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Simply Analog Vinyl Cleaning Boxset

If you want to enjoy records of the best possible quality, you need to take regular care of them. The Greek specialist Simply Analog Audiophile Products has combined all the utensils needed for this in everyday life into the Simply Analog Vinyl Cleaning Boxset.

The record is a very special medium, nobody will deny this. Of course, it derives its special appeal first and foremost from its very special sound potential, but also from the fact that it is a physical medium that has to be handled quite differently, such as CDs. Sure, you have to pay attention to CDs as well, but essentially, with proper handling and storage there is no need for any further measures to guarantee quality at the highest level.

This is quite different with vinyl records, because despite all the love for this sound carrier, it must be noted that it requires the user to take great care in order to provide the best quality over a long period of time. Since the music reproduction of a record is a mechanical scanning process that converts the slightest movement of a needle in the groove of the sound carrier into electrical signals, every grain of dust is in fact one too many, let alone more massive dirt that inevitably occurs on the record itself, but also on the pick-up system, and therefore must be removed regularly.

So if you rely on vinyl, you must have the appropriate tools and aids at hand to keep the record itself, but also your record player, clean in the truest sense of the word.

There are countless solutions available on the market, including those from the Greek specialist Simply Analog Audiophile Products. The company offers a wide range of vinyl accessories, including cleaning solutions of various kinds.

A particularly exciting solution in the Simply Analog Audiophile Products product range is the Simply Analog Vinyl Cleaning Boxset. This essentially comprises everything you need for the everyday handling of vinyl records. The set is therefore a very good solution, especially for beginners, who receive at least a solid basic equipment at a reasonable price.

The Simply Analog Vinyl Cleaning Boxset includes a brush for quick but effective cleaning of the record before playing it. This is a goat hair brush, which is handmade. A velvet record brush is also included in the set, which allows even more thorough cleaning in a hurry. One or two turns, and usually a lot of dust is already gone…

For somewhat coarser dirt, there is also a plate cleaner in the package, namely 80 ml, that can be simply sprayed on and then wiped off with the just mentioned velvet brush to loosen the dirt. A microfibre cloth is also available for this purpose.

But not only on the record itself, dust inevitably collects at the pickup as well, especially on the needle or the needle carrier. In order to be able to clean it from time to time, a bottle of needle cleaner is also included in the Simply Analog Vinyl Cleaning Boxset. With its brush you can clean the needle of the cartridge with the appropriate care. Beginners need not be afraid of damaging their turntable – with an appropriately gentle hand – as this is mentioned here for your peace of mind.

All of the Simply Analog Vinyl Cleaning Boxset’s utensils are neatly packed in a box, available in black, red or brown. You can easily place the box next to the drive, so that everything is always at hand.

The Simply Analog Vinyl Cleaning Boxset is offered by Audiovertrieb by HZ Electronics or TAD Audiovertrieb GmbH at a recommended retail price of € 59.95 and is available from specialist retailers.

Getting to the point

Everything you need for the everyday care of vinyl records, that’s all you need to say about the Simply Analog Vinyl Cleaning Boxset. And it all works perfectly, delivers good results, is easy to handle, and is neatly packed in a box that fits right next to the record player. A hint that this is a product from Europe, from Greece, which is partly handmade, should be mentioned explicitly.

HiFiBLOG Award ImpressiveRecords need the right care to offer the best possible quality. A practical complete set is available with the Simply Analog Vinyl Cleaning Boxset.
Manufacturer:Simply Analog Audiophile Products
Distribution:Audiovertrieb by HZ Electronics
Price:€ 59,95
The Good– price-performance ratio
– all-important
– good basic equipment especially for beginners
– is manufactured in Europe
– Practical case included
The Bad– No disadvantage apparent

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