Dynaudio Special Forty in two new design variants

In 2017 Dynaudio A/S presented a very special loudspeaker system, the Dynaudio Special Forty. This compact but remarkably impressive bookshelf speaker system was intended to celebrate the company’s 40th anniversary. Now, three years later, the Dynaudio Special Forty is of course still available from the Danish specialists, but in two new design variants.

The Danish company Dynaudio A/S was founded in Skanderborg in 1977. Over the years, the company has developed into one of the most renowned loudspeaker specialists and is now one of the leading companies not only in this field. Dynaudio A/S is a renowned expert in the field of loudspeakers for hi-fi and home cinema, as well as for professional recording studios. Dynaudio A/S is also very active in the field of car hi-fi, not only under its own name, but also as an OEM supplier for many solutions in the market.

Dynaudio A/S is one of the few companies in the market that handles the complete development and production “in-house”. For this purpose, an appropriate infrastructure has been created at the company’s location in Skanderborg, Denmark, including a particularly exquisite listening room, in order to provide the developers with the appropriate resources.

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  • Dynaudio Special Forty 2020 07
  • Dynaudio Special Forty 2020 06
  • Dynaudio Special Forty 2020 05
  • Dynaudio Special Forty 2020 03
  • Dynaudio Special Forty 2020 02

Dynaudio A/S celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2017 with the presentation of a loudspeaker system that was one of the first to directly benefit from these new possibilities in development, and which, according to Dynaudio A/S, should combine all the company’s virtues, the Dynaudio Special Forty.

“With the Special Forty, we did not want to rest on our laurels. We looked at the materials and technologies used in the most successful Dynaudio models and brought them up to the very latest standards in our new Dynaudio Labs development centre. The 40th anniversary of Dynaudio was the perfect occasion to revise our previous innovations.

Otto Jørgensen – Dynaudio Product Manager

The remarkable thing about this Dynaudio Special Forty was that it is not a powerful speaker system, impressive in size alone, but rather a petite, compact bookshelf speaker system.

The Dynaudio Special Forty, which the developers at Dynaudio A/S treated themselves to on the occasion of their 40th anniversary, appears to be an almost modest loudspeaker system. The special feature here was the technology on which the developers relied, which ensured that the Dynaudio Special Forty was and is a worthy anniversary model in terms of sound.

Even three years after its market launch, the Dynaudio Special Forty is still extremely popular, which is one of the reasons why Dynaudio A/S is now presenting two new design variants of this outstanding loudspeaker system.

  • Dynaudio Special Forty 2020 08
  • Dynaudio Special Forty 2020 13
  • Dynaudio Special Forty 2020 12
  • Dynaudio Special Forty 2020 11
  • Dynaudio Special Forty 2020 10
  • Dynaudio Special Forty 2020 09

In the original version of the Dynaudio Special Forty, the designers opted for two real wood veneers, which were only found on this Dynaudio Special Forty. They had the choice between a Grey Birch High Gloss version, which is grey birch with a high-gloss finish, and Red Birch High Gloss, which is red birch, also with a high-gloss finish.

Dynaudio Special Forty is now available in Black Vine, which the manufacturer describes as a clashing contrast of a dark veneer interspersed with vibrant orange tones. The second option is called Ebony Wave and is said to captivate with a charmingly curved classic wood veneer.

For both veneer versions, Dynaudio A/S promises to manufacture by hand according to strict specifications, so that absolute equality between the loudspeakers in a pair can be guaranteed. The quality of the manufacturing process is breathtaking, the surfaces look as smooth as glass and as radiant as a luxurious antique piece of furniture.

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Dynaudio A/S celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2017 with, among other things, the presentation of a loudspeaker system that was one of the first to directly benefit from these new possibilities in development, and which, according to Dynaudio A/S, would combine all the company’s virtues, the Dynaudio Special Forty. Now the Dynaudio Special Forty is available as Dynaudio Special Forty 2020 in Black Vine and Ebony Wave versions.

Manufacturer:Dynaudio A/S
Distribution:Dynaudio Germany GmbH
Price:€ 3.000,-
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