Dynaudio x Thorens Turntable – Record players from Thorens at Dynaudio

Dynaudio A/S has probably succeeded in this surprise, presenting a record player for the first time at the High-end 2024 in Munich, deliberately pointing out that it was designed and manufactured for the Danes by the expert Thorens GmbH.

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  • The new record player Dynaudio x Thorens Turntable, which Thorens GmbH designed especially for Dynaudio A/S, is primarily intended as an extension of the Dynaudio Focus Series.

We are already used to the fact that more and more companies are focussing on record players that previously had nothing whatsoever to do with this topic, as we have been observing this trend for years now. Only a few of the newcomers are actually focussing on their own developments, instead making use of already familiar concepts or the ever-increasing range of OEM products from the Far East, on which they ultimately only need to have their own logo printed.

And now Dynaudio A/S is also presenting a record player for the first time, and of course they didn’t develop it themselves, but instead of even attempting to adorn themselves with other people’s feathers, they are extremely proud to have gained a true specialist as a partner for this project, namely the German company Thorens GmbH.

Based on the Thorens TD 403 DD

The basis for the new turntable, which Thorens GmbH designed for the Danish loudspeaker specialist Dynaudio A/S and which could be admired for the first time as a prototype at the Danish company’s stand at High-end 2024 in Munich, is the extremely exciting Thorens TD 403 DD turntable.

As Thorens GmbH itself describes it, the Thorens TD 403 DD is another turntable in the Thorens 400 Series of direct-drive plug & play record players.

The turntable features an elegant chassis and a solid, 22 mm thick aluminium platter, which weighs in at 1,4 kg. The tonearm, which is a Thorens TP 150, should also be emphasised here. The turntable is said to be fitted ex works with a cartridge system from the Danish specialist Ortofon A/S, a model from the Ortofon Concorde Music Series, specifically the Ortofon Concorde Music Blue. This is installed on a removable headshell with SME connection.

Perfectly adapted to the Dynaudio Focus Series

According to Dynaudio A/S, this project was undertaken in co-operation with Dynaudio A/S primarily for one reason: to be able to offer an optimal extension especially for the active speaker systems of the Dynaudio Focus Series.

As a result, the drive unit, which was designed by Thorens GmbH, will have a design adapted to these High-end Active Wireless Streaming Speakers.

The prototype shown in Munich was completely black, with the frame painted in high-gloss black and the top of the housing made of black anodised aluminium.

In keeping with the Dynaudio Focus Series solutions, the record player will probably also be available not only in the Black High Gloss version just described, but also in the White High Gloss, Walnut Wood and Blonde Wood versions.

Integrated phono preamplifier

The record player from Dynaudio A/S is equipped with an integrated phono preamplifier and Bluetooth is also on board so that it can function perfectly as a playing partner for the Dynaudio Focus Series speaker systems, and not just in terms of design. This ensures simple, but in this case also high-quality wireless signal transmission, as aptX and aptX HD are supported in addition to the SBC and AAC codecs.

Prices and availability

As things stand at the moment, it will probably be a while before the drive from Dynaudio A/S, developed by Thorens GmbH, can actually be finally presented. As already described, it is currently only a prototype, which Gunter Kürten, CEO of Thorens GmbH, was able to present to his colleagues at Dynaudio A/S on the day of the trade fair opening in Munich.

It is likely to be autumn 2024 when the record player will actually be available in specialist shops for around € 2.000,-.

Getting to the point

Due to the continuing trend towards vinyl records, it is important for many companies to have their “own” turntable in their product range. Unfortunately, these are often so-called “me too…” products. This is not the case with the turntable that Dynaudio A/S presented for the first time at High-end 2024 in Munich. The company openly and proudly admits that it was able to win over a renowned partner such as Thorens GmbH, who designed this turntable based on the Thorens TD 403 DD for Dynaudio A/S. The intention from Dynaudio A/S’ point of view is to be able to offer a customised playing partner for the High-end Active Wireless Streaming Speakers of the Dynaudio Focus Series.

PRODUCTDYNAUDIO x Thorens Turntable
Priceprobably around € 2.000,-
ManufacturerDynaudio A/S
DistributionDynaudio Germany GmbH
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