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KEF KC92 Uni-Core Force Cancelling Subwoofer – New subwoofer with impressive bass response

The English speaker manufacturer describes its latest model in this segment, the KEF KC92 Uni-Core Force Cancelling Subwoofer, as a compact yet robust subwoofer. Two 22,86 cm chassis, DSP-based signal processing using the KEF Music Integrity Engine and an amplifier module with a full 1.000 watts are the most important features that characterise the new model.

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  • KEF is now announcing the new KEF KC92 Uni-Core Force Cancelling subwoofer as a comparatively compact subwoofer for its performance class.

Back in January 2021, British loudspeaker manufacturer KEF presented a particularly sophisticated technology for particularly powerful bass reproduction, the KEF Uni-Core Force Cancelling Technology. The first subwoofer based on this special technology was the KEF KC62 Uni-Core Force Cancelling Subwoofer and this is now also used in the latest subwoofer from KEF, the new KEF KC92 Uni-Core Force Cancelling Subwoofer.

Once again, a subwoofer with comparatively compact dimensions should prove to be an extremely powerful solution for use in classic HiFi, but of course also in the home cinema environment. The DSP-based signal processing using the KEF Music Integrity Engine and an amplifier module with a full 1.000 watts also contribute to this.

Compact, powerful subwoofer

The new KEF KC92 measures no more than 352.5 x 330 x 360.5 mm, so in terms of the performance just mentioned, it can actually be described as compact in its class. The fact that such a high performance potential can actually be fully utilised is of course also due to the solid workmanship, with the new KEF KC92 weighing in at 20 kg and available in either Black Gloss or White Gloss. This should allow it to be seamlessly integrated into any modern living environment, as the manufacturer promises.

Closed-back subwoofer with KEF Uni-Core Force Cancelling Technology

A very important feature of the new KEF KC92 Uni-Core Force Cancelling subwoofer is already hidden in its full name, the KEF Uni-Core Force Cancelling Technology.

This principle is actually quite simple, which is precisely why it is so ingenious, as it relies on a special chassis for maximum performance with minimum dimensions.

In concrete terms, this means that the two 23 cm drivers used here are arranged back to back so that reactive forces are eliminated, reducing sound-damaging cabinet vibrations and maximising the precision and detail of the performance.

Drivers with hybrid structure

A remarkable detail of the drivers concerns the cone, because according to KEF, a hybrid structure consisting of a flat, concave aluminium skin on a paper cone is used here. This is driven by extremely large magnets and a ventilated voice coil, which should guarantee remarkable linearity and extremely low distortion.

KEF P-Flex Surround

The drivers of the new KEF KC92 also have other special design features, such as the unique, patent-pending KEF P-Flex Surround design. This refers to a very special construction of the driver’s surrounds, which is based on Japanese origami art and therefore has a folded structure.

This ensures that the diaphragm can move completely freely; the manufacturer itself speaks of a pressure-stable surround design that maximises sensitivity and allows even deeper bass to be reproduced precisely and in great detail.

KEF iBX Intelligent Bass Extension

The KEF iBX Intelligent Bass Extension relies on real-time control, which analyses the input signal to guarantee distortion-free and dynamic bass at any volume, according to the British company.

KEF Music Integrity Engine

Like many solutions in the subwoofer sector, the new KEF KC92 also relies on DSP-based signal processing, whereby the so-called KEF Music Integrity Engine is used here. This is a collection of DSP algorithms developed by KEF to provide more bass depth, more output power and more dynamics. The so-called KEF MIE is customised individually for each model and should therefore guarantee perfect tuning.

The KEF MIE of the new KEF KC92 provides the user with five EQ settings that are designed for different types of installation – free-standing, against the wall, in a corner, integrated in a cabinet, or a special flat mode to avoid disturbing any neighbours late at night.

Amplifier modules in Class D with 1.000 watts of power

As we have already mentioned, the new KEF KC92 Uni-Core Force Cancelling subwoofer is equipped with impressive power, whereby the basis for this is provided by particularly efficient Class D amplifier modules. Two of them are used here, fuelling each of the two drivers with 500 watts each.

All in all, the new KEF KC92 Uni-Core Force Cancelling subwoofer should deliver a maximum sound pressure level of 110 dB and reproduce a frequency range between 11 and 200 Hz, whereby the crossover frequency can be adjusted between 40 Hz and 140 Hz.

Connection sought

The connection panel of the new KEF KC92 Uni-Core Force Cancelling subwoofer is ideally equipped to use this solution in an extremely flexible manner in a wide variety of configurations.

It can be connected to any amplifier via the line in and high level inputs, with KEF SmartConnect intelligently detecting whether the KEF KC92 is connected to a mono or stereo input and optimising the amplification for an optimum sound experience.

The line output with high-pass filter (HPF) enables exceptionally fine-tuned integration, as the manufacturer promises.

In addition, the KEF KC92 can be equipped for wireless operation via the KEF KW1 Wireless Subwoofer Adapter Kit. Of course, all the relevant controls for optimum configuration are also available on the connection panel.

Prices and availability

The new KEF KC92 Uni-Core Force Cancelling subwoofer will soon be available from specialist retailers, as described by the manufacturer, in high-gloss white and high-gloss black. The recommended retail price is € 2.399,-.

Getting to the point

According to KEF, the new KEF KC92 Uni-Core Force Cancelling subwoofer is a subwoofer with enormous performance potential and comparatively compact dimensions, which is designed for both music and films with extremely precise, deep and detailed reproduction, and which can be integrated into any living environment with its minimalist, timelessly elegant design.

Price€ 2.399,-
DistributionGP Acoustics GmbH
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