Rega Kyte Stand – Secure hold or good decoupling

Rather than offering a completely dedicated speaker stand for the Rega Kyte Speaker compact bookshelf speaker system, Rega Research Limited instead offers the new Rega Kyte Stand, which allows mounting on a variety of popular speaker stands.

With the new Rega Kyte Stand, the English hi-fi manufacturer Rega Research Limited has taken an unusual but ultimately very pragmatic approach. Instead of developing their own speaker stand for the very compact Rega Kyte Speaker, they have decided to place this speaker on as many speaker stands as possible that can be found on the market.

The new Rega Kyte Stand is therefore a kind of universal adapter to enable the Rega Kyte to be held securely on a wide variety of speaker stands.

Rega Kyte Speaker

With the Rega Kyte Speaker, the English hi-fi manufacturer Rega Research Limited offers an extremely elegant two-way bass reflex system that comes up with several special features. First of all, there is the very exciting design, which could be realised by the choice of the material – a glass fibre reinforced phenolic resin – and the fitting with high-quality drivers, such as a Rega MX-125 bass-midrange driver as well as a ZRR tweeter designed according to Rega Research Limited’s specifications. Well, and then there’s the price, of course, because the Rega Kyte speakers are supposed to be particularly attractively priced solutions.

So it’s fitting that Rega Research Limited has come up with something special for the optimal placement of the bookshelf speaker system.

  • Foto © Rega System One | Rega Kyte Stand
  • Foto © Rega System One | Rega Kyte Stand
  • Foto © Rega System One | Rega Kyte Stand

Rega Kyte Stand – Suitable for a wide range of speaker stands

Even though they are called bookshelf speaker systems, these speakers are perfectly suited for speaker stands.

Rega Research Limited now offers the Rega Kyte Stand so that you don’t have to buy a separate speaker stand for the Rega Kyte speakers, but can use a variety of models available on the market, including quite inexpensive solutions.

As already mentioned, this is a kind of adapter that ensures a secure hold on a variety of stands for the Rega Kyte.

For the special design of the Rega Kyte, the footprint of many speaker stands would probably simply be too small, the Rega Kyte Stand solves exactly this problem.

Not only does the Rega Kyte Stand provide an appropriately large footprint, but a mounting fixture also holds the speaker in place for optimal height adjustment. The 2 mm thick stainless steel plate is powder-coated in black and comes with corresponding rubber feet on the top.

Also recommended for placement on furniture

It is also exciting that eight additional rubber feet are included in the scope of delivery. These are intended for use when the Rega Kyte Stand is not placed on a stand but on a piece of furniture. According to the manufacturer, this solution is also suitable for this purpose and promises better decoupling.

Price and availability

The new Rega Kyte Stand should be available in specialist shops as of now. The recommended retail price is € 59 per pair.

Getting to the point

It is quite an exciting idea from Rega Research Limited to provide a special solution for the compact shelf speaker Rega Kyte Speaker with the new Rega Kyte Stand for flexible mounting on a variety of speaker stands on the market. This means that the user can also rely on an inexpensive or even existing solution. By the way, the Rega Kyte Stand is also a thoroughly good choice for placement on furniture for better decoupling.

Price€ 59,-
ManufacturerRega Research Limited
Distribution AustriaAudiovertrieb by HZ Electronics
Distribution GermanyTAD-Audiovertrieb GmbH
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