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Nubert nuLine 284 Review – Powerful sound and yet graceful

The Nubert nuLine 284 is a floor-standing loudspeaker system which from a technical point of view appears quite powerful, but which can nevertheless be integrated optimally into the living space as a graceful solution. This has been proven by the Nubert nuLine Series loudspeaker system in extensive testing.

A trend has been clearly visible for some time now: When consumers decide on a hi-fi system, they want it to be a compact solution, one that offers great flexibility but consists of as few components as possible. And it should be a solution that can be integrated into the living space in the best possible way, one that is not perceived as a disturbing factor.

The market has long since recognised this trend and manufacturers are addressing customers with appropriate solutions in a wide range of price and thus quality classes. Not least the fact that for many consumers, music primarily comes “from the network” naturally supports this. Thus, there is a wide range of highly integrated compact audio systems, starting with low-cost systems for the classic consumer market, through the premium segment and on to the designated high-end class.

So the only question that remains is which loudspeaker systems should be placed alongside such solutions, and many users are quickly tending towards solutions that are also as compact as possible, i.e. so-called shelf speaker systems.

The fact that the decision is often made in favour of a shelf loudspeaker system that is as compact as possible is, of course, obvious for the reasons mentioned above, but it is not always the best. This should not be misunderstood, of course there are countless impeccable bookshelf speaker systems available on the market, and you will usually have a lot of fun with them, but only if you actually set them up correctly and make sure that a bookshelf speaker system can really reach its full potential. And that is usually not so easy…

The “correct” installation of a loudspeaker system means first and foremost that it must be given the appropriate space, i.e. that there is literally a little “play” all around. Even if the product category is sufficiently called bookshelf speaker systems, a bookshelf is for this reason alone the worst place for optimal positioning. In addition, any loudspeaker system requires the best possible decoupling from the subsurface, which is also a challenge with bookshelf speaker systems, because if the furniture on which it stands resonates, you can say goodbye to clean sound. A suitable stand would be ideal, but then you end up with exactly the same amount of space as a floorstanding speaker system.

Of course, we don’t want to talk anyone out of fine shelf speaker systems, and this is expressly stated here. However, even if space is at a premium, you should not rule out floor-standing speaker systems from the outset, because the market offers some very exciting, extremely compact systems, such as our current test system from Nubert electronic GmbH, the Nubert nuLine 284.


Nubert electronic GmbH designed the complete Nubert nuLine series as solutions, which are all deliberately discreet when it comes to their size. This starts with the smallest models, the shelf speaker systems Nubert nuLine 24 and Nubert nuLine 34, but also applies to the floorstanding speaker systems offered with the models Nubert nuLine 224, Nubert nuLine 264, Nubert nuLine 284 and Nubert nuLine 334. So you can see that our test candidate is already quite high up in the family hierarchy, from a purely technical point of view the Nubert nuLine 264 is only slightly different from the flagship of the model range, the Nubert nuLine 334.

Thus Nubert electronic GmbH itself describes the Nubert nuLine 334 as the queen of the Nubert nuLine series, but this is primarily due to the larger volume of this loudspeaker system. So if it is necessary to select a loudspeaker system with the best possible technical output characteristics, which is at the same time particularly slim, then the Nubert nuLine 284 could be exactly the right choice. By the way, we would like to mention this explicitly at this point, both for stereo and home cinema, because of course the Nubert nuLine Series is perfectly equipped for both. The mentioned speaker systems are completed by the Nubert nuLine WS-14 as wall speaker, the Nubert nuLine RS-54 as Dolby Atmos-enabled speaker, as well as the centre speakers Nubert nuLine CS-64 and Nubert nuLine CS-174. With the solutions Nubert nuSub XW-700 and Nubert nuSub XW-900, there are also subwoofers available that are perfectly suited to the series.

The first contact…

Nubert electronic GmbH, as is well known, sees itself first and foremost as a direct mail order company, even if it operates its own showrooms. Thus, for years and days, the company has been experienced in the smooth handling of delivery logistics, so that the customer receives his new speakers promptly and reliably from the carrier after ordering. And with solutions like our current test candidate, this should not be ignored, because here it is necessary to move two quite massive boxes. Apart from the fact that, due to the dimensions of the box, it would not be possible to simply pack them into the trolley to transport them home yourself, at 28.5 kg per piece, you should invite one or two friends when it comes to setting them up…

This makes it all the more impressive when you have the loudspeaker systems in front of you, because once freed from the packaging, they don’t seem so bulky any more, quite the opposite. In fact, you have extremely delicate loudspeaker systems standing in front of you.

110 cm, or rather 112.8 cm including the stand, to be precise, the Nubert nuLine 284 is only as high or actually “compact”. The body itself measures only 18 cm in width and 33 cm in depth, which makes it look very slim and thus provides the best conditions for easy integration into the living environment.

With feet, the width is 24.5 cm and the depth 35 cm, including the grid for covering the baffle, which is included in the scope of delivery.

So if you want to get an impression of whether the Nubert nuLine 284 will fit into your own living room, it is sufficient to place a DIN A4 sheet of paper, which is slightly smaller than the speakers, on the floor, allow a few centimetres of play in order to get a first impression. In fact, this speaker system does not require much more space.

  • Nubert nuLine 284 07
  • Nubert nuLine 284 08
  • Nubert nuLine 284 09
  • Nubert nuLine 284 10
  • Nubert nuLine 284 11
  • Nubert nuLine 284 12

Three design variants available…

The company from Schwäbisch Gmünd offers the models of the Nubert nuLine Series and thus also our test candidate in three design variants. First of all, there are the “classic” versions, i.e. white and black, whereby Nubert electronic GmbH decided on matt multi-layer sanding lacquer. To be honest, we personally like such finishes much more than the high-gloss finish that we often encounter. Every househusband knows that high-gloss lacquer only looks good if you really dust the speakers every day and just don’t attack them, because every fingertapper is immediately visible. In addition, slight ripples inevitably form in the lacquer over time, no matter how careful you are. A matt finish, on the other hand, is much less critical. A real wood veneer in walnut is also available as an alternative.

In the white version, the loudspeaker grill is also in white, in the black and walnut versions, the loudspeaker grill is black. This loudspeaker grill is designed as a grille and is held in position by means of holes.

Whether in white, black or walnut, the feet are always in black, although it should be noted that a particularly slender construction was chosen. As they protrude slightly at the sides as crossbar feet, they provide a solid stand, but it looks as if the speakers are floating above the floor, a very simple but well implemented concept.

Basic principles…

Nubert electronic GmbH states that the model series Nubert nuLine was designed to be equally suitable for stereo and home cinema, as we have already mentioned. As there, the aim was to realise solutions that can be integrated into any living environment, simply because of their slim form factor. We have already gone into this as well. The fact that this even applies to the floor-standing loudspeaker system, which, like the Nubert nuLine 284, ranks directly below the flagship of the model series, is clear proof that Nubert electronic GmbH fulfilled this requirement in the best possible way.

It will be really exciting to find out whether another promise of the manufacturer has been kept, namely that the systems of the Nubert nuLine series are loudspeaker systems that offer a reproduction quality that is clearly above their price range, and are therefore suitable for both high-quality hi-fi systems and demanding home cinema users.

The technology…

The Nubert nuLine 284 of course bears great similarities to its two smaller siblings that we have already introduced to you, the Nubert nuLine 244 and Nubert nuLine 2564, but these two are designed as a 2.5-way bass reflex system. The Nubert nuLine 284 is the first model in the series to feature a three-way bass reflex system.

Three longstroke woofers with a diameter of 150 mm each are the foundation of the system. They were developed especially for the current generation of the Nubert nuLine series and rely on a polypropylene membrane and a double magnet in the drive. According to the manufacturer’s promise, the woofers of a stereo pair should be able to compete with a stately subwoofer, especially since they are supported by a bass reflex system that works to the rear.

A special feature is the mid-range driver, which is based on a flat membrane chassis. Here, a glass fibre sandwich membrane with a diameter of 123 mm is used. Any disadvantages of this construction principle as a flat membrane, such as disturbing partial oscillations, are compensated for by means of a honeycomb structure, the so-called honeycomb technology, so that ultimately only the advantages come into play. And according to Nubert electronic GmbH, this is a particularly even radiation due to the membrane being almost flush with the baffle.

The tweeter is also based on a new development for the Nubert nuLine series of the current generation, namely a so-called Nubert nuOva tweeter. This driver with a 26 mm silk fabric dome features a specially damped rear volume chamber and the tweeter was installed asymmetrically. The difference in distance between the tweeter and the cabinet edges used here is intended to reduce edge dispersion in the axial direction and thus guarantee particular clarity in the high-frequency range. However, this also makes it clear that when installing the Nubert nuLine 284, one must make sure that there is a left and a right speaker system.

When it comes to the crossover, it is clear that Nubert electronic GmbH is once again going its own way. While many manufacturers pride themselves on solutions that are as simple as possible, the company from Schwäbisch Gmünd explicitly emphasises that no less than 35 high-quality components are used, including particularly narrowly toleranced film capacitors. It is also stated that this is a masterpiece of filter technology, as it aims for a particularly precise division into the three frequency ranges as well as a sophisticated compensation circuit for the final touches to the chassis.

In addition, a protective circuit is used to ensure the safety of both the crossover and the drivers.

A special feature of the Nubert nuLine series and thus also of the Nubert nuLine 284 is the possibility to adjust the sound characteristics at least discreetly to one’s own ideas.

The connection terminal of the loudspeaker system has not only four screw terminals, which are naturally connected ex works and allow bi-amping and bi-wiring if desired, but also two so-called sound selector switches.

One of these sound selector switches serves the high frequency range, where the user can choose between soft, neutral and brilliant. The second sound selector is assigned to the low frequency range and allows the bass level to be reduced moderately.

With the help of these two switches, as just mentioned, the sound characteristics of the speaker can be adjusted at least a little to individual preferences, but they also serve to adapt to the room. Depending on the nature of the room, it may be helpful to vary the treble levels or to counteract overemphasis in the bass range if the speakers are placed close to a wall.

The cabinet of the Nubert nuLine 284 is made of MDF, with a wall thickness of 19 to 38 mm. The fact that the interior is perfectly braced and that the midrange driver is fitted with a separate cabinet for optimal efficiency of all drivers, all this contributes to the fact that this loudspeaker system weighs 28.5 kg with dimensions of only 112.8 cm height, 24.5 cm width and 35 cm depth.

For the sake of completeness, the remaining hard facts should of course be mentioned here: the Nubert nuLine 284 covers a frequency range between 33 H and 23 kHz, while an optional Nubert ATM floorstanding speaker, a so-called active tuning module, even extends the frequency response to 29 Hz to 23 kHz. The impedance of the Nubert nuLine 284 is rated at 4 Ohm, the efficiency is 85.5 dB and the nominal load is 330 Watt, the music load even 450 Watt.

From the practice

It will probably come as no surprise that the Nubert nuLine 284 looked very familiar to us after testing the smaller siblings Nubert nuLine 244 and Nubert nuLine 264. In this respect it can be said right away that Nubert electronic GmbH has once again succeeded in realising a typical sound characteristic in the family. This may be of no concern to customers in the stereo sector, but not to those who use the systems of this series for home cinema and therefore multi-channel surround.

And one thing is also immediately noticeable: whoever invests more will also get more “sound”, exactly as it should be. Don’t take this the wrong way either, of course the smaller siblings are already a lot of fun, but if you invest a few euros more, you also get more sovereignty and assertiveness.

And in this respect the Nubert nuLine 284 certainly doesn’t give itself away, because anyone who thinks that this at first glance almost dainty looking loudspeaker system is just as restrained in its presentation is completely wrong.

If you think that the Nubert nuLine 244 and Nubert nuLine 264 solutions already offer loudspeaker systems with impressive level stability, especially in view of their compact dimensions, the Nubert nuLine 284 shows that there is more to it than that. We have hardly ever heard such a powerful system in this price class, that’s something we have to clearly state.

The interesting thing for us was that we deliberately brought electronics into play that seemed appropriate for the price range of the loudspeaker systems, so we were within an interesting price range for probably many customers, and yet we already achieved such impressive results. But of course, the Nubert nuVero 284 knows how to make use of every extra euro in electronics, and as our test showed, there is an immense potential in this loudspeaker system, which needs to be amplified…

Precision, yes, the Nubert nuLine 284 offers this without a doubt, although we do not want to attest the Nubert nuLine 284 absolute neutrality at any price, we would rather like to take up the motto of the company from Schwäbisch Gmünd, which always speaks of honest loudspeakers. And this is exactly what we believe the Nubert nuLine 284 conveys, honestly – adding nothing, leaving nothing out, and finding exactly the right mixture of precision and, if you like, tolerance. Because too “honest” in this case also means that you want to please the listener a little – and we think that’s good. The Nubert nuLine 284 is not designed to reveal every mistake a sound engineer makes, its job is rather to present as much music as possible in a way that makes it fun to listen to. And this is exactly what it does with flying colours.

This means that in the uppermost frequency range, not every tiny detail is necessarily illuminated and the listener’s ear is overloaded with information, but rather that a harmonious whole is presented, with a musical melting pot. Voices and solo instruments are presented clearly and naturally, with volume and power. In the low frequency range, the Nubert nuLine 284 really shows its strengths compared to its smaller siblings. Rhythmically accurate to the point, so that perfect timing always delivers the right groove. And if it’s meant to be, it can really get down to brute force. Audiophile virtues? Yes, absolutely, but the main focus is clearly on fun.

Getting to the point

The Nubert nuLine 284 is a speaker that brings music to the point with astonishing persuasiveness, confidently conjures up a harmonious sound image in the room, delivers accurate timing, and even at higher levels is confident and relaxed. This is all the more impressive when you consider the extremely slim dimensions of this speaker. Powerful sounding, that’s how Nubert electronic GmbH describes this speaker system, musically versatile we would add, and thus make a clear recommendation. Blues, jazz, pop, rock, electro, whatever your musical style, the Nubert nuVero 284 can always be the right partner for you.

HiFiBLOG Award Excellent

Never draw conclusions from appearances to the true values, this can be seen once again with the Nubert nuLine 284 floorstanding loudspeaker system. Just over one metre in height, very compact in width and depth, this is a remarkably impressive loudspeaker system that is not only impressively musical, but also clearly above its actual weight and price range.

Manufacturer:Nubert electronic GmbH
Distribution:Nubert electronic GmbH
Price:€ 950,- per piece
The Good– Extremely compact
– timeless elegant design
– high-quality workmanship
– amazingly sovereign in the bass range
– enormous level stability
– silky clear highs
– natural mid-tone reproduction
– individually adaptable to the room
– very flexible in the installation
The Bad– Unfortunately no magnets for the loudspeaker grill
– only three design variants

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