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audel Magika Plus – A new milestone without compromise

The Italian loudspeaker manufacturer audel describes the new audel Magika Plus as a newly developed loudspeaker, which it regards as a milestone and in the development of which no compromises were made. It should be ideally equipped to provide the best possible sound even in larger rooms.

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  • The designer, developer and above all founder of audel, Walter Carzan, presents the new audel Magika Plus, the successor to the audel Magika Mk2 and thus the latest solution in the audel Classica Collection.

After around seven years, it is now time to give the audel Magika Mk2 bookshelf loudspeaker system a successor, is how the Italian loudspeaker manufacturer audel describes the intention behind the development of the latest model in the audel Classica Collection, the audel Magika Plus. audel is convinced that this loudspeaker system will represent a milestone.

They are talking about a true High-end HiFi solution that combines all the technical expertise, the flair for exclusive design and the craftsmanship of the Italian company audel under the direction of Walter Carzan in the field of bookshelf loudspeaker systems.

audel Magika Plus – even more refined in design, even more power

The new audel Magika Plus is intended to represent a kind of new beginning in the field of bookshelf loudspeaker systems at audel, according to the company. With dimensions of 390 mm in height, 210 mm in width and 355 mm in depth, it is slightly larger than the model it is intended to replace. The new audel Magika Plus has a volume of 16,5 litres, while the audel Magika Mkii weighs just 12,5 kg.

The reason for the larger volume is that the audel Magika Plus bookshelf loudspeaker system is now also designed for larger rooms, and more volume equates directly to more sovereignty, especially in the bass range, and especially when the entire design of the loudspeaker system has also been optimised for this purpose, as in this case.

It should be mentioned in this context that the audel Magika Plus, with its multi-layer laminated birch wood cabinet and ebony baffle, weighs in at an impressive 27 kg per pair.

A clear indication of the solid workmanship and elaborate internal bracing for a performance free of sound-damaging vibrations and resonances, getting to the point. audel refers to the structure of the cabinet as the so-called audel IRIS EVO structure, for which a patent application has been filed, and that this speaker system has been divided into three parts.

Two-way bass reflex system

The new audel Magika Plus is designed as a two-way bass reflex system, with a 5 1/2 inch woofer with a cone woven from polypropylene fibres and specially reinforced rubber surrounds to prevent radial resonances.

The tweeter is a 29 mm soft-dome tweeter, which is installed in a separate, double aluminium flange in the baffle. This should ensure that no sound-damaging vibrations are transmitted from the woofer to the tweeter via the baffle and that the tweeter always delivers an accurate performance.

Incidentally, the bass reflex system of the new audel Magika Plus is led out directly at the front below the woofer. This clearly facilitates flexible integration into the living environment, as even placement close to the wall is possible without any compromises.

A look at the crossover

The company is particularly proud of the crossover, which is even described as the heart of the speaker system. Only hand-picked, high-quality components from recognised specialists are used here and a structure is used that guarantees a clear, transparent sound image, as well as precision and naturalness.

In order to literally give the user an insight into the state-of-the-art crossover technology used here, there is a viewing window above the connection panel on the rear of the audel Magika Plus.

Key technical data

As we have already mentioned, the new audel Magika Plus is designed as a two-way bass reflex system, in which a 29 mm soft-dome tweeter in conjunction with a 5 1/2 inch woofer and a front-firing bass reflex system is intended to reproduce a frequency range between 38 Hz and 25 kHz. The crossover intervenes at 2,4 kHz. The impedance of the speaker system is specified by the manufacturer as 8 ohms, the sensitivity as 87 dB and the recommended amplifier power as 30 to 120 watts. The new audel Magika Plus measures 390 x 210 x 355 mm and weighs 27 kg per pair.

Prices and availability

The new audel Magika Plus should be available within the next few days, according to the Italian loudspeaker specialist audel. The birch wood cabinet and ebony baffle reveal their full charm with a beeswax finish.

It should also be mentioned that audel naturally offers a matching stand for the audel Magika Plus, namely the audel Magika Plus Stand, which has a practical cable guide.

The recommended retail price for the audel Magika Plus is € 7.290,- per pair, while the matching stand costs € 1.590,-.

Getting to the point

Walter Carzan has been known for years for developing the finest loudspeaker systems with his company audel, which stand out from the market not least because of their unique design, but also because of the Italians’ very special sound philosophy. This also applies to the latest model, the audel Magika Plus, which has now been announced. This solution is intended to be the successor to the audel Magika MkII, with the task of being able to take centre stage in larger rooms without any problems.

Productaudel U-Basik 5/8 Monitor Speaker
Priceaudel Magika Plus € 7.290,-
audel Magika Plus Stand € 1.590,-
ManufacturerAudel di Walter Carzan
DistributionCMI Distribution Europe
More about this manufacturer at HIFI BLOG
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