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Denon Home Series – Premium Wireless Speaker with HEOS Built-in

Denon Home Series is the name of the new product range from Sound United LLC, which is now available in the form of Denon Home 150, Denon Home 250 and Denon Home 350. Based on the HEOS Built-in Streaming platform, which Sound United has been developing for years, the aim is to provide premium wireless speakers.

As early as 2014, the Japanese consumer electronics company Denon, then part of the D&M Group, presented a completely new multiroom audio streaming platform, namely the HEOS by Denon system. The aim was to provide a platform that would offer audio streaming in the simplest and, above all, most convenient way possible. The starting point was a series of all-in-one speaker systems such as the HEOS 3 Wireless Speaker, HEOS 5 Wireless Speaker and HEOS 7 Wireless Speaker, subsequently expanded by the HEOS 1 as a particularly compact and optionally portable solution. A connection to existing audio systems was also presented, in the form of the HEOS Link, and a soundbar, which was available with the HEOS HomeCinema, was also included. Also a Micro-HiFi-System was presented, the HEOS Amp, which could be upgraded with any speaker system. With solutions such as the Denon HEOS Drive, the company also entered the custom installation sector.

HEOS by Denon presented itself with a comprehensive product update in May 2015, when Denon’s Multiroom system was equipped for high-resolution audio formats, offered extensive Bluetooth support, new Multiroom options, as well as significantly improved performance and optimized control and integration of various streaming services.

In 2016 the expansion of the platform to other product groups began. Gradually, the HEOS platform was also integrated into AV receivers, primarily from Denon, but subsequently also from its sister brand Marantz. Even a separate AV receiver was presented, namely the Denon HEOS AVR. Direct integration into smart home solutions was also carried out, namely through the integration of voice control, here first of all of course Amazon Alexa.

In March 2017 Sound United LLC. took over the brands Denon, Marantz and thus of course also the streaming platform, which had developed into its own brand under the name HEOS by Denon.

So one of the first important announcements made by the new management of Sound United LLC. directly after the takeover in Juno 2017 concerned the brand HEOS by Denon. Kevin Duffy, CEO of Sound United LLC. announced that the HEOS multiroom audio streaming system would play a key role and that every effort would be made to put this solution on the widest possible basis. The HEOS by Denon brand was to become the HEOS technology platform.

The latest product family, which Denon first announced in December 2019 with the Denon Home Series, should also be seen in this light.

With the new Denon Home Series, the Japanese consumer electronics group is presenting a new product line of so-called wireless all-in-one multiroom speakers. How could it be otherwise, of course, these are based on HEOS Technology, the streaming platform that, as described, has been the basis for Hi-res audio streaming at Sound United LLC. for years.

There are three systems that are now being presented: Denon Home 150, Denon Home 250 and Denon Home 350.

  • Denon Home Series with HEOS Built in 08
  • Denon Home Series with HEOS Built in 09
  • Denon Home Series with HEOS Built in 10
  • Denon Home Series with HEOS Built in 11
  • Denon Home Series with HEOS Built in 12
  • Denon Home Series with HEOS Built in 07

With these solutions, it’s a little “back to the roots”, because not only does this mean that HEOS technology is once again being used under the “flag” of Denon, it is once again Wireless Speakers, the product group with which it all began.

“Our claim is Bringing joy to the World through Sound and Denon Home fulfils exactly this claim. The new Denon Home Wireless speaker series brings the famous Denon sound directly to the people for whom a particularly high audio quality is of great importance. Denon has managed to bring all the audio knowledge that the company has accumulated as one of the market leaders in the field of AV receivers to these new speakers. Whether used individually or in a stereo pair, the sound of these speakers is simply amazing.”

Bart Muller, Senior Vice President, Commercial Operations Europe Sound United LLC.

The Denon Home Series, the manufacturer is convinced, should provide an unlimited selection of streaming offers. First and foremost, of course, there is its own content available, be it in the form of data in MP3, AAC, ALAC, WAV and FLAC with resolutions of up to 24 bits and 192 kHz, but also DSD with 2.8 or 5.6 MHz. In addition, the central app for control, the HEOS app for Apple iOS and Google Android, provides a variety of streaming services, whether it be Spotify, Amazon Music HD, Apple Music, TuneIn, Deezer or TIDAL.

Furthermore, Apple AirPlay 2 is also supported and of course the systems have Bluetooth. An AUX input in the form of a 3.5 mm stereo mini jack socket is also available on all systems for the integration of analogue sources.

It must be emphasised that the latest generation of the Wireless Speaker series from Denon is fully compatible with existing solutions based on HEOS, so it can be combined to your heart’s content with other Wireless Speakers from the existing HEOS family, as well as soundbars and sound systems and AV receivers equipped with HEOS Built-in.

Two Denon Home speakers can be connected to form a stereo pair, this is nothing new either and was already valid for the previous systems. The combination with a subwoofer, the Denon DSW-1H subwoofer, is also possible to create a 2.1 channel system. Home cinema fans can also couple a pair of Denon home speakers as two surround channels with the Denon DHT-S716H soundbar and the Denon DSW-1H subwoofer to create a full 5.1 sound system.

It is interesting to note that the systems of the new Denon Home Series are now equipped on a particularly broad basis for integration into the smart home, so that all common voice assistants are supported, be it Apple Siri, Google Assistant, or Amazon Alexa. For the time being, however, an additional compatible device is required. This could change, however, as the Denon Home 150, Denon Home 250 and Denon Home 350 systems all have integrated microphones, although these are currently deactivated. However, Sound United LLC. is already planning a complete integration of Amazon Alexa this year, via a corresponding firmware update.

Sound United LLC. decided on an extremely elegant design language for the new Denon Home Series, with a textile covering dominating the appearance. It is available in dark anthracite or light grey and is water and dirt repellent. The top of all models offers a control panel equipped with a proximity sensor. This causes the control LED to light up when the user’s hand approaches. Depending on the model, there are three or even six quick-select buttons available to activate the preferred Internet radio station or any other source such as a special streaming service and the AUX input at the touch of a button.

The new Denon Home 150 is described by the manufacturer as a compact powerhouse because, thanks to the combination of a 3.5-inch woofer and a 1-inch tweeter, it generates an impressive sound despite its very small dimensions.

The Denon Home 250 includes an angled tweeter pair for wider sound distribution and a 4-inch woofer pair driven by four power amplifiers in stereo configuration and supported by a 5.25-inch passive bass cone.

The largest model, Denon Home 350, features six drivers driven by its own power amplifier, two 6.5-inch woofers and a combination of a 2-inch pair of mid-range drivers and two tweeters for the ultimate Denon sound from a single speaker.

To conclude, the three new models are fully compatible with the previous solutions based on HEOS Technology, alone, from now on this platform is called HEOS Built-in. The new models of the Denon Home Series can therefore be combined with a large number of Denon and Marantz products from the past, present and future in any combination and all of them can be controlled via a central app.

The new Denon Home models are now available at specialist retailers in black and white. The Denon Home 150 costs € 249,-, the Denon Home 250 is shown at € 499,-. If you choose the Denon Home 350, the price will be € 699.

Getting to the point

There are three models that Denon is now presenting as part of the Denon Home Series: Denon Home 150, Denon Home 250 and Denon Home 350, all of which, as described above, are linked by the HEOS streaming platform, which, according to the manufacturer, offers unlimited flexibility, easy installation, direct connection to smart home systems and a huge variety of available sources.

Manufacturer:Sound United LLC.
Distribution:Denon Deutschland – A Division of Sound United
Price:Denon Home 150 € 249,-
Denon Home 250 € 499,-
Denon Home 350 € 699,-
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