Roon ARC Voice Control for Google Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

It is an update for Roon ARC, which probably comes with a very welcome feature for many users, namely voice control via Google Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. This should make it even easier to use.

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  • With the latest update of Roon ARC, Roon Labs LLC. voice control for Google Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

With the latest updates now available for Roon ARC, the software developer Roon Labs LLC. has focussed primarily on the integration of voice control for even easier use in vehicles. Based on the Apple Siri and Google Assistant technologies, voice control is now available in Roon ARC via Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto.

Roon ARC has also been given a new search tab or browse tab in conjunction with Apple CarPlay or Google Android and various bugs have been fixed in the classic Roon app with the latest updates.

Roon ARC with voice assistant support

With the latest update for Roon ARC, you can now control the music playback in the vehicle at any time via Apple Siri and Google Assistant, in every respect. The classic control options such as play, stop, skip to the next or previous track are only the basis, but what is much more exciting is that you can search for and play individual tracks, artists, albums, genres or playlists.

New search tab or browse tab in Roon ARC

Roon ARC now has a new browse tab for Google Android Auto and a new search tab for Apple CarPlay, making it particularly easy for users to access their own content directly, as Roon Labs LLC. emphasises.

New guide for installing Roon ARC and various bug fixes

With the new update, Roon Labs LLC. also offers a further expanded guide for installing and configuring Roon ARC. As Roon ARC is designed as an app that can be used to access your own Roon server at home from anywhere and at any time, the correct network configuration is of course crucial and not always easy to realise. Various parameters play an important role here, over which Roon Labs LLC. and in many cases the user himself has no influence, such as the Internet service provider and its modem configurations.

With the extended guide, Roon Labs LLC. aims to provide at least all the tips and tricks known to date so that even stubborn problems can ultimately be solved.

Finally, it should be mentioned that an update is also available for the Roon app, although this is just a service release with various minor bug fixes.

Prices and availability

Roon 2.0.36 and Roon ARC 1.0.53 are now available, both versions are already available free of charge in the Apple App Store and Google PLAY Store. Updates for Roon and Roon Server for Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS and Linux are also available. To translate it again this time, we are talking about Roon 2.0 Build 1413 and Roon Server Build 1413 as well as Roon ARC 1.0 Build 272.

Getting to the point

It is pleasing to see that Roon Labs LLC. is working hard to make the Roon and Roon ARC software more convenient and easier to use. In the current release, this mainly concerns Roon ARC, which now also has voice control via Google Assistant and Apple Siri when used in the vehicle via Google Android Auto or Apple CarPlay.

PriceUS$ 12,49 per month with annual billing
US$ 14,99 per month with monthly billing
US$ 829,99 Lifetime licence
ManufacturerRoon Labs LLC.
Distribution AustriaAudio Tuning Vertriebs GmbH
Distribution GermanyRoon Labs LLC.
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