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Pro-Ject Wallmount it WMI-1, Pro-Ject Wallmount it WMI-2, Pro-Ject Wallmount it WMI-3 and Pro-Ject Wallmount it WMI-5

With the Pro-Ject Wallmount it Series, Pro-Ject Audio Systems presents an entire product line of solutions for wall-mounting record players. The product line includes the models Pro-Ject Wallmount it WMI-1, Pro-Ject Wallmount it WMI-2, Pro-Ject Wallmount it WMI-3 and Pro-Ject Wallmount it WMI-5.

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  • Pro-Ject Wallmount it WMI-1, Pro-Ject Wallmount it WMI-2, Pro-Ject Wallmount it WMI-3 and Pro-Ject Wallmount it WMI-5, this is how the Pro-Ject Wallmount it Series presents itself

Of course, high-quality rack systems are the first choice when it comes to the best possible placement and installation of HiFi components. However, in some cases it is sometimes advisable to consider an alternative, namely wall mounting.

This can be particularly advantageous for record players, for example if you own turntables that are extremely sensitive to impact sound or if the floor in the listening room tends to transmit vibrations particularly easily, whether due to the chosen floor covering or in an old building. In this case, wall mounting can be extremely useful. But wall-mounting individual components is also often helpful in order to create additional space or to put individual components, and here too it will often be the record player first and foremost, in a better “light”.

Pro-Ject Wallmount it Series for wall mounting record players and HiFi components

Regardless of the reason for wall-mounting individual components, the market offers a very attractive range of products. The Austrian company Pro-Ject Audio Systems, for example, has been offering corresponding solutions in its accessories programme for years, which the Viennese manufacturer has grouped together under the Pro-Ject Wallmount it Series. This product range consists of four models, which differ primarily in terms of design, but also in terms of maximum load.

The spectrum ranges from the comparatively simple Pro-Ject Wallmount it WMI-1 and Pro-Ject Wallmount it WMI-2 systems to the exclusive Pro-Ject Wallmount it WMI-3 and Pro-Ject Wallmount it WMI-5 solutions.

For resonance-free wall mounting

According to the manufacturer, all four models are designed for resonance-free wall mounting of HiFi components and record players. Above all, the playback of records should be free from negative influences such as impact sound on vibrating floors. All models are based on a particularly stable construction with steel tubes. This is also discreetly painted matt black in all four cases, although the models are quite different, at least in terms of design, but more on this later.

In all four models, the base plate can be optimally adjusted using height-adjustable spikes to achieve perfect levelling. The maximum load capacity of the construction is specified by the manufacturer as 30 kg, but it must be emphasised that the actual load capacity depends on the individual circumstances. A wall with a plasterboard construction, for example, will of course not bear the full load, whereas a solid wooden wall can certainly bear more, and a solid brick wall or even a reinforced concrete wall is of course the optimum.

Pro-Ject Wallmount it WMI-1

The simplest, yet already very elegant model is the Pro-Ject Wallmount it WMI-1. This is based on a solid wall-mounting device that uses steel profiles with a rectangular cross-section to support a base plate made of MDF with a footprint of 460 x 355 mm. The dimensions of the device, which is completely black, are 460 x 90 x 415 mm.

Pro-Ject Wallmount it WMI-2

The Pro-Ject Wallmount it WMI-2 is a touch larger, with a much slimmer wall-mounting device, at least visually. Here too, the footprint is 460 x 355 mm, while the overall dimensions are 460 x 260 x 455 mm.

Pro-Ject Wallmount it WMI-3

The Pro-Ject Wallmount it WMI-3 has an extremely elegant design, which also offers the highest load-bearing capacity on plasterboard walls thanks to its construction. Thanks to the special design, the actual plate seems to float, offering a footprint of 520 x 450 mm. The wall mounting device is concealed by a curved stainless steel plate, and a downwardly projecting metal point additionally supports the entire construction on the wall, so that the force is evenly distributed over a comparatively large area.

Pro-Ject Wallmount it WMI-5

The latest model in the series, the Pro-Ject Wallmount it WMI-5, is also very discreet and, according to the manufacturer, should also be able to provide the best service on less solid wood and plasterboard walls, as vibration damping is integrated here to prevent the transmission of vibrations from the wall. This version is also available in two finishes: black and with a walnut veneer.

Prices and availability

All models in the Pro-Ject Wallmount it Series are now available from specialist retailers. The Pro-Ject Wallmount it WMI-1 model costs € 229,-, the Pro-Ject Wallmount it WMI-2 solution is available for € 249,-, the Pro-Ject Wallmount it WMI-3 for € 449,- and the Pro-Ject Wallmount it WMI-5 for € 329,-.

Getting to the point

Wall mounting can solve many a problem with impact noise, especially with record players. On the other hand, it is an extremely elegant way of presenting the record player in a particularly prominent position. It also frees up space in the HiFi rack. With the Pro-Ject Wallmount it Series consisting of the models Pro-Ject Wallmount it WMI-1, Pro-Ject Wallmount it WMI-2, Pro-Ject Wallmount it WMI-3 and Pro-Ject Wallmount it WMI-5, Pro-Ject Audio Systems offers four very elegant and affordable solutions for this task.

PricePro-Ject Wallmount it WMI-1 € 229,-
Pro-Ject Wallmount it WMI-2 € 249,-
Pro-Ject Wallmount it WMI-3 € 449,-
Pro-Ject Wallmount it WMI-5 € 329,-
ManufacturerPro-Ject Audio Systems a division of Audio Tuning Vertriebs GmbH
Distribution AustriaAudio Tuning Vertriebs GmbH
Distribution GermanyAudio Trade Hi-Fi Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH
Distribution SwitzerlandLakeside Audio
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