Qobuz Dark Mode on the desktop and web player

Now you can use the so-called Dark Mode at Qobuz not only in their app on the smartphone, but also on the desktop, be it with the corresponding app, or also in the web player.

For some time now, it has been common to be able to select a so-called dark mode on a smartphone or tablet. In this mode, the background is no longer white but, as the name suggests, dark grey or even black. Many users find this much more pleasant, so that this option is becoming more and more popular in apps for mobile devices, but also on the desktop.

The music streaming service Qobuz now also offers the option of activating dark mode not only in the app for smartphones or tablets, but also in the app for desktop systems, as well as in the so-called web player, i.e. the website for direct access to the streaming offer.

This means that you can switch between Dark Mode and Light Mode on all platforms on which Qobuz is available, at the touch of a button, which is very simple and easy.

Getting to the point

It is only a tiny detail improvement, but one that many users would like to see. From now on, it is possible to switch between the classic Light Mode and the new Dark Mode on all platforms through which the music streaming service Qobuz offers its services.

Manufacturer: Qobuz
Distribution: Qobuz
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