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JBL Stage Architectural Series – Legendary JBL Sound for Custom Installation Solutions

Visually discreet, the JBL Stage Architectural Series solutions are said to be suitable for discreet installation in custom installation solutions, delivering the professional hi-fi sound that is typical of JBL Synthesis brand speakers.

JBL Stage Architectural Series, with this new product line, Harman Luxury Audio Group, a subsidiary of Harman International Industries, presents a completely new series of built-in speaker systems of the JBL Synthesis brand. These solutions are to be distinguished first and foremost by the fact that they are designed for very discreet installation and can therefore be used in the most diverse projects in the area of custom installation. In addition, the manufacturer promises the typical JBL sound for this new product line, which celebrated its premiere at the High End 2022 in Munich.

JBL Stage Architectural Series – Powerful Sound at an Affordable Price

The primary goal of the developers of the new JBL Stage Architectural Series speakers was to be able to offer products that prove themselves to be fully-fledged hi-fi solutions with their powerful sound, but at the same time appear to be of interest to a wide range of customers at an affordable price.

Visually discreet design

A very important point has already been mentioned, namely that the installation should be as discreet as possible. The solutions of the JBL Stage Architectural Series are designed to be systems that can be heard but not seen, thanks to a slim design with a speaker grille fixed by magnets. In addition, the entire product range is designed to be easy to install.

JBL Stage Architectural Series with eight models

The new JBL Stage Architectural Series will be launched with no less than eight models, including solutions for both wall and ceiling installation, in order to cover the widest possible range of application scenarios.

The systems are intended to be equally suitable for the use of discreet sound reinforcement in commercial environments such as restaurants, hotels and business and office spaces, as well as for the realisation of projects in private environments, from multi-room audio to home cinema.

  • Foto © Harman Luxury Audio Group | JBL Stage Architectural Series
  • Foto © Harman Luxury Audio Group | JBL Stage Architectural Series
  • Foto © Harman Luxury Audio Group | JBL Stage Architectural Series

High-quality acoustic components

Harman Luxury Audio Group says the new JBL Stage Architectural Series solutions use components normally found only in much more expensive products.

At the heart of each speaker system in the range is an aluminium tweeter with an acoustic lens and a waveguide. This is supposed to be able to reproduce crystal-clear highs.

Interestingly, the in-wall speakers feature a larger waveguide than the in-ceiling speakers in the series, in the form of JBL’s patented HDI Geometry (High-definition Imaging), to ensure particularly even dispersion and reproduction free of distortion.

Polycellulose cone woofers and premium air-core inductors, as well as Mylar cap capacitor crossover network components, are said to ensure that the sound remains dynamic at all listening levels. Other key features cited by the manufacturer include a rigid baffle design with acoustic smoothing for improved transducer integration, and Harman’s acoustic target curve performance for smooth, accurate sound over a wide listening area.

The XL-2 mounting system allows for quick installation and is compatible with material thicknesses up to 50 millimetres. Paintable, magnetically attached Zero Bezel grilles offer a contemporary look that blends easily into any décor.

JBL Stage Architectural Series In-wall Speaker

The JBL Stage 250WL in-wall speaker features two 5.25-inch polycellulose cone woofers, a 1-inch aluminium tweeter with acoustic lens and a JBL HDI waveguide with optimised geometry for even dispersion and low distortion. The JBL Stage 260W features a 6.5-inch woofer with a 1-inch aluminium tweeter and JBL HDI waveguide, while the larger JBL Stage 280W in-wall speaker has an 8-inch woofer with polycellulose cone for powerful bass and a 1-inch aluminium tweeter and JBL HDI waveguide. All three models feature nickel-plated, spring-loaded terminals and a mounting depth of less than 100 millimetres.

JBL Stage Architectural Series In-ceiling Speaker

The JBL Stage 260C in-ceiling speaker incorporates a 6.5-inch woofer with a 1-inch aluminium acoustic waveguide tweeter, while the larger JBL Stage 280C in-ceiling speaker uses an 8-inch polycellulose cone woofer for powerful bass and combines it with a 1-inch aluminium dome tweeter with an acoustic lens waveguide. The JBL Stage 260CDT in-ceiling speaker features two 3/4 inch aluminium tweeters with acoustic lens waveguides and a 6.5 inch woofer with dual voice coil, delivering stereo sound from a single speaker. All three models feature nickel-plated spring-loaded connectors and have a mounting depth of less than 115 millimetres.

Stem mounts are available for all speaker models. In addition, square grille accessory kits are available for the JBL Stage JBL 260C, JBL Stage 280C and JBL Stage 260CDT round in-ceiling models.

“We have ensured that the performance of the JBL Stage Architectural Series speakers exceeds expectations and delivers the great sound that is JBL’s legacy. Their audio reproduction is elegant yet dynamic – a perfect combination for beautiful sound, whether listening to your favourite streaming music service or delivering the immersive experience of a great movie soundtrack.”

Jim Garrett, Senior Director, Product Strategy and Planning, Harman Luxury Audio Group

Pricing and availability

The new JBL Stage Architectural Series solutions are scheduled to launch in the third quarter of 2022, according to the manufacturer. For a list of models and their prices, see the table at the end of this article.

Getting to the point

The new JBL Stage Architectural Series offers a variety of built-in speaker systems for ceiling and wall installation. Their special feature is that they are solutions that offer typical JBL sound, but are available at attractive prices. Harman Luxury Audio Group wants to cover a particularly broad spectrum of different applications in the field of custom installation.

PriceJBL Stage 260W € 150,-
JBL Stage 280W € 225,-
JBL Stage 250WL € 250,-
JBL: Stage 260C € 150,-
JBL Stage 280C € 225,-
JBL Stage 260CDT € 175,-
JBL Stage 260CSA € 150,-
JBL Stage 280CSA € 225,- 
ManufacturerHarman International Industries Inc.
DistributionHarman Deutschland GmbH
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