is designed for amplifiers with a rated output of 200 watts for very large rooms of up to 30 m2.

With dimensions of 110,99 cm in height, 37,99 cm in width and 29,97 cm in depth, the Triangle BOREA BR10 weighs in at just under 27 kg each.

Prices and availability

The new Triangle BOREA BR10 should be available from specialist retailers within the next few days. Customers can choose between Black, White, Walnut and Light Oak. The recommended retail price will be € 1.499,- per pair.

Getting to the point

The new Triangle BOREA BR10 is the flagship of the Triangle BOREA Series and comes in the form of an impressive floorstanding speaker system. The new Triangle BR10 is equipped as a three-way bass reflex system with a 25 mm EFS tweeter and a 6 inch midrange driver with cellulose cone, as well as new 8 inch woofers with glass fibre cone in combination with a powerful motor in the bass range. According to Triangle Electroacoustique, the result is a smooth, fast and controlled bass range, a natural presentation in the mid-range and an extremely detailed reproduction in the treble range.

Price€ 1.499,-
ManufacturerTriangle Electroacoustique
Distribution AustriaAudio Tuning Vertriebs GmbH
Distribution GermanyReichmann Audio Systeme
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