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AURALiC Lightning OS V10 – 10th anniversary

For ten years now, AURALiC Ltd. has been consistently developing the AURALiC Lightning Streaming Platform, making it one of the most exciting solutions of its kind on the market. AURALiC Lightning OS V10 is now available.

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  • Just in time for the 10th birthday of the AURALiC Lightning DS streaming platform, AURALiC Lightning OS V10 will be available these days.

The company AURALiC Ltd. can boast a large number of outstanding products, initially focussing on D/A converters since its foundation in 2009, followed by streaming systems, which were added to the product range in 2014. It was the underlying streaming technology in particular that stood out, as it is a proprietary solution from AURALiC Ltd. that is largely responsible for the company’s current reputation as a streaming specialist.

The platform is called AURALiC Lightning Streaming Platform and is being successively developed and continuously improved by AURALiC Ltd. Now this platform is celebrating its tenth birthday with the introduction of AURALiC Lightning OS V10.

AURALiC Lightning Streaming Technology – For convenient, flexible streaming

Based on AURALiC Lightning Streaming Technology, AURALiC Ltd. enables users of corresponding products to access a wide range of content with intuitive operation and play it back in particularly high quality.

AURALiC Lightning Streaming Technology provides the only real industry standard UPnP, of course, and the corresponding solutions are dlna-certified solutions. But that’s not all: Apple AirPlay 2 is also supported, as well as TIDAL Connect and Spotify Connect, while other services such as Qobuz, HIGHRESAUDIO, Amazon Music and Internet radio via vTuner or TuneIn can of course also be used via the corresponding app for Apple iOS or any OpenHome-based control software. The systems are also Roon-ready, which of course should not be forgotten to mention.

The playback of audio data stored on USB storage media is also handled directly via the streaming platform. If a CD-ROM drive is connected, CD playback can also be controlled, and it is even possible to rip CDs.

The underlying AURALiC Lightning OS also supports a wide range of DSP algorithms, an area that is particularly essential for the outstanding sound quality of the corresponding solutions, but also for customising these systems.

AURALiC Lightning OS V10 – The particularly powerful streaming technology

The latest generation of the AURALiC Lightning Streaming Platform is based on AURALiC Lightning OS V10, i.e. firmware version 10.0, which the company describes as a true milestone. Above all, it is said to feature the new PureDAC Mode and Tone Mode functions, which ensure a further significant improvement in sound quality.

Prices and availability

According to the manufacturer, the new firmware will be available as an over-the-air update at the end of April 2024, which means it will of course be available free of charge for existing users.

Getting to the point

AURALIC Ltd. is talking about a milestone when it describes the latest firmware for its solutions based on AURALiC Lightning Streaming Technology, which will be available at the end of April 2024 in the form of AURALiC Lightning OS V10. Once again, the company promises that it will be able to offer even better sound quality.

PriceFree firmware update
ManufacturerAURALiC Ltd.
DistributionaudioNEXT GmbH
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