Audio Exclusive GmbH new distribution partner for Hemiolia Records Master Tapes

The company Audio Exclusive G.m.b.H. in Wels is now expanding its range to include very special sound carriers, namely Hemiolia Records Master Tapes from Hemiolia srl. Their range is broad and includes music from a wide variety of genres.

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  • The outstanding Hemiolia Records Master Tapes from Hemiolia srl. can now be found at the Upper Austrian company Audio Exclusive GmbH in Wels.

Kurt Wögerer has been running the company Audio Exclusive GmbH for years and is considered a passionate lover of outstanding recordings, so that, in addition to the finest HiFi solutions for their reproduction, he always has a rich assortment of the finest sound carriers in his business premises in Wels for audiophile HiFi enthusiasts.

The spectrum ranges from exclusive CDs and records to audio tapes, and it is precisely the latter area that he is now expanding to include the products of Hemiolia srl. and its Hemiolia Records Master Tapes.

Hemiolia Records Master Tapes – The finest tape recordings from Italy

The company Hemiolia srl. comes from Perugia and is based on an idea that was first conceived in 2007, but was not actually realised until 2013, as the company itself states.

The company claims to be inspired and driven by a passion for music and to see its own activities as a kind of preservation of very special values that goes far beyond purely commercial concerns.

“Our goal is to produce and distribute music by giving preference to traditional analogue media, magnetic tapes, which are characterised by a state-of-the-art technical and artistic quality level, through a completely analogue production chain.”

Hemiolia srl.

Hemiolia Records Master Tapes with a guarantee of pure analogue production

Every tape received from Hemiolia srl. in the form of Hemiolia Records Master Tapes carries a certificate confirming that it is a purely analogue production. This promise is particularly important to customers, as the company emphasises. Specifically, the company refers to an A4P certificate, whereby this abbreviation stands for Analogue Four Phases and thus describes a purely analogue process in every step of production.

The Hemiolia Records master tapes are produced exclusively with production masters (first generation) in stereo, i.e. with 2 tracks at 1/4′, as the company explains. Master tapes for duplication for sale are produced in 1:1 copy mode using two Otari MTR 15 recorders with optimised calibration of the recording unit on each individual blank tape.

Music from various genres

Of course, it is not easy for suppliers such as Hemiolia srl. to offer a very wide range of products, as the most popular genres such as pop and rock have been produced digitally for years.

Nevertheless, the spectrum at Hemiolia srl. is very diverse and is primarily dedicated to the genres of jazz, blues, classical and world music.

“As a passionate lover of analogue tape machines, it is of course particularly important to me to be able to offer my customers the corresponding sound carriers. As a new distribution partner of Hemiolia Records, I am now able to include very special treasures in my programme. I am looking forward to great interest from all reel-to-reel owners or those who will be…”

Kurt Wögerer, Managing Director Audio Exclusive GmbH

Prices and availability

The Hemiolia Records Master Tapes from Italy are now available from Audio Exclusive GmbH. The prices vary from recording to recording and, it must be recognised, reflect the great effort that goes into these productions.

Getting to the point

Analogue tapes are still a niche, but a niche that ensures stable sales is the number of HiFi enthusiasts who cherish and maintain their reel-to-reel tape machines or even invest in new ones, a very distinctive and also very loyal customer base. A customer base that is also always on the lookout for top-quality recordings, which they can now find at Audio Exclusive GmbH, the new distribution partner of Italian specialist Hemiolia srl. and its Hemiolia Records Master Tapes.

THEMEAudio Exclusive GmbH new distribution partner for Hemiolia Records Master Tapes
Audio Exclusive GmbH
BrandHemiolia Records
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