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JBL Stage XD Series – All Weather Loudspeaker Systems

Nothing should be able to harm them, neither adverse weather conditions outdoors nor humidity when used indoors, the new solutions of the JBL Stage XD Series initiated by Harman Luxury Audio Group with the solutions JBL Stage XD-5 as well as JBL Stage XD-6.

JBL Stage XD-5 and JBL Stage XD-6, these two models form the basis of the new JBL Stage XD Series, which Harman Luxury Audio Group sees as part of the also new JBL Stage Architectural Series of the JBL Synthesis brand. However, while the previously announced models of the JBL Stage Architectural Series are ceiling and wall-mounted speaker systems, the JBL Stage XD Series are so-called all-weather speaker systems that are designed for both outdoor and indoor use and are intended to be particularly flexible solutions for private as well as commercial use, especially for projects in the custom installation sector.

Designed for outdoors and indoors – JBL Stage XD Series

The new solutions of the JBL Stage XD Series are designed as particularly flexible systems. They are ultimately compact, weatherproof loudspeaker systems for wall mounting, although free-standing installation is of course also possible.

Patented acoustic technologies from JBL Synthesis are to be built into compact, weather-resistant, even waterproof housings. For flexible use, two models are already offered at the start of the product line, each in black and white.

Patented acoustic technologies

Both models of the new JBL Stage XD Series feature a 1-inch aluminium tweeter with acoustic lens and a so-called JBL HDI Waveguide, where this abbreviation stands for High-definition Imaging Waveguide. According to the manufacturer, this allows for dynamic, crystal-clear sound over a wide listening area.

The larger of the two speakers, the JBL Stage XD-6 uses a 6.5 inch cone woofer made of polycellulose, while the smaller JBL Stage XD-5 uses a 5.25 inch woofer.

Flexible use

Both all-weather speakers are perfect for outdoor use when protection from the elements is required. However, the stylish design with rimless, magnetically attached speaker grille and mounting flexibility make these speakers suitable for a variety of indoor applications as well. Wall mounts are included and a rotating JBL logo allows for both horizontal and vertical mounting.

  • Foto © Harman Luxury Audio Group | JBL Stage XD Series
  • Foto © Harman Luxury Audio Group | JBL Stage XD Series
  • Foto © Harman Luxury Audio Group | JBL Stage XD Series
  • Foto © Harman Luxury Audio Group | JBL Stage XD Series
  • Foto © Harman Luxury Audio Group | JBL Stage XD Series

Sustainable speakers

The JBL Stage XD Series models are the first repairable, IP67-certified outdoor speakers on the market, the manufacturer says. Rather than throwing the speakers away if they ever fail, these speakers are designed to be disassembled and repaired if they become damaged due to prolonged exposure to adverse conditions.

So it’s fitting that the packaging of the speaker systems is also designed to be sustainable, according to the manufacturer.

“We brought JBL’s powerful sound into the outdoors with resilience and sustainability in mind. The IP67 rating of the JBL Stage XD Series represents one of the highest levels of ingress protection certification, providing protection from harmful airborne dust and particles, as well as protection from water and liquids, including immersion in water up to one metre for up to 30 minutes.”

Jim Garrett, Senior Director, Product Strategy and Planning, Harman Luxury Audio Group
JBL Stage XD Series 01JBL Stage XD Series 02
Foto © Harman Luxury Audio Group | JBL Stage XD Series

Prices and availability

The new all-weather loudspeaker systems celebrated their premiere at the High End 2022 in Munich. According to the information currently available, the solutions of the new JBL Stage XD Series will probably come onto the market in the second quarter of 2022. As already briefly mentioned, the user can choose between black and white. The recommended retail price for the JBL Stage XD-5 is € 475,- per pair and for the JBL Stage XD-6 € 625,-.

Getting to the point

The new JBL Stage XD Series builds on JBL’s sound heritage and is designed for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications, Harman Luxury Audio Group promises of the new JBL Stage XD-5 and JBL Stage XD-6 systems from the JBL Synthesis brand. Their unique combination of function and patented acoustic_technology is said to give them extreme durability while providing the highest level of playback.

PriceJBL Stage XD-5 € 475,-
JBL Stage XD-6 € 625,-
ManufacturerHarman International Industries Inc.
DistributionHarman Deutschland GmbH
More about this manufacturer at HIFI BLOG
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