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Meze ADVAR In-ear Headphone – Fine Sound, Function and Beauty

Meze ADVAR In-ear Headphone, when it comes to describing this new headphone model, the Romanian specialist Meze Audio goes into raptures, because it is characterised with extremely flowery words as a solution that is reminiscent of a shimmering gemstone that even leads the user through a mystical fairy tale. It is said to be an in-ear headphone that offers a powerful, detailed and lifelike sound and that presents itself with a uniquely designed stainless steel housing. The Meze ADVAR In-ear Headphone is said to offer a balance of function and beauty, making it a headphone like no other.

Inspired by Romanian history

In ancient times, an Advar was a kind of talisman, an amulet, for the inhabitants of Romania, says Meze Audio about the inspiration for the development of the new in-ear headphones. An Advar was considered omnipotent, a symbol of the absolute, and this is precisely the point of reference for the new Meze ADVAR In-ear Headphone, according to the company.

The new Meze ADVAR In-ear Headphone is nothing less than a visual and sonic work of art, where everything is designed to show off with a harmoniously tuned sound.

10.2 mm diameter dynamic driver

The new Meze ADVAR in-ear headphones use a dynamic driver with a diameter of 10.2 mm that is tuned to deliver a warm, natural character with maximum detail and a dynamically fine-drawing performance.

The driver guarantees controlled reproduction at all times and is capable of reproducing a wide frequency spectrum.

In fact, the data sheet states a frequency range of 10 Hz to 30 kHz, while the manufacturer specifies an impedance of only 31 ohms and a sensitivity of 111 dB.

With such key data, the manufacturer’s promise that the new Meze ADVAR in-ear headphones can be used with a wide variety of sources without any problems seems quite realistic.

Stainless steel housing

For the housing of the Meze ADVAR in-ear headphone, the developers relied on stainless steel, manufactured in an injection moulding process with final CNC machining. The surface is then polished and finished with high-gloss black chrome.

This makes it possible to realise the special shape of the headphone housing, which serves as an optimal foundation for the drivers and prevents sound-damaging resonances and vibrations from the outset. By the way, a specially designed opening ensures pressure equalisation and thus, according to the manufacturer, a particularly open sound image free of compression effects.

The shape was inspired by the rounded surface of raw hematite, according to the manufacturer.

Foto © Meze Audio | Meze ADVAR In-ear Headphone
Foto © Meze Audio | Meze ADVAR In-ear Headphone

Ergonomic design and five different Final Audio Type E Ear Tips.

The special manufacturing also allows for an ergonomically optimally shaped design and thus comfortable use over many hours. The housing rests lightly on the ear and, together with so-called over-ear hooks, ensures less discomfort during longer listening sessions. The sinuous design helps to improve the noise-isolating properties of the headphones.

Of course, this is also ensured by a variety of ear tips, which are included in the scope of delivery of the new Meze ADVAR In-ear Headphone in different sizes, namely five pieces in the sizes SS, S, M, L and LL, whereby these are Final Audio Tye E Ear Tips and thus solutions from the specialist Fine Audio.

The ergonomic design was also conceived with a view to making the earphones easy to insert and remove.

High-quality cables

Meze Audio delivers the new Meze ADVAR In-ear Headphone with a silver-coated, high-purity copper cable, which has a so-called MMCX connector on one side and a gold-plated 3.5 mm stereo mini-jack on the other.

Optionally, the company offers matching cables with 2.5 mm jack and 4.4 mm PENTACON for balanced drive.

“When we developed ADVAR, our goal was to create something meaningful. A piece of audio that is artful, spiritual and timeless. I think the result we achieved reflects the spirit of Meze Audio very well.”

Pricing and availability

The new Meze ADVAR In-ear Headphone should be available from retailers during May 2022, according to the manufacturer, which lists a recommended retail price of €699 for this solution.

Getting to the point

Meze Audio has always seen itself as a developer of particularly high-quality headphones, which are intended to stand out from the other solutions on the market with a wide variety of features. With the new Meze ADVAR In-ear Headphone, the Romanian specialist presents a particularly noble solution that is supposed to offer the finest sound, flexible use with a wide variety of sources, an elegant design and solid construction.

Price€ 699,-
ManufacturerMeze Audio
Distribution AustriaAudio Tuning Vertriebs GmbH
Distribution GermanyHeadphone Company
Distribution SwitzerlandTimeless Products Schweiz AG
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