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Focal Electra Audio System in the new DS 4

Focal Electra Audio System, which can already be found in numerous vehicles of the French manufacturer DS Automobiles, such as the DS 7 Crossback, the DS 3 Crossback, and the newly launched DS 9 and DS 4 models.

The French loudspeaker specialist Focal JMLab has a long partnership with the automobile group Groupe PSA, because they have been designing high-quality audio solutions for the Peugeot brand for years. For the premium brand DS Automobiles, however, they design particularly outstanding systems, so that the music reproduction can also be clearly classified in the premium segment.

The DS 4 presents itself with sophistication as the quintessence of technology and thus offers a new perspective on the automobile. The charismatic appearance is achieved not least by the special concept of a coupé inspired by modern SUVs.

The driver is also offered a special environment in the interior, where Autmented Technology merges with the cockpit to create a pure design that is both highly technological and ergonomic. Thanks to the materials used here, such as different types of leather, Alcantara, carbon and wood, the interior is the perfect blend of sophistication and technology.

A very important aspect is, of course, the audio system, which, as already described, once again comes from the French specialist Focal JMLab and is called the Focal Electra Audio System.

DS 7 Crossback, DS 3 Crossback, DS 9 and now DS 4

Already on the DS 7 Crossback, DS 3 Crossback and of course on the DS 9, the audio system is hardly noticeable, at least visually, on the new DS 4. It is also the intention of the designers that it “disappears” in the luxurious design. Only in some prominent places do the noble loudspeaker grilles appear, for example on the A-pillars and C-pillars, and not least on the upper side of the dashboard, where a central centre speaker is concealed.

The engineers at Focal JMLab and DS Automobiles have, of course, optimised the Focal Electra system specifically for the DS 4, both in terms of performance and listening pleasure. For example, a new generation of loudspeaker drivers and a new amplifier were used.

Focal Electra Audio System with 14 Speakers

In total, the car’s interior features no fewer than 14 speakers with exclusive Focal JMLab technology. The new woofers feature Polyglass Cone Technology for optimum balance and high dynamics. In addition to the aforementioned 80 mm centre channel, there are two 165 mm midrange woofers in the front doors, two more such woofers in the rear two doors, and an 80 mm satellite midrange driver in the C-pillar.

The tweeters are aluminium inverted dome TNF tweeters for maximum detail and optimum dispersion. There are two 35 mm tweeter in the A-pillar, two 25 mm tweeter in the rear doors, plus two 35 mm Satellite Tweeter in the C-pillar. There’s also a Focal Ovoid subwoofer with Triple Voice Coil Power Flow Technology in the boot.

Class D amplifier with 690 watts

All these drivers are driven by a 16-channel Class D amplifier with 690 watts.

Of course, the user can intervene in the sound in many ways, and sound presets can also be saved directly for presets relating to the comfort functions of the vehicle.

In the proven manner, the new DS 4 is also available in different design variants, which can also be further configured individually. In addition to various petrol and diesel engines, a plug-in hybrid is also available. The Focal Electra Audio System is available as an optional accessory for all design variants. As with the DS 7 Crossback and DS 9, the driver can now enjoy a special acoustic glazed windscreen.

Getting to the point

In the premium segment, first-class sound is essential, which is why Focal JMLab and DS Automobiles are continuing their “French collaboration par excellence”, as the two companies call it themselves, with the new DS 4. From our own experience in the DS 7 Crossback, we know how excellent the Focal Electra Audio System is, and it is precisely this that will in future also be found in specially adapted form in the DS 4.

Manufacturer:Focal JMLab
Further information:DS Automobiles
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