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Pro-Ject Cleaning Set Advanced - The essential cleaning set

With the new Pro-Ject Cleaning Set Advanced, one acquires a kind of basic equipment when it comes to the quick cleaning of records as well as cartridge systems, solutions that are supposed to do their job in the best possible way with a few simple steps.

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  • The new Pro-Ject Cleaning Set Advanced is a kind of essential cleaning set for vinyl lovers.

For music lovers who like records, it is a kind of ritual, the simple, quick and hopefully effective cleaning of the record after placing it on the turntable of the record player. Simply wipe the record with a brush, clean the pickup if necessary, i.e. remove dust from the needle, then lower the tone arm onto the record and enjoy the music.

With the new Pro-Ject Cleaning Set Advanced, the company Pro-Ject Audio Systems now wants to offer everything needed for this as a cost-effective package.

Cleaning records and cartridges in seconds

The main attraction of the Pro-Ject Cleaning Set Advanced is that it is a set of tools that can be kept close at hand next to the record player and that can be used to clean records and pick-up systems in a matter of seconds.

The set includes three products, namely two brushes and a particularly exciting utensil, which Pro-Ject Audio Systems itself calls a high-tech solution.

Pro-Ject Vinyl Clean

Pro-Ject Vinyl Clean is a solution made of special polypropylene that removes dust very quickly and effectively, simply by placing it on the surface of the record and gently rolling it off. Yes, not wiping, that’s not appropriate here, it’s actually a matter of simply dabbing the surface, if you want to put it that way.

It should be mentioned that this solution should only be used with dry and clean hands. According to the manufacturer, this cleaning product will then last for several months without any problems.

Pro-Ject Brush it

Pro-Ject Brush it is a classic brush with carbon fibre bristles that also reduces electrostatic charge. Of course, this brush is used to quickly remove any dust particles from the surface of the record before playing it, a step that is routine for vinyl enthusiasts anyway.

Pro-Ject Clean it

Pro-Ject Clean it is another brush, also equipped with carbon fibre bristles, but designed for cleaning the pick-up needle. Cleaning the needle should also be done at least once during a relaxed music evening, Pro-Ject Clean it is a good tool for this.

Prices and availability

The new Pro-Ject Cleaning Set Advanced should be available in specialist shops from now on. The recommended retail price for this solution is listed at € 34,99.

Getting to the point

A collection of tools like the new Pro-Ject Cleaning Set Advanced from Pro-Ject Audio Systems is something every vinyl lover should have at hand, because it allows for a simple, quick and yet effective cleaning of the record as well as the pick-up system at any time.

Price€ 34,99
ManufacturerPro-Ject Audio Systems a division of Audio Tuning Vertriebs GmbH
Distribution AustriaAudio Tuning Vertriebs GmbH
Distribution GermanyAudio Trade Hi-Fi Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH
Distribution SwitzerlandLakeside Audio
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