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Recording The Masters Mystik B-1010 Portable Cassette Player

The modern interpretation of a portable cassette player, even a classic walkman, is what the company Recording The Masters wants to bring to the market with the Recording The Masters Mystic B-1010. The basis for this is a kickstart campaign.

The vinyl revival that has been observed for years and days is a glimmer of hope for many analogue lovers that digital does not completely determine the world of consumer electronics and that other analogue media could also gain in importance again. In the high-end segment, these are primarily tapes, so-called reel-to-reel tapes, which are at least coming back into focus a little. Not only are old tape machines being extensively restored and put back into operation, some manufacturers are also increasingly offering new models and the range of tapes is growing steadily, though not rapidly. And also classical cassettes, the “consumer format” of the tapes, are gaining attention again, at least there are recorded cassettes to buy again, and also the market of empty cassettes is gaining some momentum again…

One manufacturer that not only knows how to take advantage of this trend, but even fuels it, is the French company Recording The Masters. This company not only produces reel-to-reel tapes, but also new music cassettes. What is missing is of course a suitable player. Sure, the market has a lot to offer, first and foremost the second-hand market. The relevant platforms are still full of cassette decks, many of them unfortunately in miserable condition, the same applies to portable players, solutions for which the brand name Walkman, originally founded by Sony, has become a synonym. Surprisingly, Sony models from the heyday of the Sony Walkman product line are being called up for real fantasy prizes.

It is therefore not surprising that many a manufacturer sees an opportunity here and comes onto the market with new solutions. They are indeed back, new portable cassette players, the majority of which, however, are likely to come from a few manufacturers from the Far East, as many of them are very similar in many respects, especially in terms of very, very poor sound.

Recording The Masters now wants to fill this gap and launch its own portable cassette player, the Recording The Masters Mystik B-1010. After the first experiences of those who already had one of the prototypes of this new portable player in their hands, Record The Masters will probably use a player that already exists, from La Toile sur Ecoute, as a basis for their solution.

The concept is that the new Recording The Masters Mystic B-1010 is a portable cassette player that can be considered a modern interpretation of this genre. It is aimed at the discerning music lover, so the quality of the new Recording The Masters Mystik B-1010 should be on a convincing level. The Recording The Masters Mystik B-1010 is not only designed for playback but also has a recording function.

For this purpose it is not only equipped with an integrated microphone with Quick Start Recording, but also with a 3.5 mm stereo mini jack input.

Of course, a 3.5 mm stereo mini jack for headphones is not missing, but the new recording The Masters Mystik B-1010 is also supposed to be equipped with Bluetooth, Bluetooth 5.0, so that you can also use the corresponding headphones for “wireless” music enjoyment on the road.

Of course, the new Recording The Masters Mystik B-1010 presents itself in a classic way with the control buttons on the top, where an auto-stop function is also mentioned. The design is also based on the classic solutions of this kind, but fortunately the cassette compartment is transparent, so you can see how the cassette rotates…

From a purely technical point of view, there is not much more to say than that Record The Master in the Recording The Masters Mystik B-1010 probably does without any noise reduction system, and indicates the playback quality with the quite usual 100 Hz to 10 kHz.

It must be emphasized that the new Recording The Masters Mystik B-1010 is equipped with a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery.

But it is not yet certain that the recording The Masters Mysticism B-1010 will actually be released, this depends on the success of the kickstarter campaign with which the French manufacturer wants to finance the final development and the start of production. According to the information currently available, this campaign will start these days.

Getting to the point

The French company Recording The Masters wants to launch a portable cassette player on the market via a kickstart campaign, thus a classic Walkman, but with a modern interpretation and particularly good playback quality. With this, the company wants to offer an alternative to the often downright lousy players that are currently circulating on the market and thus make the music cassette interesting again for mobile use, at least for proven analogue lovers.

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