Audio Reference GmbH again honored by Wilson Audio as Number 1 European Distributor

It is not too long ago that Audio Reference GmbH took over the agendas as distributor of Wilson Audio Specialties, and they are extremely successful with it. For the second time in a row, the company under the management of Mansour Mamaghani could claim the award "#1 European Distributor" of Wilson Audio.

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  • Once again Audio Reference GmbH could claim the award Number 1 European Distributor of Wilson Audio Specialties.

It is now almost exactly two years ago that the German company Audio Reference GmbH took over the duties as distributor of the US loudspeaker specialist Wilson Audio Specialties. For Mansour Mamaghani, Managing Director of Audio Reference GmbH, this cooperation was something extraordinary from the very beginning, as he himself was and is particularly fond of these speaker systems.

All the more he is looking forward to the cooperation with the company Wilson Audio Specialties, as Mansour Mamaghani stated on the occasion of the announcement of Audio Reference GmbH as the new distributor of Wilson Audio Specialties in April 2020. And he promised to do everything in his power to return Wilson Audio brand solutions in Germany and Austria to the prominence he believes they deserve.

Extremely successful partnership between Wilson Audio Specialties and Audio Reference GmbH

The entrepreneur from Hamburg was able to prove within a very short time that this promise by Mansour Mamaghani was anything but an empty one. Right from the start, Audio Reference GmbH succeeded in positioning Wilson Audio Specialties’ products prominently with important retail partners, thus securing them broad attention.

Audio Reference GmbH Number 1 European Distributor 2021

This strategy led to Audio Reference GmbH being named Number 1 European Distributor 2021 by Wilson Audio Specialties as early as 2021, and thus ultimately immediately after taking over distribution.

Audio Reference GmbH Number 1 European Distributor 2022

But the award from the previous year must have been an incentive for the dedicated team around Mansour Mamaghani to do even more, because the Hamburg-based company was obviously able to successfully complete the year 2022 as well, so that it was once again honored by Wilson Audio Specialties as Audio Reference GmbH Number 1 European Distributor 2022.

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It is astonishing how successfully Audio Reference GmbH was able to position the solutions of the US-American high-end loudspeaker manufacturer Wilson Audio Specialties prominently and ultimately also extremely successfully on the market in Germany and Austria within a very short time. The team around Mansour Mamaghani was not only able to win the award as the best distributor in Europe last year, but also this year Wilson Audio Specialties again honors the achievements of the Hamburg-based company and awards Audio Reference GmbH as Number 1 European Distributor 2022.

Audio Reference GmbH
ManufacturerWilson Audio Specialties
Distribution AustriaAudio Reference GmbH
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