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Kekz – Headphones Click & Play System for Children

With Kekz, a solution is available that is intended to open up radio plays to children in a particularly simple, intuitive way. The focus here is on headphones with a Click & Play system. Carl Taylor, Adin Mumma and Peter Maffay are behind this concept.

Kekz is intended to give children the opportunity to use audio plays in the simplest way possible without a PC and thus a separate download or even streaming. It is an audio system developed by Kekz GmbH in Munich, the focus of which is a special pair of headphones where the content can simply be used by means of audio chips.

But it is not only the way in which content is consumed here that is entirely geared towards children; the headphones themselves, the so-called Kekz listeners, were designed in such a way that they can be used by children alone without hesitation.

The Kekz System

As already mentioned, the Kekz system is designed to be as simple as possible. The aim is for children to be able to use their preferred content completely independently, without having to rely on anything that would be used today for a wide variety of content, especially music.

A conventional download on a PC, for example, is not necessary, and there is no need for streaming and thus an online connection.

Everything is designed to be as simple and intuitive as possible.

The cookie headphones

The focus is on a special pair of headphones, the so-called Kekz headphones. The headphones have a special feature, namely a special mechanism on the outside of the earcup in which the so-called Kekz are integrated. A Kekz is nothing more than an audio chip on which the actual content is stored.

These are simply clicked into the outside of the ear cup of the Kekz earphones via integrated magnets, using a Click & Play mechanism, as the manufacturer himself calls it.

Playback can then be started immediately, with a proximity sensor itself ensuring automatic playback when the headphones are put on or stopping playback when they are taken off.

Kekz Kopfhorer Click Play System fur Kinder 10
Foto © Kekz GmbH | Kekz – headphone click & play system for children

Headphones suitable for children

The manufacturer explicitly emphasises that the volume can be adjusted in three steps, but never exceeds the 85 dB recommended by paediatricians. Large control buttons on the side of the ear cup are available for the functions “on” and “off”, as well as “forward” and “back”.

Radio plays are the focus

The Kekzhörer is intended primarily for audio plays, and a large selection of popular titles will be available at the start. The offer includes Bibi Blocksberg, Fireman Sam, Benjamin Blümchen and Petterson and Findus. The Kekz original radio play “Cookie Crew – Sprinkle in New York” will be included in every Kekzhörer as part of the starter set, according to the Munich-based company Kekz GmbH.

Kekz Kopfhorer Click Play System fur Kinder 11
Foto © Kekz GmbH | Kekz – headphone click & play system for children

The team behind Kekz GmbH

It is interesting to note that the patented Kekz listeners of Kekz GmbH have quite prominent initiators. In addition to the founders and partners Carl Taylor and Adin Mumma, Peter Maffay is also a partner in the team.

The Kekz audio chips are available now, with the price for the starter set listed at €59.95. The Kekz audio chips are available at €9.99 each.

Getting to the point

Making audio plays accessible to children in the simplest way possible is the concept behind Ketzhörer. No download, no stream, simply audio chips, the so-called Kekze, serve as the source, and they are plugged into the special Kekz headphones, which are completely designed for children, by means of a click & play mechanism.

PriceKekz Starter-Set € 59,95
Kekz Audio-Chip € 9,99
ManufacturerKekz GmbH
DistributionKekz GmbH
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