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Q Acoustics 5050 – The flagship of the Q Acoustics 5000 Series

With the new Q Acoustics 5050, even a large room should be easily supplied with fine sound, regardless of whether it is a solution solely for stereo or even home cinema, says the English loudspeaker specialist Q Acoustics about the new flagship of the Q Acoustics 5000 Series.

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  • As the most powerful speaker system in the Q Acoustics 5000 Series, the new Q Acoustics 5050 naturally takes on the role of flagship.

It is a loudspeaker system that has the necessary size, power and sovereignty to function as an ideal solution for music and film even in large rooms, according to the English loudspeaker specialist Q Acoustics about the new Q Acoustics 5050 floor-standing loudspeaker system, which, given this description, has the task of functioning as the new flagship of the Q Acoustics 5000 Series.

The new Q Acoustics 5050 thus takes its place at the top of the Q Acoustics 5000 Series, which already included the Q Acoustics 5010 shelf speaker system, the Q Acoustics 5020 and Q Acoustics 5030 models, two floor-standing speaker systems and the Q Acoustics 5090 centre speaker, making it a very broad-based range.

C3 – Q Acoustics Continuos Curved Cone Design

At the centre of the new Q Acoustics 5050 floorstanding speaker system is C3, Q Acoustics Continuos Curved Cone Design. This describes a special driver design that is to be used here for the low-mid driver. It is the result of extensive research, according to the manufacturer, who describes it as a real advance in driver design in general and a technical platform for the coming years.

The declared aim was to combine the advantages of a traditional straight cone in the bass range with the control of the high and mid frequencies of an extended cone, as Q Acoustics puts it on record.

The result is now presented in the form of a single, smooth and therefore continuous curve profile, which, according to Q Acoustics, should bring several advantages. On the one hand, there is a particularly good dispersion behaviour with a well-controlled frequency response and a better connection to the tweeter. Furthermore, an almost outstanding low bass dynamic can be achieved and the speaker system can still be positioned particularly flexibly, even close to the walls. Last but not least, according to the manufacturer, harmonic distortion is also reduced, so that the new Q Acoustics 5050 offers a sound performance that exceeds its classification.

The features of the new Q Acoustics 5050

The 6-inch low-mid driver of the new Q Acoustics 5050 with C3 has of course been developed from scratch, whereby it is a solution with a particularly powerful drive based on large magnets with a large voice coil. This achieves a nuanced, room-filling sound.

The 25 mm tweeter relies on a design principle that is used in the latest models of the Q Acoustics Concept Series, i.e. a hermetically sealed tweeter that is mechanically isolated from the baffle to prevent internal pressure modulation within the cabinet and the neighbouring low-mid driver. Distortions are reduced by careful ventilation of the inner chamber, as the manufacturer states for the record.

Another special feature is the so-called Helmholtz Pressure Equalisers Technology, also known as HPE Technology for short. This refers to specially designed tubes inside the speaker cabinet that are intended to significantly improve the frequency response by preventing standing waves and discolouration.

A so-called Point-2-Point design with internal bracing at key points is intended to guarantee a focussed performance with a wide sound stage.

Exclusive, timelessly elegant design

The Q Acoustics 5050 presents itself in a particularly exclusive, timelessly elegant design, with the clear lines contributing to this. The design was modelled on the A Acoustics Concept Series models.

As already described, the new Q Acoustics 5050 offers an extremely solid construction, but with a layer of butyl rubber coated with black acrylic on the baffle, every effort has been made to prevent sound-damaging vibrations from occurring in the first place. This also creates an attractive contrast in terms of design.

This also applies to the solid aluminium feet with adjustable spikes, which primarily provide a solid foundation for a secure stand and the best possible decoupling, but are also an attractive accent in terms of appearance.

Flat speaker connections also guarantee a clean appearance, but also allow direct placement on the wall.

The technical data of the Q Acoustics 5050

The Q Acoustics 5050 is designed as a two-way floor-standing speaker system and, as already described, has two 150 mm low-mid drivers flanking a 25 mm tweeter. The crossover starts at 2.7 kHz and the frequency range is stated as 37 Hz up to 30 kHz. The data sheet reveals that the new Q Acoustics 5050 with an impedance of 6 ohms and a sensitivity of 91.8 dB is designed for amplifiers with an output of between 25 and 100 watts.

The speaker system measures 1,017 x 386 x 336 mm and weighs in at 21,6 kg.

Prices and availability

The new Q Acoustics 5050 should be available from specialist retailers within the next few days. The recommended retail price is listed at € 1.699,-. You can choose between the design variants Satin Black, Satin White, Santos Rosewood and Holme Oak.

Getting to the point

With the new Q Acoustics 5050, Q Acoustics wants to present the crowning glory of the Q Acoustics 5000 Series, a solution that is characterised as an elegant floorstanding speaker system equipped with state-of-the-art driver technology. The new flagship of the product line is ideally suited as a fine floorstanding loudspeaker system in a HiFi chain, but can also create an impressive home cinema in combination with the other solutions in the Q Acoustics 5000 Series.

Price€ 1.699,-
ManufacturerQ Acoustics
DistributionIDC Klaassen International Distribution & Consulting oHG
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