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Electrocompaniet A/S – EC Play App and new firmware with TIDAL Max and Plāys with Audirvāna

The streaming systems from Electrocompaniet A/S now not only have new firmware, but also the latest EC Play app. In addition to various new features and improvements to details, TIDAL Max is now available and the systems are all certified as Plāys with Audirvāna.

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  • The latest version of the EC Play app, including the latest firmware from Norwegian HiFi manufacturer Electrocompaniet A/S, is based on TIDAL Max and is Plāys with Audirvāna certified.

Norwegian HiFi manufacturer Electrocompaniet A/S has now released new firmware for its EC Living Series by Electrocompaniet and Electrocompaniet Classic Line streaming solutions. This is accompanied by a new version of the EC Play app for Apple iOS and Google Android, which is used for centralised control.

In addition to various new features and improvements to details, the main focus is on support for TIDAL Max, and all streaming systems, whether EC Living Series or Electrocompaniet Classic Line, are now certified as Plāys with Audirvāna.

EC Streaming Engine as the basis

The basis of all streaming systems from the Norwegian High-end HiFi manufacturer is the so-called EC Streaming Engine, which the company developed specifically for the corresponding solutions of the Electrocompaniet Classic Line and which also forms the basis for the products of the EC Living Series by Electrocompaniet.

This platform has been successively further developed by the Norwegians over the years, and the latest firmware once again marks an important milestone.

Full integration of TIDAL

TIDAL’s offering will now be fully integrated via TIDAL Connect and including the latest offering TIDAL Max, which in turn is part of TIDAL HiFi Plus.

TIDAL Max is the catalogue of music titles that are now available from TIDAL in the form of high-resolution FLAC files with up to 24 bit and 192 kHz as an alternative to the lossy MQA format.

Plāys with Audirvāna

The second major innovation is, as already mentioned, the certification as Plāys with Audirvāna. This certification is awarded by the French software company Audirvāna SAS in the form of a partner programme, whereby everything revolves around smooth operation with their Audirvāna Studio and Audirvāna Origin software.

The software from Audirvāna SAS has been known for years as a solution that allows the best possible audio playback from PC and Mac, i.e. both Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS. To achieve this, special algorithms and APIs are used that completely bypass the respective operating system when processing the audio data and playing it back via external audio systems, for example.

Certification as Plāys with Audirvāna ensures that external converters fully support all the possibilities of the software and that the best possible settings are selected.

Audirvāna Studio or Audirvāna Origin can then be used as an outstanding solution for audio data management and convenient playback, allowing access to streaming services such as TIDAL, Qobuz and HRA Streaming from HIGHRESAUDIO.

“We are pleased to introduce the improved EC Play app and streaming software to our valued customers. With support for TIDAL 24/192 FLAC and Plāys with Audirvāna certification, we are confident that this new version will take the audio experience to a new level and allow users to immerse themselves in the richness and clarity of their favourite music.”

Lasse Danielsen, Sales & Marketing Director at Electrocompaniet A/S

The latest EC Play app will also feature a further optimised, intuitive multilingual user interface. The main focus has been on making the content even easier to use, making it easier to navigate through the media library, create playlists and discover artists and genres, as the manufacturer promises.

Prices and availability

The latest firmware for the solutions of the EC Living Series by Electrocompaniet and the Electrocompaniet Classic Line is firmware 2.26.0 and is available free of charge, as is the new EC Play app for Apple iOS and Google Android.

Getting to the point

According to Electrocompaniet A/S, the latest firmware for the EC Streaming Engine and the associated EC Play app for Apple iOS and Google Android provide direct support for TIDAL, including the latest TIDAL Max offering. In addition, all streaming systems in both product lines are now certified as Plāys with Audirvāna.

PriceFree firmware update
ManufacturerElectrocompaniet A/S
DistributionMRV Audio
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