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World of Headphones in the Heidelberg Tank Tower

According to High End Society Service GmbH, a unique setting has been found for the World of Headphones, which is being organised in Heidelberg for the first time, namely the Tankturm. On 2 March 2024, interested parties will be able to see and hear everything that the market currently has to offer in terms of headphones and corresponding accessories.

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  • The World of Headhones will start for the first time in the Heidelberg Tank Tower on March 2nd, 2024, as High End Society Service GmbH can now announce.

As announced last autumn, the World of Headphones, the High End Society Service GmbH trade fair focusing solely on solutions in the field of personal audio devices, has been so successful that it is being extended to three dates in 2024. In addition to the already established location in Munich as part of High End 2024 and the second date planned in Essen in late summer 2024, Heidelberg is now on the agenda right at the beginning of the year.

High End Society Service GmbH can now announce that the World of Headphones will open its doors in the Tank Tower Heidelberg on 2 March 2024. Once again, the company can rely on a very special location that will provide a worthy setting for the trade fair in South-West Germany.

Great success in Munich, also in Essen

The World of Headphones was initially organised in 2022 as a special exhibition as part of High End 2022 in Munich, but proved to be so successful right from the start that not only could a larger exhibition area be set up as part of High End 2023, but also another independent event, the World of Headphones in Essen was born.

This event also proved to be a real crowd puller, so much so that last autumn it was announced that a third location would be included in the event series, namely the World of Headphones in the Tankturm Heidelberg.

Audio technology to touch and experience

As with all other events in the World of Headphones series, the focus in Heidelberg will of course be on experiencing audio technology first-hand, touching it and, above all, trying it out extensively. With no other product group than headphones is it so important to be able to actually touch, put on and hear a product directly in order to make the right purchase decision.

Visitors can therefore discover the fascinating fusion of music, technology and listening pleasure in a relaxed atmosphere, as the organiser promises. The participating exhibitors at the World of Headphones are manufacturers, distributors and retailers from all over Germany. In addition to professional advice, they will enable the public to try out and compare different models from well-known brand manufacturers at the individual listening tables.

Attractive supporting programme

Once again, High End Society Service GmbH wants to attract as wide an audience as possible and has therefore prepared a correspondingly attractive supporting programme. For example, visitors can take part in a craft beer tasting with beers from all over the world or savour fine wines at a wine tasting, as explained. In addition, lovers of exclusive watches can look forward to an exhibition of vintage watches. In addition, the only headphone museum in Germany, located in the neighbouring headphonecompany premises, invites its guests on a journey through the entire era of headphone history.

Heidelberg – Germany’s tourist highlight

The organiser also quite rightly points out that Heidelberg is always worth a visit anyway, with a number of attractions such as the picturesque old town and Heidelberg Castle. A visit to the World of Headphones can therefore be perfectly combined with a longer stay, and excellent public transport connections and the direct location on the A5 motorway make it easy to get here.

When and where – the facts…

The World of Headphones in the Tank tower Heidelberg will take place on 2 March 2024, from 10:00 to 19:00. The exact address is Tankturm, Eppelheimer Strasse 46, 69115 Heidelberg, Germany. Admission to the fair is free.

Getting to the point

Heidelberg is the first time that the World of Headphones organised by High End Society Service GmbH has been held in South-West Germany, and the premiere marks the start of the year, with the Tank Tower being a worthy location for the trade fair for headphones and related accessories alone.

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