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Wilson Audio Alida CSC – The ultimate wall-mount speaker

The new Wilson Audio Alida CSC is a wall-mounted loudspeaker system whose performance quality is in no way inferior to that of a conventional loudspeaker system, making it particularly flexible for both hi-fi and home cinema applications.

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  • The new Wilson Audio Alida CSC is designed as both a main and surround speaker and is therefore recommended for hi-fi and home cinema, as Wilson Audio Specialties Inc. emphasises.

The new Wilson Audio Alida CSC is not the first wall-mount speaker from Wilson Audio Specialties Inc., but it is a very special one, as the company explains. In fact, the idea for this new wall-mount speaker system was born out of the experience gained with the Wilson Audio W.A.T.C.H. Surround Speaker, the solution that was developed as a wall-mount speaker as part of the Wilson Audio Theatre Comes Home System.

Users not only used this speaker as a surround speaker, as the manufacturer had originally planned, and thus in combination with other floorstanding speaker systems as part of a home cinema configuration, but also used it in classic two-channel configurations due to its quality. The company wanted to respond to this demand and developed the new Wilson Audio Alida CSC, which is actually designed as a fully-fledged speaker.

Wilson Audio Alida CSC – Designed for stereo as well as Home Cinema

With the new Wilson Audio Alida CSC, Wilson Audio Specialties Inc. wants to offer a solution that is designed as a fully-fledged speaker for stereo at a high level, in contrast to a system that is actually designed solely as a surround speaker and can therefore reproduce the full frequency range and full dynamics. Nevertheless, the new Wilson Audio Alida CSC can of course also be used in combination with other speaker systems in the home cinema, but not only as a surround speaker, but also for other tasks, especially as current home cinema systems with immersive 3D surround sound are becoming increasingly complex and extensive.

State-of-the-art for stereo and surround

The new Wilson Audio Alida CSC has been developed to perform with the same high level of tonal neutrality, transparency, outstanding dynamics and impressive depth as the classic floorstanding loudspeaker systems from Wilson Audio Specialties Inc.

To achieve this, the company offers the finest technology, starting with an enclosure that is, of course, once again made from a very special material to prevent sound-damaging vibrations from occurring in the first place.

X-material is used for the housing, S-material is used for the front, and even the mounting device is made of a special material, namely V-material.

Speaking of mounting, it is important to make sure that the construction on which this speaker is mounted is solid, as it weighs 28.12 kg with dimensions of 65.58 cm in height, 28.84 cm in width and 32.48 cm in depth.

The new Wilson Audio Alida CSC is designed as a two-way bass reflex system, using a 5 3/4 inch midrange driver, a so-called doped paper pulp woofer, and a 1 inch tweeter, which is described as a doped silk fabric tweeter. It goes without saying that the bass reflex port is led out to the front in this case.

It should also be mentioned in this context that the tweeter is said to be a solution with particular attention to detail, which is housed in a 3D printed carbon fibre composite housing and was originally developed in this form for the Wilson Audio Alexx V, and subsequently also used in the Wilson Audio Alexia V and Wilson Audio Sasha V.

The manufacturer also emphasises the quality of the crossover used here, which includes components from its own production, such as the so-called AudioCapX-WA-Cu capacitors.

Key technical data

The new Wilson Audio Alida CSC is capable of reproducing a frequency range between 31 Hz and 32 kHz, which seems very impressive for an on-wall speaker. The impedance is stated as 4 ohms and the sensitivity as 87 dbB.

As already mentioned several times, the Wilson Audio Alida CSC is basically a so-called wall-mount speaker, i.e. a solution for wall mounting. However, the manufacturer explicitly points out that ceiling mounting is also possible, meaning that it can also be referred to as an on-ceiling speaker. This ensures that the promised flexibility is achieved, so nothing stands in the way of using it as a ceiling speaker in a Dolby Atmos-capable surround sound configuration.

Prices and availability

As always, the new Wilson Audio Alida CSC is also available in every conceivable colour, with the full range of WilsonGloss colours available. You can also choose from a wide variety of speaker grille designs.

Getting to the point

With the new Wilson Audio Alida CSC, Wilson Audio Specialties Inc. wants to offer a speaker system that is aimed at Hi-Fi enthusiasts and home cinema lovers alike, as it is a speaker system that is intended for both wall and ceiling mounting, but can perform at the same high level of quality as conventional speaker systems from the US specialist. The new Wilson Audio Alida CSC can be used anywhere, from compact Hi-Fi systems that need to be realised in the smallest of spaces to complex home cinemas with immersive 3D surround sound.

ManufacturerWilson Audio Specialties
Distribution AustriaAudio Reference GmbH
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