Triangle Lunar 1 Turntable – In co-operation with Pro-Ject Audio Systems

The French loudspeaker manufacturer Triangle Electroacoustique is now presenting the new Triangle Lunar 1 Turntable, a record player that it sees primarily as an ideal playing partner for the various active loudspeaker systems from its own company, and which was designed together with Pro-Ject Audio Systems.

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  • The new Triangle Lunar 1 Turntable is primarily intended as a playing partner for active speaker systems from Triangle Electroacoustique.

Triangle Electroacoustique is a loudspeaker manufacturer that is not only active in the High-end segment, but also has an exciting range of products in the lifestyle sector, above all active loudspeaker systems in compact form, which can be used for the simple construction of compact but very appealing audio systems.

It’s probably not the worst idea to also focus on vinyl records, especially as Pro-Ject Audio Systems is the perfect partner for this. The new Triangle Lunar 1 turntable, which Triangle Electroacoustique sees first and foremost as an exciting extension of its own active loudspeaker systems, was also designed jointly.

Triangle Lunar 1 Turntable – Classic turntable from Pro-Ject Audio Systems

Triangle Electroacoustique has already relied on its co-operation with Pro-Ject Audio Systems, as many an active loudspeaker system has been offered with an optional record player. With the new Triangle Lunar 1 Turntable, the company now offers a turntable under its own name, but one that makes no attempt to conceal its origins.

It is a manual turntable that is mounted on a chassis made of MDF for the highest possible internal damping and thus a high-quality performance free from sound-damaging vibrations and resonances.

The platter is made of ABS with a diameter of 300 mm and is driven by a sub-platter with a flat belt. This conceals both the motor and the drive belt under the platter. It should also be mentioned that a matching felt mat is included in the scope of delivery.

It should be emphasised that the speed is electronically controlled and can therefore be easily switched between 33 and 45 revolutions per minute.

The tonearm is an 8,6-inch model made of aluminium, on which an MM cartridge system from the specialist Ortofon A/S of the Ortofon OM Series is used ex works, namely the Ortofon OM-5E MM cartridge.

In addition to the aforementioned felt mat, a high-quality phono cable with HP-OFC conductors and gold-plated RCA plugs is also included, as well as a matching dust cover.

The new Triangle Lunar 1 turntable measures 420 x 112 x 330 mm and weighs in at 3,5 kg. You can choose between five design variants for this turntable, namely Black, White, Blue, Green and Cream.

Prices and availability

The new Triangle Lunar 1 turntable should already be available from specialist retailers these days for € 399,-, but probably only in Germany and Switzerland, not in Austria. It’s understandable that Audio Tuning Vertriebs GmbH is focussing directly on the turntables from Pro-Ject Audio Systems, specifically the Pro-Ject E1 turntable from the Pro-Ject E Line.

Getting to the point

No, Triangle Electroacoustique is not pushing its range of record players; the French company’s core business remains first-class loudspeaker systems. Nevertheless, together with Pro-Ject Audio Systems, Triangle Electroacoustique has already been offering record players that serve as playing partners for various active speaker systems from Triangle Electroacoustique. With the new Triangle Lunar 1 Turntable, another such turntable is now available.

Price€ 399,-
ManufacturerTriangle Electroacoustique
Distribution AustriaAudio Tuning Vertriebs GmbH
Distribution GermanyReichmann Audio Systeme
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