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Pro-Ject Stereo Box DS3 - The versatile stereo integrated amplifier with optimisations where they count

As a classic stereo integrated amplifier with a comprehensive range of features for flexible use, Pro-Ject Audio Systems also presents the latest, now already third generation of the Pro-Ject Stereo Box DS, the Pro-Ject Stereo Box DS3.

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  • It is the latest generation of the Pro-Ject Box Design DS Series stereo integrated amplifier, which is now to be ready with the new Pro-Ject Stereo Box DS3.

It is the new edition of a solution that can be described as a classic stereo integrated amplifier, says Pro-Ject Audio Systems about the new, now available Pro-Ject Stereo Box DS3. As the name suggests, this is already the third generation of this solution, which has been designed from the beginning as an optimally equipped system for flexible use.

The latest generation in the form of the Pro-Ject Stereo Box DS3 does not hold any big surprises, it is rather a solution that is supposed to show optimisations where they really count.

Pro-Ject Stereo Box DS3 – Solid, proven technology

From the very beginning, the Pro-Ject Stereo Box DS was designed as a solution that should be the central interface of a compact, yet very appealingly performing hi-fi chain. Pro-Ject Audio Systems wanted to live up to the claim to which the company has been committed since its foundation, namely to make high-quality hi-fi solutions accessible to the widest possible audience.

Around the stereo integrated amplifiers of the Pro-Ject Box Design Series it should be possible to build up a hi-fi system, which especially in the Pro-Ject Box Design DS Series the quality of the performance is definitely in the premium segment, and this of course also applies to the latest generation, which is now available in the form of the new Pro-Ject Stereo Box DS3 and thus represents a central component of the Pro-Ject Box Design DS3 Series.

Here, as there, the focus is on solid, proven technology, i.e. a stereo integrated amplifier that provides sufficient power in Class A/B and is equipped with all relevant connections for flexible use.

Optimisation where it really makes a difference

At first glance, the new Pro-Ject Stereo Box DS3 looks the same, says Pro-Ject Audio Systems, but in fact, optimisations have been made in quite relevant places, so that the latest generation definitely differs significantly from the previously available version.

For example, it is noticeable that the new Pro-Ject Stereo Box DS3 has more power: no less than two 150 Watt speaker systems with an impedance of 4 Ohm are available, whereby a dual-mono configuration is now used.

The Pro-Ject Stereo Box DS3 is said to be optimally equipped for almost every speaker system, even with demanding models it is now the right partner and always delivers a sound stage that is not only wide but also deep and can present every detail of the music.

Three analogue inputs are available in the form of pairs of cinch sockets, and a phono preamplifier is not missing either, whereby this is open not only to drives equipped with MM cartridges, but also to drives with MC cartridge systems.

Via a pre-out with a fixed level and another with a variable level, additional components such as a subwoofer or another amplifier for bi-amping or a second zone can be brought into play, whereby central control is also possible via a 12 V trigger.

An integrated D/A converter has been omitted; the focus here is clearly on a purely analogue solution that offers solid technology for many years. Of course, the volume control is also analogue, although a motorised potentiometer is used for optimal ease of use, also in combination with the infrared remote control included in the delivery.

Even though the DS3 Stereo Box is purely analogue, one thing has not been neglected: a Bluetooth module, which is now Bluetooth 5.0 compliant and supports not only SBC and AAC, but also aptX and aptX HD.

It should also be mentioned that the new Pro-Ject Stereo Box DS3 has a particularly high-quality integrated headphone amplifier that delivers an output power of an impressive two times 450 mW at 32 ohms and can thus easily drive a variety of different headphone models.

Once again, all the electronics are packed in a solid aluminium housing, which is optionally available in silver or black anodised finish. Optional wooden side panels are available in walnut, rosewood and eucalyptus.

Pro-Ject Audio Systems explicitly points out that the new Pro-Ject Stereo Box DS3 is not only developed in Europe, but is actually manufactured entirely in Europe.

Prices and availability

The new Pro-Ject Stereo Box DS3 should be available from specialist dealers from now on. As already mentioned, you can choose between black and silver. The recommended retail price is € 899,-.

Getting to the point

Pro-Ject Audio Systems promises optimisations where they make sense for the latest stereo integrated amplifier of the Pro-Ject Box Design DS Series, the new Pro-Ject Stereo Box DS3, which is now available in its third generation. This is naturally a central component of the Pro-Ject Box Design DS3 Series, as it is a high-quality solution that concentrates on the essentials and should be able to prove in the latest edition that it plays in the premium hi-fi segment.

Price€ 899,-
ManufacturerPro-Ject Audio Systems a division of Audio Tuning Vertriebs GmbH
Distribution AustriaAudio Tuning Vertriebs GmbH
Distribution GermanyAudio Trade Hi-Fi Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH
Distribution SwitzerlandLakeside Audio
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