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FiiO HS19 Ear Tip Pack - Earplugs for every need

No less than twelve pairs of so-called Ear Tips can be found in a box that the company FiiO Electronics Technology Co. Ltd. now offers as accessories for in-ear headphones. This means that everyone should be able to find the shape and size that suits them best.

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  • The FiiO HS19 Ear Tip Pack contains a wide range of ear tips for in-ear headphones.

With the FiiO HS19 Ear Tip Pack, the specialist for personal audio devices FiiO Electronics Technology Co. Ltd. now provides a collection of so-called Ear Tips, so that users can always find the right shape, the optimal material and of course the perfect size. Unfortunately, this topic is often given too little attention when it comes to in-ear headphones.

Only the correctly selected ear tips guarantee a comfortable use, but they are also very important for the optimal sound. Choosing the right ear tips is therefore worthwhile in any case.

Optimal Ear Tips for High Comfort and Best Sound

In-ear headphones are designed to be inserted directly into the inner ear, usually deep into the ear canal. Ear tips are supposed to ensure a comfortable fit, but only some manufacturers actually include a large number of them with their products. In many cases, savings are made here and only three pairs are included in the package.

As described above, the Ear Tips are not only about comfort, but also about optimal sound. The Ear Tips have the task of sealing the user’s ear canal when using in-ear headphones, thus forming a closed “chamber” in which the sound can develop optimally.

Experience has shown that many complaints from users regarding the poor sound quality of their in-ear headphones can be countered simply by changing the ear tips, for example, too little bass or too muffled reproduction. So it’s a case of trial and error.

FiiO HS19 Ear Tip Pack – The right one for everyone

The new FiiO HS19 Ear Tip Pack offers the right basis for really finding the optimum design and size for individual needs from a wealth of different ear tips, as no fewer than twelve pairs of the most varied models are available here.

In fact, there are five different types of ear tips, whereby most types are available in three sizes, so that in the end you end up with the twelve pairs listed. For example, there are three pairs of ear tips each for balanced, vocal and bass, two pairs are in foam and one pair is included as a so-called bi-flange ear tip.

Storage case part of the scope of delivery

In order to be able to store all these earplugs in different sizes and shapes, a matching storage case is part of the delivery, which is made of semi-transparent polypropylene. Inside, it has numerous small knobs on which the earplugs can be placed safely and do not fall around in the case, which might spoil the overview a little.

Prices and availability

The new FiiO HS19 Ear Tip Pack is available now. The price for this practical accessory for in-ear headphones is listed at around US$ 15,-.

Getting to the point

With the different sizes of ear canals and sound preferences in mind, the FiiO HS19 Ear Tip Pack was designed by FiiO Electronics Technology Co. Ltd. Here you will find a total of twelve pairs of ear plugs, so-called Ear Tips, in different shapes, different materials, and each in different sizes. These ear tips allow the user to find the right fit for their ears and sound preferences, and really ultimately bring the music to the ear in the best possible way.

PriceUS$ 15,-
ManufacturerFiiO Electronics Technology Co. Ltd.
DistributionNT Global Distribution GmbH
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