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JBL Charge 5 – Robust endurance runner

JBL Charge 5, for this portable Bluetooth speaker, the company Harman Industries International promises virtually endless music enjoyment, thus referring first and foremost to the long battery life that this new generation of the JBL Charge Series is supposed to have.

The JBL brand has a long tradition in the field of portable audio solutions. For years, Harman Industries International has been dedicated to this product area, which has also become increasingly popular with the importance of smartphones, after all, so-called Bluetooth speakers literally serve as ideal play partners for our everyday companions.

JBL can therefore point to an extremely broad product range, one part of which is the so-called JBL Charge Series, which is now presented in the latest generation in the form of the new JBL Charge 5.

The JBL Charge Series has always been characterised by a long battery life, a feature that is already in the name. This should also apply to the new JBL Charge 5, but there are also a few other innovations to report.

On the other hand, the fact that it is the smallest possible solution in its class was never at the top of the list of priorities, as JBL can of course present other products anyway. What is much more important here is that it is a solution with rich sound, and in this respect, too, the new JBL Charge 5 is said to have been improved again compared to previous generations.

But the first thing that stands out is that the new JBL Charge 5 presents itself with a somewhat adapted design, taking up the current look of the JBL brand, according to the manufacturer, who speaks of the protective silicone bumpers and the striking JBL logo as essential style elements to create a modern, self-confident style.

In practical terms, the case of the new JBL Charge 5 is even sturdier and more robustly designed, it is resistant to dust and water and thus IP67 certified. It measures 223 mm in width, 96.5 mm in height. and 94 mm in depth. The weight is listed in the data sheet as just under 1 kg, but the correct figure is 0.96 kg.

Inside, an oval long-throw driver (52 x 90 mm) serves as the bass driver. This is combined with a 20 mm tweeter and two additional bass radiators. The drivers are driven by a Class D module with 30 W for the woofer plus another Class D module with 10 W for the tweeter.

Inside, an oval long-throw driver (52 x 90 mm) serves as the bass driver. This is combined with a 20 mm tweeter and two additional bass radiators. The drivers are driven by a Class D module with 30 W for the woofer plus another Class D module with 10 W for the tweeter.

The manufacturer once again speaks of the legendary JBL Signature Sound, quite soberly a frequency response between 65 Hz and 20 kHz can be found in the data sheet.

As already mentioned, the JBL Charge 5 is of course a Bluetooth speaker, whereby Bluetooth 5.1 with support for A2DP 1.3 and ACRCP 1.6 is already used here. Up to two smartphones or tablets can be connected to the JBL Charge 5, so that you can take turns playing different types of music. In addition, two JBL Charge 5 can be connected, the manufacturer calls this JBL PartyBoost.

As we have already mentioned, a key feature of the entire JBL Charge Series and thus also of the new JBL Charge 5 is the long battery life. This is now up to 20 hours. But that’s not all: the integrated lithium-ion polymer battery with 3.6 V and 7,500 mAh can also serve as a power bank for mobile devices on the go, first and foremost, of course, the smartphone that functions as the source for music playback. A maximum of 5 V 2 A is supposed to be available. Charging the battery, which takes about four hours, is done via a USB C port. A suitable cable is included in the scope of delivery.

“At home or outdoors, the JBL Charge 5 sets a new standard for high-quality sound. We’re excited to introduce the next level in our portfolio and delight our customers with the highest quality JBL Signature Pro Sound.”

Andy Tsui, Senior Vice President and General Manager Product Development, Engineering and General Management Harman International Industries
The new JBL Charge 5 will be offered in a wide variety of design options, including black, blue, green, red, turquoise and camouflage, in the tried and tested manner.

It should also be emphasised that the manufacturer changed the packaging with this generation and now fortunately relies on a paper-based solution instead of the blister packaging made of plastic that is often used in this sector.

As predicted at the presentation at the beginning of this year, the new JBL Charge 5 is available immediately at the recommended retail price of € 179.

Getting to the point

The JBL Charge Series has always been known for being particularly powerful Bluetooth speakers with a long playing time, which were not the lightest and smallest in their class, but which could be used anywhere and in any weather with robustness. All this also applies to the latest generation, which is now available with the JBL Charge 5.

Manufacturer:Harman International Industries
Distribution:Harman Deutschland GmbH
Price:€ 179,-

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