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Lindemann Musicbook Series and Lindemann Limetree Series – Firmware Updates

Firmware updates are now available from Lindemann audiotechnik GmbH for both the Lindemann Limetree Series streaming solution and the Lindemann Musicbook Network Player.

Lindemann audiotechnik GmbH now provides firmware updates for its streaming solutions. This not only benefits the streaming solution from the Lindemann Limetree Series, but also the systems from the Lindemann Musicbook Series.

The update is available for the Lindemann Limetree Bridge and the Lindemann Limetree Bridge II as well as the Lindemann Network and Lindemann Limetree Network II, but also for the Lindemann Musicbook Source and Lindemann Musicbook Source II.

Free firmware update

Once again, this is a free firmware update, which should be mentioned right away. The update can primarily be carried out directly via the Lindemann App for Apple iOS and Google Android, but the corresponding download files are also available on the manufacturer’s website.

Many functions now available on all systems

With this update, not only will a large part of the functions of the Lindemann Musicbook SOURCE II now also be available for the Lindemann Musicbook SOURCE I, but general improvements and new features will also be implemented for all current streamers from Lindemann audiotechnik GmbH, according to the promise of the German high-end hi-fi manufacturer.

The firmware update now available brings the following new features:

  • Tidal Connect is now also available for Lindemann Limetree BRIDGE of the first and second generation, as well as for the Lindemann Limetree NETWORK of the first and second generation and the Lindemann Musicbook SOURCE I.
  • Spotify Connect can now also be used on the Lindemann Musicbook SOURCE I.
  • Fixed Line Out now also for the Lindemann musicbook SOURCE I.
    Runtime delay for Bluetooth and digital inputs have been reduced to 100 milliseconds, this applies to all devices that did not have this feature yet.
  • General stability and performance improvements for all models.
  • Once again, the manufacturer explicitly points out that one should under no circumstances interrupt the power supply during the firmware update. Only when the update has actually been completed do the systems have to be completely restarted so that all innovations and improvements are available.

Getting to the point

Once again, Lindemann audiotechnik GmbH is providing customers of its solutions with an extensive firmware update. The special thing about this update, which is now available, is that all streaming systems from the German high-end hi-fi manufacturer will benefit from it.

Pricefree firmware update
ManufacturerLindemann audiotechnik GmbH
DistributionLindemann audiotechnik GmbH
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