Yamaha – Innovative PoS displays around headphone line-up for retailers

Headphones are a complex topic for the specialised trade. It is important to present these solutions in the best possible way, but this is not really easy. Yamaha Music Europe GmbH now supports the specialist trade with special PoS displays for the presentation of the current headphone line-up.

Presenting headphones correctly is not an easy task for retailers. Yamaha Music Europe GmbH has also recognised this and is now trying to support its specialist dealer partners with special PoS displays in the best possible presentation of their headphone line-up.

These PoS displays were specially developed to not only present the current product range of Yamaha Music Europe GmbH headphones to customers in a particularly innovative way, but also to invite them to try out the headphones directly and obtain comprehensive information about their advantages.

Headphones at the point of sale

When it comes to the presentation of headphones at the point of sale, the specialised trade has to come up with its own concepts. The problem is that headphones cannot be handled in the same way as other consumer electronics products, such as amplifiers, various source devices or loudspeaker systems.

The correct presentation of headphones is therefore a real challenge, especially if you don’t simply line up the products in a package, but actually want to offer the customer the opportunity to hold the solution in their hands or even try it out.

Yamaha Music Europe GmbH develops innovative PoS displays

In order to relieve retailers of this difficult task, Yamaha Music Europe GmbH has now developed its own solutions, which are designed as so-called PoS displays, whereby PoS is to be understood as an abbreviation for Point of Sale.

These are special presentation solutions that can be set up in a prominent position in the shop and display the current product line-up of Yamaha Music Europe GmbH in the headphone sector.

  • Foto © Yamaha Music Europe GmbH | Innovative PoS Displays
  • Foto © Yamaha Music Europe GmbH | Innovative PoS Displays
  • Foto © Yamaha Music Europe GmbH | Innovative PoS Displays

Compact, combinable solutions

Each display is only 50 cm long, but two can be combined to show as many colour variations of the headphones as possible.

The special feature of the PoS displays, however, is that they are interactive solutions via an integrated tablet. With the help of this tablet, numerous functions are available that present all the possibilities of the headphones in a simple and comprehensible way.

It is also possible to listen to music directly, i.e. to get an immediate impression of the performance capabilities of the headphones.

Interactive presentation

With animated, realistic faces displayed on the tablets and wearing the headphones, customers can get a first impression right away. When not in use, the animations also wink at visitors to the shops from time to time. If one of the headphones is removed from the holder, a sensor detects this and the product presentation starts with the main menu – touching the display also starts the menu. Customers can then choose between different music and enjoy the sound of the Yamaha YH-L700A and Yamaha YH-E700A over-ear headphones. In addition, various videos introduce the products and explain what 3D sound including the various DSP modes, head tracking, listening care and all other functions of the headphones are all about.

Once again, however, it has to be said that the possibility of trying them out directly is reserved for the over-ear models alone.

For hygienic reasons alone, it is not possible to try out the in-ear headphones Yamaha TW-E3B. However, Yamaha Music Europe GmbH’s PoS display naturally also provides for the best possible presentation of the in-ear headphones, so potential customers can at least get an initial visual overview.

Of course, the dealer can also secure the products on display electronically, so that the PoS displays do not have to be kept under constant surveillance…

500 units as the first tranche

According to Yamaha Music Europe GmbH, around 500 of these presentation solutions have been produced so far, and further displays are currently being manufactured in order to be able to equip as many specialist dealers as possible with these sales support solutions.

Getting to the point

As is well known, it is not really easy for retailers to optimally present personal audio devices such as headphones in business premises. Of course, one could be content with displaying the packages neatly, but this is certainly not the best way to convey the functionality to customers, and it is also not possible to actually take the solutions in one’s hands or even try them out. Yamaha Music Europe GmbH now wants to support retailers with interactive PoS displays that not only present all the features of the solutions from Yamaha Music Europe GmbH in a compact form, but also allow customers to try out and test at least the over-ear headphone models.

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