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FiiO FA7S 6 Unit Moving Iron In-ear Headset

It is simply remarkable what specialists such as FiiO Electronics Technology Co. Ltd. come up with in terms of performance features for modern in-ear headphones. For example, in solutions such as the new FiiO FA7S 6 Unit Moving Iron in-ear headset, which features no less than six balanced aramture drivers.

With the new FiiO FA7S 6 Unit Moving Iron in-ear headset, the Chinese company FiiO Electronics Technology Co. Ltd. once again demonstrates its proven expertise in the field of headphones. This solution shows what a high-tech solution modern in-ear headphone systems are.

No less than six so-called Balanced Armature Drivers are used here, in the smallest possible space, to combine comfort and outstanding sound characteristics.

FiiO FA7S 6 – Highly integrated headphones

The fact that so many drivers find their place in what is actually a rather tiny solution such as in-ear headphones is already astonishing in principle, but the fact that FiiO Electronic Technology Co. Ltd. then also promises that it will offer performance quality at an audiophile level as well as the highest level of comfort is all the more astonishing.

Six Balanced Armature Drivers

The great advantage of so-called Balanced Armature Drivers, or BA Drivers for short, is that they allow so many drivers in one pair of in-ear headphones.

There are six of them, so that the frequency spectrum can be perfectly reproduced by the individual drivers.

Specifically, the developers of the FiiO FA7S use a Knowles HODVTEC-31618 for the bass range, a Knowles RAD-33518 for the treble and a DIBEI db646006 for the mid-range.

What is also essential in this case, of course, is a crossover that provides for a division of labour between the six drivers. According to the manufacturer, a three-way crossover with a 2+2+2 design is used.

The data sheet of the FiiO FA7S reveals that a frequency range between 10 Hz and 40 kHz can be reproduced. Of course, this means that the new FiiO FA7S 6 has the Hi-res Audio seal of approval.

The impedance of the FiiO FA7S is 18 ohms and the sensitivity is 111 dB. This ensures that these in-ear headphones can be used with a wide variety of sources without any problems, whereby they naturally show their full potential with high-quality headphone amplifiers.

Elegant, compact housing

The new FiiO FA7S weighs a mere 8.4 g, although this figure does not include the cable, of course. It is also worth noting that it is an extremely slim solution, which should be mentioned here with regard to wearing comfort.

The developers of the FiiO FA7S use a housing made of 316L stainless steel, a material that is certified for medical use. This housing is manufactured by means of 3D printing using the laser-sintering process. This allows the design of an optimal geometry so that the housing is of course very robust and yet very compact. This provides the drivers with the optimal basis for a reproduction free of distortions and vibrations.

In terms of appearance, the company refers to the FiiO FA7S as having a particularly elegant industrial design.

This is achieved by CNC-milled lines on the outside and a PVD coating on the surface.

The new FiiO FA7S is available in black and gold as well as silver and blue, which should be mentioned here.

Over-the-ear design

The new FiiO FA7S is also based on an over-the-ear design, but this is not to be confused with over-ear headphones, they are of course in-ear headphones. What is actually meant by this is the routing of the cable, because this is routed from the ear tips from the front behind the ear to the back and thus guarantees a very secure hold.

By the way, the cable is detachable and uses the familiar MMCX connector.

The cable is once again a high-purity silver-plated monocrystalline copper wire with a complex structure of eight strands of 152 conductors each and has a practical length of 1.2 metres.

A particularly interesting feature is that the cable terminates in a universal plug, which means that various inserts are available. The manufacturer refers to this as twist-lock swappable plugs, a patent of Fabrilous, whereby the options 3.5 mm stereo mini-jack, 2.5 mm stereo mini-jack and 4.4 mm PENTACONN are available. This means that the new FiiO FA7S can be connected either unbalanced or balanced, depending on the option of the source device.

  • Foto © FiiO Electronics Technology Co. Ltd. | FiiO FA7S 6 Unit Moving Iron In-ear Headset
  • Foto © FiiO Electronics Technology Co. Ltd. | FiiO FA7S 6 Unit Moving Iron In-ear Headset
  • Foto © FiiO Electronics Technology Co. Ltd. | FiiO FA7S 6 Unit Moving Iron In-ear Headset
  • Foto © FiiO Electronics Technology Co. Ltd. | FiiO FA7S 6 Unit Moving Iron In-ear Headset

Extensive accessories

Apart from the aforementioned interchangeable inserts for the plug of the FiiO FA7S, you will of course find countless ear tips in a wide variety of shapes, materials and sizes in the scope of delivery of the new FiiO FA7S.

Three balanced ear tips (S, M and L) are available, as are three bass ear tips (S, M and L), three vocal ear tips (S, M and L), three foam ear tips (M) and dual-flange ear tips (M). A suitable cleaning tool is also included, as well as a tool for easy removal of the MMCX connector from the cable. All this is packed in a robust transport case made of transparent plastic.

Getting to the point

It is simply impressive what specialists like FiiO Electronic Technology Co. Ltd. can pack into such tiny products as in-ear headphones. Once again, the new FiiO FA7S clearly proves this. No less than six drivers provide a rounded sound image and all this is packaged in the most elegant form.

ManufacturerFiiO Electronics Technology Co. Ltd.
DistributionNT Global Distribution GmbH
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