KEF Q Series – KEF Q750 and KEF Q350 at bargain price

With eight models, the KEF Q Series is particularly broadly positioned and therefore ideally suited for hi-fi and home cinema. Two models, the KEF Q750 and KEF Q350, are now available at a particularly attractive price.

KEF Q750 and KEF Q350, the two models of the KEF Q Series, are now available at a particularly attractive price, the English loudspeaker specialist KEF has announced. KEF’s aim is to offer hi-fi and home theatre enthusiasts the opportunity to upgrade or enhance their systems with the wide-ranging KEF Q Series.

While the KEF Q750 is a floorstanding speaker system, the kEF Q350 is a bookshelf speaker system.

KEF Q Series with innovative KEF Uni-Q driver

Of course, the complete KEF Q Series features the innovative KEF Uni-Q driver, a feature that is common to almost all of KEF’s current loudspeaker systems.

This is a unique combination of tweeter and woofer driver, which, due to the coaxial arrangement of the tweeter in the centre of the woofer driver, comes very close to the ideal of a point source, thus guaranteeing a very homogeneous performance with even dispersion into the room.

Sound brought to the point…

One even speaks of a sit-anywhere driver arrangement to describe the precise sound image that is evenly distributed in the room. The KEF Q Series speaker systems are designed to deliver a rich and enveloping soundscape for music, movies and series, depending on whether they are used for classical hi-fi or home cinema.

Elegant design

One of the most important aspects of a loudspeaker system is its design, as it should be easy to integrate into any living environment. KEF’s Q Series is no exception, although it doesn’t go quite as far as the KEF LS50 META or its “active” sister, the KEF LS50 Wireless II, or the KEF LSX.

The KEF Q Series is a deliberately simple design that conveys a timeless elegance.

A particularly broad range

As mentioned earlier, the KEF Q Series is a very broad range, comprising no fewer than eight models.

At the top end is the KEF Q950 floorstanding speaker system, followed by the KEF Q750 and KEF Q550 floorstanding speaker systems. There are two bookshelf speakers, the KEF Q350 and KEF Q150, two centre speakers, the KEF Q650c and KEF Q250c, and the KEF Q50a, a Dolby Atmos-enabled speaker for immersive surround sound in the home cinema.

  •  Foto © KEF | KEF Q Series - KEF Q750 and KEF Q350
  •  Foto © KEF | KEF Q Series - KEF Q750 and KEF Q350
  • Foto © KEF | KEF Q Series - KEF Q750 and KEF Q350
  • Foto © KEF | KEF Q Series - KEF Q750 and KEF Q350

KEF Q750 and KEF Q350 at a special price

You can currently buy the two models KEF Q750 and KEF Q350 at a special price, KEF is offering a discount of more than 20 per cent here, according to the manufacturer. This promotion runs until 9 January 2021 and means that you currently only have to budget € 399 for the KEF Q350 pair and € 999 for the KEF Q750 pair.

Getting to the point

The KEF Q Series has always been a particularly attractive entry point for outstanding stereo and surround sound reproduction in home cinema, and it’s a speaker series that is very broadly based, so it’s well equipped to meet a wide range of requirements. KEF is now offering the KEF Q750 and KEF Q350, a floorstanding and bookshelf speaker system from this product line, at a special price. This could be a very good opportunity for many interested parties to get started or to upgrade and improve an existing system.

PriceKEF Q350 € 399,-
KEF Q750 € 999,-
DistributionGP Acoustics GmbH
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