Dual CS 529 Fully Automatic Belt Drive – Fully automatic belt drive including control via Bluetooth

A fully automatic record player in the premium quality segment is already a rarity, but things get even more unique when it's a record player that even uses Bluetooth for control via an app, such as the new Dual CS 529 Fully Automatic Belt Drive.

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  • The new Dual CS 529 is a record player that performs at the highest level, but also offers particularly convenient, even innovative controls.

The traditional Dual brand is now to be given a new lease of life once again by Dual Deutschland GmbH under the management of Dr Josef Zellner, who has been doing everything in his power since 2018 to re-establish Dual record players worldwide as high-quality solutions. A key step in this process is that everything is now being managed in-house again, including distribution, and that the company is also relying on a newly established product line. It should also be emphasised that Dual Deutschland GmbH can now offer truly exceptional solutions, such as the Dual CS 529 Fully Automatic Belt Drive.

The new Dual CS 529 Fully Automatic Belt Drive is not only a fully automatic machine that is intended to be in the upper quality class, this drive also offers a solution that can even be controlled via Bluetooth using a smartphone or tablet.

Dual CS 529 Fully Automatic Belt Drive – A fully automatic machine for the demands of the 21st century

It is only natural for a manufacturer to speak highly of its solutions, but Dual Deutschland GmbH even speaks of the new Dual CS 529 Fully Automatic Belt Drive as a reference for fully automatic machines, a solution that meets the demands of the 21st century and offers the highest quality and advanced technologies.

Firstly, this includes a drive frame made of MDF and designed as a sub-chassis. Rubber dampers ensure the best possible decoupling and thus avoid external influences that could damage the sound.

The standard version of the housing is black, but a walnut veneer version is also available on request.

The platter of the new Dual CS 529 Fully Automatic Belt Drive is made of die-cast aluminium, has a diameter of 305 mm and relies on a rubber platter with a thickness of 2.5 mm. This means that the platter weighs 850 g, as the data sheet reveals. The bearing in which the platter rotates relies on a stainless steel axle and a brass bushing.

Incidentally, the platter is driven by a belt, whereby you can switch between 33, 45 and even 78 revolutions per minute using a rotary encoder.

Ortofon 2M Red MM cartridge fitted ex works

The tonearm is designed with a fully cardanic tonearm bearing and high-quality pivot ball bearings to guarantee optimum tracking of the record at all times, as promised by the manufacturer, who has fitted a fine cartridge system from the specialist Ortofon A/S from its Ortofon 2M Series, the Ortofon 2M Red MM cartridge, by means of a removable headshell.

As it is a fully automatic system, the new Dual CS 529 Fully Automatic Belt Drive naturally also has a selection to determine the diameter of the cartridge. The automatic system that guides the tonearm therefore always starts in the right place, regardless of whether it is singles or LPs.

Integrated phono preamp

Of course, an integrated phono preamp is also part of the basic equipment in this case, as the manufacturer promises a turntable that is immediately ready to play. This is designed for the pre-mounted MM cartridge system and can also be deactivated via a button on the rear panel if required. The rear of the Dual CS 529 Fully Automatic Belt Drive features a pair of RCA sockets and the aforementioned selector switch for the integrated phono preamp in addition to the main switch and the connection for the external 12 V DC power supply.

Bluetooth including app control

As already mentioned, the new Dual CS 529 Fully Automatic Belt Drive is also equipped with Bluetooth, whereby this Bluetooth module is not only used for signal transmission in this case, but also for particularly convenient control using an app via smartphone and tablet.

The appropriate app is available for both Google Android and Apple iOS and actually allows full remote control. Of course, the only thing you still have to do is put the record on yourself and turn it over accordingly. What is possible, however, is multiple playback of the same side.

Finally, it should be noted that the new Dual CS 529 Fully Automatic Belt Drive measures 435 x 367 x 145 mm and is supplied with a suitable dust cover. The drive weighs in at 6,7 kg.

Prices and availability

The new Dual CS 529 Fully Automatic Belt Drive is now available from specialist retailers. The recommended retail price for the drive is € 999,- in the black foiled version. If you opt for the walnut veneer version, you’ll have to dig a little deeper into your pocket, with a price tag of € 1.099,-.

Getting to the point

With the new Dual CS 529 Fully Automatic Belt Drive, Dual Deutschland GmbH wants to offer a drive which, as a fully automatic machine, can offer particularly high quality and also raises the issue of ease of use to a whole new level. The Dual brand drive is not only controlled via the control panel directly on the device, but also via a smartphone or tablet using a corresponding app if required.

ManufacturerDual Deutschland GmbH
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