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Jadis I70
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Jadis I70 Tube Integrated Amplifier

The aim was to create a new reference in the field of integrated stereo amplifiers, according to hi-fi manufacturer Jadis, who were aiming for a comparatively compact design with high performance at the same time. The result is now to be presented in the form of the new Jadis I70 Tube Integrated Amplifier.

Jadis I70 Tube Integrated Amplifier is the new reference in the field of stereo integrated amplifiers from the high-end hi-fi manufacturer Jadis. The French company with its headquarters in the small community of Villedubert in the Département of Aude has been known for years for developing and manufacturing the finest components, and tubes are always involved. Especially in the field of preamplifiers and power amplifiers, but also in the segment of integrated stereo amplifiers, they can refer to a very considerable product range, so if they start to create a new reference here, it will certainly attract the attention of many hi-fi enthusiasts.

Jadis I70 Tube Integrated Amplifier as a compact solution

The Jadis I70 is a compact amplifier that combines a compact design with high performance, even though this is relative in this class. Especially when tubes are involved and high performance is required, one simply comes up against certain limits when developing solutions that are as compact as possible. We would not really call the new Jadis I70 Tube Integrated Amplifier a truly compact solution.

After all, the new Jadis I70 Tube Integrated Amplifier measures 40 cm in width, 40 cm in depth and 25.5 cm in height. But that’s not all, the good piece weighs in at a hefty 30 kg. The rack in which this stereo integrated amplifier is placed should therefore be of a more robust design.

Classic Look

At first glance, it is clear that the developers have remained true to their design language. The new Jadis I70 Tube Integrated Amplifier presents itself in an almost classic way. The solid metal cabinet itself shines in polished chrome, the front is adorned with a brass plate also polished to a high gloss, the controls are also in brass, and the numerous glass bulbs and, of course, the power supply units, which are concealed in discreet black covers, literally tower above everything else.

KT170 at the centre of the circuit

The new Jadis I70 Tube Integrated Amplifier is built around KT170 tubes, whereby the French point out that these are particularly powerful tubes. However, it was not the absolute power that was the focus of the decision, but rather the comparatively high power with low distortion. So the full potential of the KT170 is not exploited, but rather it works in a range where there are still sufficient reserves available, while at the same time sound-damaging distortions occur to a very low degree.

The new Jadis I70 Tube Integrated Amplifier also uses huge power transformers that have been developed with dynamics and impulse power in mind. With completely redesigned output transformers, the Jadis I70 Tube Integrated Amplifier operates in a simple push-pull ultra-linear configuration and is equipped with two KT170s per channel. In addition, there are two ECC83s and three ECC82s.

The hand-built transformers are the first to incorporate a number of features of Jadis monoblock technology in a stereo integrated amplifier. The power supply for the drivers and the power amplifier was designed completely separately, so that there is no negative influence whatsoever.

Point-to-point wiring

According to the French HIFi manufacturer, the new Jadis I70 Tube Integrated Amplifier is of course built with elaborate but clearly superior point-to-point wiring.

The new Jadis I70 Tube Integrated Amplifier has a power output of 60 watts, which is impressive for a tube-based solution.

This stereo integrated amplifier has plenty of inputs, with five line ins and a bypass out. The connection panel for the speakers is equipped for bi-wiring, i.e. two pairs of solid screw terminals are available for each channel.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that although the new Jadis I70 Tube Integrated Amplifier is deliberately designed to be very traditional, one does not have to do without comfort. An automatic BIAS configuration facilitates everyday handling and an infrared remote control is part of the scope of delivery.

Getting to the point

For quite some time, they have been working on a new reference in the field of stereo integrated amplifiers, and the new Jadis I70 Tube Integrated Amplifier is the result of this development. Despite a comparatively compact design, sufficient power should be available here, so that one decided on KT170 and trusts in proven technologies from the pre- and power amplifiers. The Jadis I70 Tube Integrated Amplifier should not only achieve impressive dynamics, but also pull out all the stops when it comes to reproducing details with impressive accuracy and depth.

Distribution:AUDIOPLAN Thomas Kühn e.K.H.
Price:€ 13.950,-

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