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Manger W06 Sound Transducer – The next Generation of Manger Schallwandler

Manger Audio describes the so-called Manger sound transducer from its own development as a solution that is unrivalled in the disciplines of time-correct reproduction and signal fidelity. Now this unique driver is presented in the form of the latest generation of the Manger W06 Sound Transducer.

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  • With the Manger W06 Sound Transducer, Manger Audio presents the latest generation of the unique bending wave transducer.

The history of the Manger sound transducer dates back to the late 1960s. Josef W. Manger registered the first patent for this solution back in 1968, laying the foundations for a company that his daughter Daniela Manger has now been successfully running as Manger Audio for more than 30 years. The basis for this success is, of course, the aforementioned Manger transducer, which forms the centrepiece of all the company’s loudspeaker systems, whether passive or active.

Manger Audio is now presenting the latest generation of the bending wave transducer in the form of the new Manger W06 Sound Transducer. Over the years, the Manger sound transducer has of course been continuously developed and improved, and with the latest generation, Manger Audio has now taken another significant step forward.

Manger sound transducer – A star-shaped bending wave transducer

The key feature of the Manger sound transducer is that it is a star-shaped bending wave transducer. According to Josef W. Manger, he modelled its development on nature, specifically the wave pattern that occurs when a stone falls into water, for example.

This served as the basis for the development of a broadband driver, which functions as a sound source that is as point-like as possible and can reproduce information accurately and immediately without delay across an immensely broad frequency spectrum.

At the centre of this is a flexible plate membrane whose stiffness increases from the inside to the outside in a ratio similar to that of the basilar membrane in our ears.

This means that low frequencies are reproduced inside the membrane, while higher frequencies are reproduced in the outer areas, with a so-called star attenuator at the edge providing the necessary absorption so that no reflections occur. This diaphragm is driven by voice coils that are mechanically connected in series, but electrically in parallel, and have particularly powerful magnets.

Perfect impulse behaviour and wide frequency range

The outstanding feature of the Manger sound transducer is above all its almost perfect impulse behaviour with the shortest rise time, it can also cover a very wide frequency range and offers very high efficiency.

The latest generation – Manger W06 Sound Transducer

As already mentioned, Manger Audio states that they have once again taken an important step forward with the latest generation, which was preceded by an intensive development and test phase as well as countless listening tests, as they state on the record.

The new Manger W06 Sound Transducer is said to be characterised above all by a further optimised drive, which now has a magnetic field strength of an impressive 1,48 Tesla. This ten per cent higher field strength compared to its predecessor means that the rise time has been further shortened, and the impulse fidelity and fine dynamics have been further improved.

Further innovations relate to the damping system, which has significantly reduced distortion between 400 Hz and 1,6 kHz and further improved linearity. According to Manger Audio, this affects two octaves in which the human ear is particularly sensitive.

Another important point is the state-of-the-art manufacturing process, which is intended to ensure maximum precision in the innovative chassis design and maximum durability.

Prices and availability

The new Manger W06 Sound Transducer has already been used in all Manger Audio loudspeaker systems since the beginning of the year, according to Manger Audio, but now all existing owners of a Manger Audio loudspeaker system have the option of upgrading to the latest generation of Manger sound transducers. The cost per speaker is € 685,-, whereby the transport costs have to be added.

Getting to the point

Manger Audio’s loudspeaker systems have been convincing for years with the highest precision in performance, whereby the unique transducer of the company from Mellrichstadt, the so-called Manger sound transducer, developed by company founder Josef W. Manger, is of course largely responsible for this. Now his daughter, who has been successfully running the company for three decades in the second generation, is able to present the latest version of the star-shaped bending wave transducer in the form of the new Manger W06 Sound Transducer.

ProductManger W06 Sound Transducer
PriceUpgrade per Chassis € 685,-
BrandManger Audio
ManufacturerManger Audio
DistributionManger Audio
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