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Shanling M1s Portable HiFi Player now with TIDAL

A small update that brings an important feature for many users: The latest firmware for the Shanling M1s Portable HiFi Player enables it to play content directly from TIDAL.

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  • The smallest DAP from Shanling has now received a small but significant update, as the Shanling M1s Portable HiFi Player is now also equipped for TIDAL.

In October last year, Shanling Audio presented the new Shanling M1s Portable HiFi Player, the latest generation of the so-called Shanling MTouch Player Series, which is supposed to combine the best features of all solutions available in this product line so far.

Based on a quite powerful platform, equipped with Bluetooth and WiFi, it is supposed to be an extremely versatile, compact DAP that is well equipped for almost all eventualities.

Now also streaming via TIDAL

Even though the Shanling M1s Portable HiFi Player is, as mentioned above, an extremely versatile, compact DAP, one not insignificant feature was missing until now, but is now being added by the developers at Shanling Audio with the latest firmware: direct music streaming from TIDAL.

You can spin it any way you want, even if Spotify can in principle hold its own as the market leader when it comes to high-quality streaming that can also satisfy users with higher quality demands, TIDAL has been leading the way for years, and it is correspondingly important for manufacturers like Shanling Audio that their solutions actually support this provider directly.

Further detail improvements

But that’s not all, the new firmware also contains further detail improvements for the Shanling M1s Portable HiFi Player, such as improved stability for SyncLink with Apple iOS around the Shanling Eddict Player App, improved device scanning with Bluetooth as well as various other small bug fixes and performance optimisations, as the manufacturer notes.

Prices and availability

Of course, the latest firmware v2.3 for the Shanling M1s Portable HiFi Player is available free of charge and can be carried out first and foremost as a so-called OTA firmware update (over-the-air) if the DAP is in a wireless network. Alternative installation options are described in detail on the manufacturer’s website.

Getting to the point

No matter how you look at it, TIDAL is clearly the most important streaming platform, especially for hi-res audio-capable DAP systems, and direct support is therefore indispensable. Shanling Audio now also provides this support for the small DAP Shanling M1s Portable HiFi Player, namely by means of new firmware that is now available.

PriceUS$ 299,-
DistributionNT Global Distribution GmbH
More about this manufacturer at HIFI BLOG
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