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Vincent KHV-200 – Inexpensive statement?

It expands the Vincent tubeLine, is designed as a particularly flexible solution, and is thus intended to be suitable for almost all available headphones, while delivering the highest sound quality, the new Vincent KHV-200 headphone amplifier.

Vincent KHV-200, this new solution of the Vincent tubeLine and thus in a very important product segment for the Vincent brand, should prove to be a particularly flexible solution for all those who want to enjoy music completely undisturbed via headphones at a particularly high level of quality.

The company Sintron Vertriebs GmbH, to which the Vincent brand belongs, is thus enriching the market with a product that follows a clearly visible trend, namely towards high-quality “chains” for playback via headphones.

Vincent KHV-200 for thriving headphone segment

Headphones are becoming more and more important in all areas. While the headphone market was initially boosted in the mobile audio sector by the intensive use of smartphones as a versatile music source, it has long been possible to speak of a truly flourishing segment in the classic hi-fi sector as well.

It is therefore only logical that companies such as Sintron Vertriebs GmbH bring appropriate solutions to the market, especially since they have set themselves the goal around the new Vincent KHV-200 of not only realising a particularly flexible solution, but also one that is very attractively positioned in terms of price.

Headphone amplifier indispensable for best results

One thing is clear: in order to achieve the best possible results with high-quality headphones, a headphone amplifier is indispensable. This is exactly what the new Vincent KHV-200 is designed to do.

The new Vincent KHV-200 was developed in collaboration with Dipl. Ing. Frank Blöhbaum, a collaboration that, according to the manufacturer, has already been extremely successful with the Vincent SV-237MK, Vincent SV-737 and Vincent SA-T7 models.

As already described, the new Vincent KHV-200 is supposed to be a solution that can be adapted particularly flexibly to the most diverse headphone models, thus guaranteeing the best possible results in every case.

The company even goes so far as to state that the new Vincent KHV-200 offers the highest sound fidelity with almost all available headphones.

  • Vincent KHV 200 Hybrid Headphone Amplifier 03
  • Vincent KHV 200 Hybrid Headphone Amplifier 04
  • Vincent KHV 200 Hybrid Headphone Amplifier 02
  • Vincent KHV 200 Hybrid Headphone Amplifier 01

Tubes as the central component

Since the new Vincent KHV-200 is part of the Vincent tubeLine, it is clear that even if this is a hybrid headphone amplifier, tubes serve as the central components of the signal processing, specifically two E180F/6SCH9P as well as an ECC82.

Numerous connections

A glance at the rear reveals that the new Vincent KHV-200 has plenty of connections. Two pairs of RCA sockets are available as inputs, plus two pairs of RCA sockets as outputs, one marked as Pre Out, the other as Record Out. In principle, the new Vincent KHV-200 can also be used as a small but fine preamplifier, and active loudspeaker systems can be connected directly.

The front has a classic 6.3 mm stereo jack, and the rear also has a 4-pin XLR connection for balanced headphones.

Directly on the front, the new Vincent KHV-200 is adorned with a “glass eye”, which provides a view of the tubes and is illuminated for a particularly successful presentation of the headphone amplifier. Of course, this illumination can be dimmed or completely deactivated if desired.

To the right and left of it are rotary encoders, the right one as a level control, the left one serves to control the balance. The main switch and a button for input selection complete the overview on the front.

At the rear, 12 V trigger connections are available and the gain can be adjusted in two steps via a selector switch.

The power supply is implemented directly, so there is a connection for the mains cable at the back.

The new Vincent KHV-200 measures 210 x 85 x 277 mm and weighs 3.6 kg. The device is available in discreet black or matt silver.

Getting to the point

No matter which headphones one chooses, with the new Vincent KHV-200 they should be able to realise their full potential. The Vincent KHV-200, designed as a hybrid headphone amplifier, is also to be offered at a particularly attractive price and thus appeal to a wide range of customers.

Manufacturer:Sintron Vertriebs GmbH
Distribution:Sintron Vertriebs GmbH
Price:€ 999,-
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