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Bellevue Audio GmbH new distributor of KLH Audio

With immediate effect, Bellevue Audio GmbH is responsible for the distribution of KLH Audio products. The company from Unna is thus expanding its sales range to include the loudspeaker systems of the traditional US manufacturer.

KLH Audio can look back on a long history. The US company was founded in 1957 as the KLH Research and Development Corporation by, among others, the legend Henry Kloss in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Success came quickly and in the early 1960s the company was considered one of the largest loudspeaker manufacturers in the world with over 500 employees before it was sold to Singer Corporation in 1964.

However, KHL Audio’s product range was not limited to loudspeaker systems, but also included record players, tape recorders and compact radios, thus covering a wide range of products.

Milestones of the company from this time were, for example, the KLH Model Eleven record player, the KLH Model Forty reel-to-reel tape deck, and not to forget the KLH Model Eight table radio, which at the beginning of the new millennium was once again a triumphant success as the Tivoli Audio Model One, for which Henry Kloss was also largely responsible.

Kloss, Low and Hofmann, the founders of KLH Audio

The name KLH Audio is nothing more than the initials of the company’s founders, Henry Kloss, Malcolm S. Low and Josef Anton Hofmann.

In 1964, as already described, the company was sold to the Singer Corporation. In 1970, Electro Audio Dynamics took over KLH and in 1980 moved its headquarters to Canoga Park in Los Angeles, California.

In 1982, the Japanese company Kyocera bought the KLH brand and moved production to Japan. However, this takeover was followed a few years later by the decision that Kyocera would withdraw completely from consumer electronics and therefore started looking for a buyer for the KLH brand.

This was found in 1989 with Wald Sound, whereby the company thus went back to the USA, namely to Sun Valley and thus again to Los Angeles, and marketed products as Lavcon, Inc. as KLH Audio Systems.

In 2017, Kelley Global Brands took over the company and initiated the name change back to KLH Audio and focused almost entirely on the development and production of loudspeaker systems. KLH Audio covers a wide range of products and offers classic hi-fi solutions as well as home cinema systems and custom installation solutions, and headphones. Today, KLH Audio is located in Noblesville, Indiana.

KLH Model Nine – A Legend of the 20th Century

One of the reasons for the company’s rapid success and a reputation that is still highly regarded even after an eventful history is probably the KHL Model Nine loudspeaker system, which the trio of company founders designed together with Arthur Janszen. The basis of this system, conceived as an electrostat, was the so-called Acoustic Suspension Design. Thousands of this loudspeaker system alone are said to have been sold in the early years, and even today the KHL Model Nine is considered one of the best loudspeaker systems of the 20th century.

Bellevue Audio GmbH new distributor

In the last few years, the KLH Audio brand has been rather quiet in Europe, but this is about to change, as the new distributor Bellevue Audio GmbH, which is now responsible for the solutions of the Americans, has now set as its goal.

The distributor from Unna in North Rhine-Westphalia sees immense potential in the solutions of KLH Audio, because over all the years, the classic heritage of the brand could be maintained, and in addition, the new owner Kelley Global Brands relies on state-of-the-art technology. This special combination of old values and tradition with the most modern equipment features guarantees products that on the one hand convey history, and at the same time enable the best results with the latest technology.

Bellevue Audio GmbH sees itself as a distributor of sophisticated high-end audio electronics, loudspeaker systems and corresponding high-quality accessories. The focus of the dedicated audio specialists is always on the best possible sound reproduction at affordable prices. Following this goal, the portfolio of the distribution company, which was founded in 2007, is also set up in a dedicated and selective manner, the company states. In addition to loudspeakers from brands such as KLH Audio and Neat Acoustics, the distribution products include the finest audio electronic components from Cyrus Audio Ltd. as well as audio furniture from Custom Design and accessories from HiDiamond and Vortex HiFi. Products distributed by Bellevue Audio GmbH are sold exclusively through specialist dealers.

Getting to the point

Bellevue Audio GmbH has set itself the ambitious goal of restoring the solutions of US loudspeaker specialist KLH Audio to their former glory. Starting in the early 1960s, KLH Audio was one of the major brands in the US hi-fi scene, delivering legendary solutions to this day, and not only in the field of loudspeaker systems. Today, after an eventful company history, KLH Audio is a broadly positioned loudspeaker specialist that covers the areas of hi-fi, home cinema and custom installation and also has headphones in its range. For the new distributor Bellevue Audio GmbH, the focus is primarily on those loudspeaker systems that uniquely combine the tradition of the brand with state-of-the-art technologies.

ManufacturerKelley Global Brands
Distribution AustriaBellevue Audio GmbH
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