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Stilnovi Design – Bassocontinuo Audio Systems S.r.l. presents new brand

Bassocontinuo Audio Systems S.r.l., the Italian specialist for outstanding rack systems, is now expanding its range with a new brand dedicated to particularly elegant furniture for audio and video, namely Stilnovi Design.

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  • The new Stilnovi Design brand from Bassocontinuo Audio Systems S.r.l. aims to offer finely crafted furniture for audio and video.

Stilnovi Design, that is outstanding Italian design paired with the expertise of a proven specialist in hi-fi racks, is how Bassocontinuo Audio Systems S.r.l. describes the new brand, which is now being presented as an extension of the product portfolio. The solutions of the Stilnovi Design brand are not only designed in Italy, but also produced in Italy by hand, as Bassocontinuo Audio Systems S.r.l. emphasises.

The aim is to meet the demand for the highest quality in the best possible way, but above all to be able to realise individual solutions based on specific customer requirements, whereby the basis is currently formed by three product lines, so-called collections.

Stilnovi Design combines hi-fi and design

Bassocontinuo Audio Systems S.r.l. is primarily known for designing hi-fi racks based on scientific principles and even having its products tested for their effectiveness by an independent body, namely through a collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano University of Technology.

Bassocontinuo Audio Systems S.r.l.’s products are also characterised by the fact that they are extremely elegant systems that are offered in a wide variety of versions, meaning that modern design is just as important here as the possibility of individual customisation based on a wide range of customer requirements.

It is precisely this strategy that the company now wants to implement in the area of furniture for audio and video, as it believes that this is a segment that is in urgent need of change.

Audio systems are often realised around a generously sized TV set in the living room, as the Italians point out, and are accompanied by correspondingly large, heavy electronic components, especially if higher quality is required. In addition, all the necessary cables need to be discreetly concealed. These are all requirements that simple solutions from the classic furniture trade cannot fulfil.

However, Bassocontinuo Audio Systems S.r.l. believes that manufacturers whose products are designed for this task pursue a very conservative strategy when it comes to design, and this is precisely where the new Stilnovi Design brand aims to come in and offer modern, tasteful alternatives.

A familiar team

It goes without saying that the new Stilnovi Design brand will be managed by Lorenzo Belloli as CEO and his sister Paola Belloli as CFO, who, as the founders of Bassocontinuo Audio Systems S.r.l., will continue to manage the company.

Just like Bassocontinuo Audio Systems S.r.l. itself, Stilnovi Design will be designed to rely on specialists who all come from the immediate neighbourhood of Grassobbio near Bergamo.

Three collections – Stilnovi Design ARMONIA Collection, Stilnovi Design MODULO Collection and Stilnovi Design ZEN Collection

Stilnovi Design currently offers three collections that serve as the basis for a wide variety of solutions. In addition to the Stilnovi Design ARMONIA Collection, the Stilnovi Design MODULO Collection and the Stilnovi Design ZEN Collection are also available.

The Stilnovi Design ARMONIA Collection is characterised by timeless elegance, clear lines and harmonious furnishings, meaning that the audio and video furniture in this collection can be integrated into a wide variety of living styles in a particularly versatile way.

The Stilnovi Design MODULO Collection is described as an iconic line of audio and video furniture, in which the artistic combination of different modules leads to ever new, potentially infinite configurations.

The Stilnovi Design ZEN Collection is, how could it be otherwise, designed as a sophisticated customised furniture line inspired by oriental meditation and the essential lines of Japanese art, as the manufacturer describes it.

Once again, however, it should be expressly mentioned that there is always the possibility of individual customisation, meaning that you can have furniture for hi-fi and video made to measure according to your own ideas.

Prices and availability

As there are always basic models, but these are always used to create a customised configuration, it is not possible to give specific prices. Specialist retailers are the right people to contact here.

Getting to the point

“Born & Made in Italy” is how Bassocontinuo Audio Systems S.r.l. describes its new Stilnovi Design brand, under which it will develop and manufacture outstanding furniture for audio and video in the future. The basis for this will of course be the expertise gained over more than 15 years in the development and manufacture of high-quality hi-fi racks. Stilnovi Design’s solutions are therefore designed for massive hi-fi and AV electronics, but all present themselves as stylish, elegant systems that can be harmoniously integrated into any modern living environment.

Stilnovi Design
ManufacturerBassocontinuo Audio Systems S.r.l. 
Distribution AustriaAudio Tuning Vertriebs GmbH
Distribution GermanyAudio Reference GmbH
Distribution SwitzerlandAndres Audio Video Vertrieb
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