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Triangle Elara LN01A in two new design variants as Limited Edition

There will be no more than 100 of those design variants of the Triangle Elara LN01A that the French loudspeaker specialist Triangle Electroacoustique is now offering. So far, this solution was available in white and black, but now the Eggplant and Deep Blue versions are also available for a short time.

Some time ago, the French loudspeaker specialists from Triangle Electroacoustique presented an all-in-one solution that can be used as a particularly flexible and at the same time very compact hi-fi system, the so-called Triangle Elara LN01A. This is a compact active loudspeaker system that has a lot of interfaces so that you can connect a wide variety of sources. This starts with analogue as well as digital sources, even a phono preamplifier is integrated, and goes all the way up to Bluetooth to stream your own content using a smartphone or tablet, or to use one of the countless online music streaming services.

The Triangle Elara LN01A is a so-called Wireless Active Speaker, which means that the French loudspeaker manufacturer Triangle Electroacoustique has a solution that is aimed at all those who are looking for an audio system with minimal effort, flexible options and an elegant appearance, and who only want to invest a reasonable purchase price.

Until now, Triangle Electroacoustique has offered this solution in two design variants, simply white and black. Now, however, two further versions are being offered, albeit in a limited edition only. Only 100 of the now available design variations of the Triangle Elara LN01A in Eggplant and Deep Blue will be available.

Both colours are clearly in line with the current design trends, with the decision once again being made to opt for a matt finish.

As is well known, Triangle Electroacoustique has been cooperating with Pro-Ject Audio Systems, the Austrian world market leader in the field of record players, from the very beginning. Together they offer the so called Triangle Turntable & LN01A Pack. After all, this combination is a perfect match because of the phono preamplifier of the Wireless Active Speaker from France.

This now also applies to the two new design variants in limited edition, which can also be purchased together with a record player, whereby the turntable is a drive from the Pro-Ject Essential Series, which of course is also available in either Eggplant or Deep Blue finish.

Just a few words about the key data of the Triangle Elara LN01A Wireless Active Speaker System: as already mentioned, both analogue and digital inputs are available, specifically a pair of RCA sockets, a 3.5 mm stereo mini jack, and a phono preamplifier designed for drives with MM pickup systems. Digital sources are connected via an optical S/PDIF interface, a so-called TOS-Link, a coaxial S/PDIF interface is also available. This can be used for a television set, for example. Source devices can be connected “wirelessly” via Bluetooth, whereby Bluetooth 4.0 is used and, among other things, the codec aptX is supported for signal transmission in “CD quality”.

Designed as a two-way bass-reflex system with 25 mm tweeter and 13 cm woofer, the system delivers twice 50 watts of power and can reproduce a frequency range between 56 Hz and 22 kHz. If desired, an additional subwoofer can be integrated for even more “depth”.

The speakers measure 291 x 165 x 291 mm and weigh 9.5 kg.

Control is provided by an infrared remote control included in the scope of delivery.

Getting to the point

Until now, Triangle Electroacoustique offered the Triangle Elara LN01A in two design variants, simply white and black. Now, however, two further versions are offered, albeit only in a limited edition. Only 100 of the now available design variations of the Triangle Elara LN01A in Eggplant and Deep Blue will be available.

Manufacturer:Triangle Electroacoustique
Distribution:Audio Tuning Vertriebs GmbH
Price:€ 499,-

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