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Pro-Ject Vinyl Care Set - Cleaning set for records and cartridges

All essential tools for quick and easy cleaning of records and pick-up systems are to be included in the Pro-Ject Vinyl Care Set package now put together by Pro-Ject Audio Systems.

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  • The Pro-Ject Vinyl Care Set, which Pro-Ject Audio Systems is now offering, is to be understood as a kind of all-round tool.

Admittedly, it seems a little exuberant when Pro-Ject Audio Systems talks about the ultimate cleaning solution for the new Pro-Ject Vinyl Care Set, but in fact this package contains everything that is needed for simple and, above all, fast cleaning of vinyl records.

In addition to utensils for cleaning records, you will also find all the relevant tools for quickly removing dust from the record player itself, especially the cartridge.

Pro-Ject Vinyl Clean

One of the utensils included in this package is the so-called Pro-Ject Vinyl Clean, which is quite an unusual solution, as it is a polymer compound that is supposed to remove dust from the record by simply dabbing the surface in a particularly gentle, yet very effective way.

With appropriate caution, Pro-Ject Audio Systems also recommends Pro-Ject Vinyl Clean for cleaning the cartridge, although we would refrain from cleaning the sensitive needle with this substance, especially as the package also contains appropriate solutions.

Pro-Ject Brush it

With Pro-Ject Brush it, a classic brush is available, namely a brush with carbon fibre bristles, which also ensures that electrostatic charge is reduced. Of course, this brush is used to quickly remove any dust particles from the surface of the record before playing it, a step that is routine for vinyl enthusiasts anyway.

Pro-Ject Clean it

Pro-Ject Clean it is another brush, also equipped with coiled fibre bristles, but designed for cleaning the pick-up needle. Cleaning the needle should also be done at least once during a relaxed music evening, Pro-Ject Clean it is a good tool for this.

Pro-Ject Cloth it

Pro-Ject Cloth it is nothing more than a microfibre cloth that is primarily intended for cleaning the record player itself. The manufacturer promises that they have chosen a fabric that should not cause any damage, such as streaks or scratches, even on satin and high-gloss surfaces.

Pro-Ject Level it

Pro-Ject Level it is a kind of “bonus” in the package of the Pro-Ject Vinyl Care Set, because this tool has nothing to do with cleaning, it is just a simple spirit level. However, it is extremely helpful to check the correct positioning of the record player, as this is an essential prerequisite for optimal operation with best results.

Prices and availability

The new Pro-Ject Vinyl Care Set is available immediately from specialist dealers. The recommended retail price is € 79,-.

Getting to the point

Products for cleaning vinyl records are an integral part of every vinyl lover’s toolkit, and they come in many different forms, be it for quick and easy cleaning or for particularly thorough cleaning. Utensils for cleaning the cartridge, especially the needle, and even the record player itself, are all indispensable. Pro-Ject Audio Systems provides a collection of helpful, practical tools with the new Pro-Ject Vinyl Care Set.

Price€ 79,-
ManufacturerPro-Ject Audio Systems a division of Audio Tuning Vertriebs GmbH
Distribution AustriaAudio Tuning Vertriebs GmbH
Distribution GermanyAudio Trade Hi-Fi Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH
Distribution SwitzerlandLakeside Audio
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