Focal P60 Limited Edition - Designed exclusively for the Porsche 992

The new high-end kit, which Focal JMlab is now offering with the Focal P60 Limited Edition for the Porsche 911 of the latest generation and thus the Porsche 992, is limited to 911 units. It is intended to present itself as a plug & play solution and provide a high-fidelity experience in a class of its own.

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  • Designed for the latest generation Porsche 911, the Porsche 992, the Focal P60 Limited Edition Kit.

No more than 911 copies of this kit, the Focal P60 Limited Edition, are to be produced, according to the French loudspeaker specialist Focal JMlab. It is handcrafted, presented in a particularly exclusive manner, and is aimed at drivers of the latest generation of the Porsche 911, the Porsche 992.

Focal JMlab promises that this brand new, strictly limited edition Focal inside kit will use state-of-the-art technology to give drivers a high-fidelity experience of the highest order.

Focal P60 Limited Edition – Combining a love of driving with a love of high quality sound

The new Focal P60 Limited Edition has been developed to combine the love of driving with the love of high-quality sound, according to Focal JMlab. To do this, they rely on exclusive technologies and, of course, the expertise of Focal JMlab’s highly skilled acoustic engineers.

With the new Focal P60 Limited Edition, they have created a solution that is supposed to be particularly easy to integrate into the vehicle as a kit, whereby the French even speak of a plug & play system.

Designed for the Porsche 992, but not only…

In principle, the new Focal P60 Limited Edition is designed for the Porsche 992, says Focal JMlab, and thus for the eighth generation of the legendary Porsche 911. This is also the reason why the new Focal P60 Limited Edition is only offered in a number of 911 units.

However, they add that this new Focal Inside kit should also be suitable for the Porsche Panamera (971 / 2017 – upwards) as well as Porsche Cayenne (PO536 / from 2018) as well as Porsche Taycan (2020 – upwards).

Exclusive kit

The Focal P60 Limited Edition Kit includes two tweeters, three midrange drivers and two woofers, all designed to integrate with the original position of the vehicle’s standard drivers, thus blending seamlessly with the vehicle’s interior.

The 8-inch woofers use a composite W-sandwich cone, butyl surrounds and neodymium magnets for drive. The 4-inch midrange drivers of the Focal P60 Limited Edition Kit are also equipped in the same way, and the tweeters use an inverted beryllium dome and a powerful neodymium magnet drive unit.

The complete kit is “packaged” in a particularly exclusive form, with an elegant case containing all the components of the Focal P60 Limited Edition Kit.


Unusual for such an installation kit is of course that the new Focal P60 Limited Edition is supposed to be handmade, which according to the manufacturer makes it unique and in any case particularly exclusive.

To underline this uniqueness, the respective serial number is engraved on the enclosure of the loudspeaker chassis. In addition, after production in the Focal JMlab workshops, all kits are certified with a hand-stamped aluminium plate. This plate is removable and serves as proof of a unique installation for the owner, says the manufacturer in the corresponding product description.

Prices and availability

Focal JMlab does not mention prices, refers interested customers in this case to distribution partners and only states that the strictly limited Focal P60 Limited Edition is available immediately.

Getting to the point

Exclusive and strictly limited, this is how the latest so-called Focal Inside Kit presents itself, which the French company now offer in the form of the Focal P60 Limited Edition for the eighth generation of the Porsche 911 and thus the Porsche 992. As exclusive as this solution is supposed to be, it is easy to integrate; Focal JMlab even calls it a real plug & play solution.

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