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The Italian company EsseCI Design surprises once again with a very special solution for the perfect decoupling of HiFi components, namely the new EsseCI Design ÆQUILIBRIUM platform. This is the first solution of its kind in the world to utilise a single-point bearing.

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  • The new EsseCI Design ÆQUILIBRIUM from specialist EsseCI Design is an appliance platform that utilises a single-point bearing for the first time.

The Italian company EsseCI Design is regarded as an extremely innovative provider of decoupling solutions, with the EsseCI Design RELAXA Series being the most notable example. The creative mind behind the company is graduate engineer Silvano Cremonesi, who can now once again come up with an extremely exciting solution that will celebrate its premiere at High-end 2024 in Munich.

The new EsseCI Design ÆQUILIBRIUM platform from specialist EsseCI Design is the first product of its kind to rely on a single-point bearing. The Italians promise that there could not be a more effective solution for the best possible decoupling of HiFi components.

Single-point mounting with Super Spike

Dipl. Ing. Silvano Cremonesi has been working on this solution for years and has now finally reached the goal of his endeavours and can present a device basis for optimum decoupling based on a single-point bearing.

It is worth noting that, at least in theory, it is ultimately a very simple principle that utilises simple physics, but it was nevertheless complex to develop a final, market-ready product from the basic idea, as the manufacturer reports.

Simple principle in theory, complex in realisation

In order to achieve the best possible results when decoupling HiFi components, EsseCI Design has always relied on special concepts, the optimum being a single-point bearing, which, as already mentioned, is very simple in theory but quite complex to implement in practice, especially as the demands of audiophile HiFi enthusiasts must of course be met not only in technical but also in aesthetic terms.

A so-called super spike is the central element of the new EsseCI Design ÆQUILIBRIUM device base, which is centrally positioned on a bronze cone that ends in an aluminium tip and in which an aluminium tip rests, on which in turn rests a glass plate.

This cone, made of three components, sits on a base made of sintered steel, which in turn rests on four feet. These four feet are counterbalanced by powerful neodymium magnets in the aforementioned glass plate so that, apart from the central support, it appears to float above the base. Guides on the two sides alone ensure correct alignment, although the top and bottom of the platform do not touch each other “in operation”.

Essentially, this is a steel base and a tempered glass support, with the mass being transferred by the central spike and the magnets at the four corners stabilising the platform.

It is interesting to note that the one-point support of the platform can be moved in order to be positioned exactly in the centre of gravity of the components placed on it.

Remarkably stable

Anyone who thinks that this is a rather delicate construction in view of this description is mistaken. Internal tests have shown that the EsseCI Design ÆQUILIBRIUM has a load-bearing capacity of 150 kg. To ensure safety, the manufacturer specifies a maximum load capacity of a considerable 100 kg.

The manufacturer states that the highest precision is used for production, such as manufacturing with the latest laser cutting technology and final assembly by hand by the EsseCI Design manufactory in South Tyrol.

On request, the specially hardened glass can also be satinised, and from a quantity of ten device bases, personalisation can also be carried out by printing a name or logo.

Finally, it should be mentioned that the EsseCI Design ÆQUILIBRIUM measures 550 x 460 x 120 mm.

Prices and availability

As already mentioned, the new EsseCI Design ÆQUILIBRIUM will celebrate its premiere at the High-end 2024 in Munich. This solution should then also be available from specialist retailers at a recommended retail price of € 1.899,-.

Getting to the point

The solutions from the Italian design company EsseCI Design are always extremely exciting products, and this applies once again to the latest offspring of graduate engineer Silvano Cremonesi, who is presenting the new EsseCI Design ÆQUILIBRIUM, the first device base with a single-point support.

Price€ 1.899,-
ManufacturerEsseCI Design
DistributionCMI Distribution Europe
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