Monitor Audio Bronze 6G – Technically completely revised, with clear and contemporary design

No fewer than eight models are included in the Monitor Audio Bronze Series, now in its sixth generation and officially announced for availability in June 2020. One of the most important product lines of the English loudspeaker specialist Monitor Audio Ltd. will thus be completely revised, including a new clear, contemporary design.

For 20 years now, the so-called Monitor Audio Bronze Series has been one of the most successful product lines of the English loudspeaker specialist Monitor Audio Ltd. The product line has always been particularly broadly based and thus appeals to a large target group, whether for classic hi-fi in stereo or surround solutions in the home cinema sector. In addition, the English have always positioned this product line at a particularly attractive price, but still rely on technologies and features that are always up to date and thus offer solutions that offer an outstanding price-performance ratio.

Over the years, the Monitor Audio Bronze Series has undergone countless upgrades, with the fifth generation of solutions being the latest. So far, because, as has been rumoured in recent weeks, another generational change is imminent for the Monitor Audio Bronze Series.

  • Monitor Audio Bronze 6G 01
  • Monitor Audio Bronze 6G 08
  • Monitor Audio Bronze 6G 07
  • Monitor Audio Bronze 6G 06
  • Monitor Audio Bronze 6G 05
  • Monitor Audio Bronze 6G 04
  • Monitor Audio Bronze 6G 03
  • Monitor Audio Bronze 6G 02

While at the end of last year it was only a rumour, at the end of January 2020 the first pieces of information were given, the official confirmation followed at the beginning of March 2020, when Monitor Audio Ltd. actually let the cat out of the bag and proudly announced the launch of the Monitor Audio Bronze Series 6G.

Now in its sixth generation, the new Monitor Audio Bronze Series is, how could it be otherwise, once again particularly broadly based, so that it is always optimally equipped for the most diverse application scenarios. To emphasize this once again, this applies equally to stereo and home cinema. The new family image of the Englishmen comprises no less than eight models, ranging from compact bookshelf speakers to floorstanding speakers, centre speakers, rear speakers, Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers and subwoofers.

The Monitor Audio Bronze 50, designed as a compact loudspeaker as well as the Monitor Audio Bronze 100, is the entry level model, while the Monitor Audio Bronze 200 is the smaller of the two stand speaker systems, the Monitor Audio Bronze 500 is the big sister. The centre speaker of the series was christened Monitor Audio Bronze C150, the Monitor Audio Bronze FX is intended to function as a rear speaker. For home cinema with immersive surround, the Monitor Audio Bronze AMS is available as a Dolby Atmos-enabled speaker. The Monitor Audio Bronze W10 subwoofer literally rounds off the lower end of the product range.

“The new Bronze Series has been intricately engineered to optimise your audio experience, whether you’re listening to your favourite album or watching the latest Hollywood blockbuster.

Perhaps the most obvious innovation of the sixth generation is design. The manufacturer itself speaks of a fresh, new cabinet design with clean, elegant lines, but it’s clear at first glance that these are solutions from Monitor Audio Ltd. Over the decades, the English have succeeded in developing a design language all their own, which the new Monitor Audio Bronze Series 6G naturally follows, but in a pleasingly modern, timelessly elegant form.

Four versions are available to customers for all models, so there is probably a suitable variant for every taste, for every living ambience.

  • Monitor Audio Bronze 6G 16
  • Monitor Audio Bronze 6G 15
  • Monitor Audio Bronze 6G 14
  • Monitor Audio Bronze 6G 13
  • Monitor Audio Bronze 6G 12
  • Monitor Audio Bronze 6G 11
  • Monitor Audio Bronze 6G 10
  • Monitor Audio Bronze 6G 09

The range starts with classic black, with the emphasis on a vinyl finish. The baffle is lacquered in dark grey to create an attractive contrast. In the white version, also realised with vinyl, the baffle is lacquered in light grey. If the walnut wood vinyl version is chosen, the baffle of the loudspeaker systems is again finished in dark grey. Last but not least, the baffle of the speakers is painted in light grey, which is offered as design option Urban Grey with a grey wood-vinyl finish.

A striking feature of the new model generation of tweeters is that the speaker is equipped with an acoustically transparent hexagonal dispersion grille, which is always painted in the same colour as the baffle itself. This ensures a uniform appearance.

The remaining drivers are fitted with a custom-made speaker cover, which thus covers only the drivers themselves, and is of course made of an acoustically transparent fabric and held in position by magnets.

The Monitor Audio Bronze Series 6G enclosures are of extremely solid construction, using 15 mm thick MDF and elaborate internal stiffening. The baffle even relies on 21 mm wall thickness, since, according to Monitor Audio Ltd, a solid construction is essential here as the basis for optimal sound free of vibrations.

The floor-standing speaker systems of the product range are enthroned on so-called cantilever feet, which are made of steel and painted black. Of course, you can choose between spikes and rubber feet, both of which are included in the delivery.

The icing on the cake here is now the manufacturer’s logo, which the manufacturer itself describes as 3D metal-coated branding, and which is intended to be the crowning glory of the new, particularly appealing design.

Most importantly, Monitor Audio Ltd. promises that the new Monitor Audio Bronze Series will have a more life-like sound character than the previous generation of products.

In order to achieve this, the company is initially relying on an advanced 25 mm Monitor Audio C-CAM Gold tweeter with Unifom Dispersion Waveguide, which is intended to guarantee an even more detailed reproduction. C-CAM, this abbreviation stands for Ceramic-Coated Aluminium Magnesium at Monitor Audio Ltd. Newly developed Monitor Audio C-CAM drivers are also used for the bass and mid-range drivers, which feature an optimised diaphragm geometry and the so-called Damped Concentric Mode Technology, or DCM technology for short.

When mounting the woofers, the developers used the so-called Single Bolt Through driver technology, in which the drivers are screwed separately over the rear panel of the cabinets to improve rigidity and stability and achieve driver and baffle decoupling.

Optimised transient response and tighter bass is achieved by a uniform airflow of the bass reflex system of the new Monitor Audio Bronze Series 6G models, known as Dual HiVe II bass reflex systems.

The fact that special attention is given to the crossovers is a matter of course anyway. Only high-quality, even custom-made polyester foil and electrolytic capacitors, air-core coils and low-loss laminated steel core coils are used, which, according to the manufacturer, should guarantee the best possible signal transmission with reduced distortion.

Even for internal cabling, only oxygen-free, silver-plated pureflow copper cables are used for flawless results, according to the promise of the English.

The connection terminals present themselves as designed for bi-wiring and bi-amping and rely on gold-plated high-quality connections.

As already mentioned, the new model generation once again impresses with a wide variety of solutions for the most diverse tasks. With a choice of eight different models, including the first Dolby Atmos enabled speaker from Monitor Audio Ltd, there should be something for every music and film lover, according to the manufacturer’s claim.

As a bookshelf speaker, the Monitor Audio Bronze 50 system is designed to be particularly compact, measuring no more than 281 x 166 x 265 mm and thus weighing 5 kg. This specification is of interest, as this speaker can also be mounted on the wall if desired. The Monitor Audio FIX-M Speaker Mount is available for this purpose. A 25 mm C-CAM Gold Dome Tweeter is combined here with a 5 1/2 inch C-CAM low-midrange driver, so that in combination with the bass reflex system of this two-way speaker a frequency range between 40 Hz and 30 kHz can be reproduced. With an impedance of 8 ohms and a sensitivity of 85 dB, the Monitor Audio Bronze 50 is designed for amplifiers with a power output between 20 and 80 watts.

The Monitor Audio Bronze 100 two-way bass reflex system, which combines the 25 mm C-CAM Gold Dome Tweeter with an 8-inch C-CAM woofer, is also a bookshelf speaker. This allows a frequency range between 37 HZ and 30 kHz to be reproduced. With an impedance of 8 ohms and an efficiency of 87 dB, amplifiers with a power output between 30 and 100 watts are recommended. The speaker measures 376 x 231 x 325 mm and weighs 7.8 kg.

The most compact floor-standing speaker system is the Monitor Audio Bronze 200, equipped with a 25 mm tweeter in combination with two 5 1/2 inch woofers, which makes it a two and a half way bass reflex system. This allows a frequency range between 35 Hz and 30 kHz to be reproduced, the impedance is specified as 8 ohms, the efficiency as 88 dB. The manufacturer recommends a power range of 40 to 120 Watts for amplifiers. This floorstanding speaker system measures only 909 x 229 x 304 mm, so it’s quite compact but already weighs 12.8 kg.

The second floorstanding speaker system of the new generation of the Monitor Audio Bronze Series 6G, the Monitor Audio Bronze 500, also designed as a two-and-a-half way bass reflex system, is a bit more massive. From the one described so far it should be clear that two 8 inch woofers are combined with the 25 mm tweeter, so that a frequency range between 32 Hz and 30 kHz can be reproduced. The efficiency here is a remarkable 90 dB, the impedance once again 8 Ohm, and amplifiers with a power output between 60 and 200 Watts are recommended. The speaker measures 974 x 294 x 364 mm and weighs an impressive 18 kg.

The Audio Bronze C150 monitor is the centre speaker of the series, which measures 166 x 451 x 225 mm and weighs 7 kg. It should therefore fit into any home cinema without any problems. The two-way system is designed as a closed construction, thus dispensing with a bass reflex system. Two 5 1/2 inch woofers flank the 25 mm tweeter here. The frequency range is specified as 66 Hz up to 30 kHz, the impedance as 8 Ohm, and the efficiency as 88 dB. The amplifier power should be between 30 and 120 watts.

The rear speaker of the series, the Monitor Audio Bronze FX, is also designed as a closed two-way construction and relies on the combination of a 5 1/2 inch woofer with the 25 mm tweeter. With an impedance of 8 ohms and an efficiency of 86 dB, the amplifier should have a power output between 20 and 80 watts and a frequency range between 74 Hz and 30 kHz. This speaker measures only 287 x 284 x 124 mm and weighs only 3.9 kg.

The Audio Bronze AMS monitor has a special role to play, as it acts as a sio called Dolby Atmos-enabled speaker as a kind of “attachment” for the front speakers to allow immersive surround sound in the home cinema with comparatively little effort. This two-way system, designed as a closed construction, measures only 152 x 166 x 242 mm and weighs no more than 2.5 kg. Of course, a 25 mm tweeter is also used here, but “only” a 4 inch woofer. This allows a frequency range between 105 Hz and 30 kHz to be reproduced. With an impedance of 8 ohms and an efficiency of 86 dB, the amplifier should deliver between 10 and 60 watts.

In the new Monitor Audio Bronze Series 6G, the Monitor Audio Bronze W10 is responsible for the lowest frequency band and for the corresponding “emphasis” in the home office. This is a powerful yet compact subwoofer. An amplifier module in Class D fires a 10-inch long-throw C-CAM driver with 220 Watts, which is supported by a 10-inch passive membrane. In order to avoid disturbing resonances and vibrations, the cabinet is made of 18 mm thick MDF and measures 321 x 321 x 364 mm. The subwoofer thus weighs a proud 13.4 kg. The lower cut-off frequency is specified as 33 Hz, the upper cut-off frequency as 150 Hz. Of course, all relevant controls are available here to optimally adjust the reproduction to the respective room and the placement of the subwoofer within the room or to the other speakers. Three presets – Music, Movie and Impact – are available for quick adjustment of the playback and the integration in various configurations is ensured by an LFE as well as a stereo input, in both cases designed as RCA sockets, and a 12 V trigger connection. Of course the subwoofer has an auto standby function.

According to information currently available, the new Monitor Audio Bronze Series 6G will probably be available in specialist shops in June 2020. The manufacturer offers a 5-year warranty on these solutions.

As mentioned above, Monitor Audio Ltd. is committed to the tradition of offering the latest generation of Monitor Audio Bronze Series at very attractive prices. The Monitor Audio Bronze 50 starts at a price per pair of only € 365,-, the Monitor Audio Bronze 100 will be available at a price per pair of € 455,-. The Monitor Audio Bronze 200 will cost € 775,- per pair and the Monitor Audio Bronze 500 € 1.095,-, also per pair. The Center-Speaker Monitor Audio Bronze C150 costs € 260,- each and the dipoles Monitor Audio Bronze FX are available for € 425,- per pair. The pair Monitor Audio Bronze AMS as Dolby Atmos-enabled speaker costs € 425,- and the subwoofer Monitor Audio Bronze W10 is priced at € 675,- per unit.

Getting to the point

Not surprisingly, Monitor Audio Ltd. has stated that the new Monitor Audio Bronze Series builds on the series’ previous virtues and is the best ever introduced, with numerous improvements. The initial information suggests that this is once again no empty promise, and the new models do in fact offer improved sound quality with even more refined technical features, and the developers have done a great job on the design as well.

Manufacturer:Monitor Audio Ltd.
Distribution:Pannes Vertriebs KG
Price:Monitor Audio Bronze 50 € 365,- per couple
Monitor Audio Bronze 100 € 455,- per couple
Monitor Audio Bronze 200 € 775,- per couple
Monitor Audio Bronze 500 1.095,- per couple
Monitor Audio Bronze C150 € 260,- per piece
Monitor Audio Bronze FX 425,- per couple
Monitor Audio Bronze AMS € 425,- per couple
Monitor Audio Bronze W10 € 675,- per piece
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