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Lindemann offers upgrade for first and second generation Musicbook

All those who own a first or second generation Lindemann musicbook can now upgrade to enjoy the functions of the current generation, essentially a Lindemann musicbook:source network music player.

Last autumn, Lindemann audiotechnik GmbH presented the latest generation of the so-called Lindemann Musicbook Series. This was a major step forward, because on the one hand, four models were previously available, but with the generation change there is only one left, and that is the new Lindemann musicbook:source network music player. The time had come to take the next big step, according to Lindemann audiotechnik GmbH in October 2019, although of course nothing had changed in the basic orientation. But there is nothing that can’t be made just a little bit better, and in fact there are many things that make the new Lindemann musicbook:source Network Music Player stand out from the previous solutions.

For example, a new board represents the heart of the Lindemann musicbook:source Network Music Player, and this is from StreamUnlimited, where the German company speaks of Streaming 4.0. Audio data is processed in Linear PCM with up to 24 bits and 384 kHz as well as DSD with up to DSD256. The platform uses UPnP and can access services such as Deezer, Spotify, TIDAL, Qobuz and HRA Streaming from HIGHRESAUDIO.

Another key feature of the new Lindemann musicbook:source Network Music Player is the converter, as it uses a circuit based on the AKM AK4493, one of the best sounding DACs from Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation. The AKM AK4493 works in mono mode to maximize resolution and dynamics, while the manufacturer promises extremely low distortion and thus exemplary musicality.

The network technology has also been optimized to ensure smooth signal transmission. This now complies with IEEE 802.11ac with dual antenna technology.

If an external USB drive is connected, this solution also functions as an outstanding CD player, whereby re-sampling based on a reference clock with MEMS femto clock and zero-jitter technology is used for best results.

Of course, a new app was also included, which is available for Apple iOS as well as for Google Android.

So, and now all this is also available for the models of the previous generations, i.e. the first and second generation Lindemann Musicbook solutions. And indeed for all models, as the German company expressly emphasizes. This means that Lindemann Musicbook 10, Lindemann Musicbook 15, Lindemann Musicbook 20 and Lindemann Musicbook 25 can be upgraded with or without DSD, and completely.

The Lindemann Musicbook Upgrade Source 2020 is a so-called full upgrade, in which the complete inner workings are exchanged, only the housing, i.e. the appearance, remains the same. After the upgrade, the functions of the upgraded device, the display and operation will be completely similar to those of the Lindemann musicbook:source.

Only the housing, the display and the remote control of the previous device will continue to be used, the electronics will be completely replaced. Devices that have an integrated CD drive, i.e. Lindemann Musicbook 15 and Lindemann Musicbook 25, even receive a new CD drive, while those that do not have one now have the aforementioned function available via external drives. The solutions that previously had no streaming functionality will of course be available as fully-fledged streaming clients after the upgrade.

To sum it up, after the upgrade the Lindemann Streaming 4.0 platform is available, including all audiophile streaming services and Roon Ready, for control via the new convenient Lindemann App for smartphones and tablets. Also new is the converter, with improved master clock for ultra-low jitter values. Also new is the completely revised analog preamplifier with MM phono input, as well as the improved headphone amplifier. The new drive with faster access time and lower noise emission of the corresponding devices should of course not be forgotten.

But no longer available is the USB audio input. Lindemann audiotechnik GmbH is convinced that all major playback programs for PC and Mac have a corresponding music server function, making it possible to transfer audio data via streaming much more conveniently and without any loss of quality.

The upgrade is of course available from specialist dealers, although the manufacturer recommends that you make an appointment to avoid long waiting times. Only the device itself is actually required for the upgrade, accessories such as the remote control do not need to be sent in. If possible the original packaging should be used.

Getting to the point

The new Lindemann Musicbook Upgrade Source 2020 is a so-called full upgrade, which replaces the entire inner workings of first and second generation Lindemann Musicbook systems. After the upgrade, the functions of the upgraded device, the display and the operation will be completely identical to the current Lindemann musicbook:source network music player.

Manufacturer:Lindemann audiotechnik GmbH
Distribution:Lindemann audiotechnik GmbH
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