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FiiO FD15 Dynamic In-ear Monitors – Setting new standards

With the new FiiO FD15 dynamic in-ear monitors, FiiO Electronics Technology Co. Ltd. presents an in-ear headphone based on a so-called magnalium diaphragm DLC seal driver. This guarantees that the FiiO FD15 Dynamic In-Ear Monitors are a true High-end solution that must be considered a new milestone in the field of in-ear headphones.

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  • According to FiiO Electronics Technology Co. Ltd, the FiiO FD15 Dynamic In-ear Monitors represent a milestone in the field of in-ear headphones.

FiiO Electronics Technology Co. Ltd. has always been known for its remarkable technical features in the headphone sector, especially in the in-ear headphone segment. In many cases, it is hard to believe how many drivers the developers of the Chinese specialist for personal audio devices can pack into in-ear headphones to achieve what they believe to be an even more detailed, dynamic reproduction.

The new FiiO FD15 Dynamic In-ear Monitors, on the other hand, only rely on one driver, but this in turn is something special, as it is a so-called Magnalium Diaphragm DLC Gasket Driver, which is said to be a truly high-tech driver design that is unique on the market to date.

Magnalium Diaphragm DLC Gasket Driver

What FiiO Electronics Technology Co. Ltd. calls the Magnalium Diaphragm DLC Gasket Driver is essentially a so-called dynamic driver, as is often used in in-ear headphones, and it is not surprising that it has a very generous diameter of 13,8 mm. FiiO Electronics Technology Co. Ltd. in particular has already installed such generously dimensioned drivers in in-ear headphones in the past.

Magnesium-aluminium alloy diaphragm

The special feature of this particular driver is firstly the material of the diaphragm, as the play on words used by the company already indicates. It is an alloy of magnesium and aluminium, which is characterised by high hardness and low distortion during movement and ensures clear, detailed highs.

DLC Gasket

There is also the so-called DLC gasket, which refers to the W-shaped seal using diamond-like DLC carbon, which should also contribute significantly to high sound quality.

Powerful drive unit with 1,5 tonnes

Another key feature of the new FiiO FD15 Dynamic In-ear Monitor is its particularly powerful drive unit, which is centred around a voice coil with an impressive diameter of 8,6 mm.

F.T.B.S. Tesla Valve – acoustic design for particularly assertive bass

Another special design feature of the new FiiO FD15 Dynamic In-ear Monitor is the so-called Tesla Valve Bass Enhancement Acoustic Design, a patent from F.T.B.S., which is used here.

This is made possible by a high-precision, powder metallurgy process used in the manufacture of the FiiO FD15. Specially calculated channels are implemented inside the housing, which act like a Tesla valve when the air is vibrated by the diaphragm, thus guaranteeing a particularly powerful, rich bass response according to the manufacturer.

316 stainless steel housing

According to the manufacturer, the new FIIO FD15 creatively combines a fresh design language with a closed acoustic design. Carefully placed surfaces with a special finish create an elegant and ever-changing interplay of light and shadow.

To achieve this effect, the FD15 is made from 316L medical grade stainless steel, which is powder metallurgically sintered to ensure a long life. In addition, it is carefully polished by hand and PVD electroplated to achieve a high-quality finish that gives it a mirror-like appearance.

Particularly high-quality cable

The cable is based on a product already in the company’s Zunehör range, namely the FiiO LC-RC 2024, but this is a particularly high-quality solution, as the manufacturer states and speaks of a Furukawa Monocrystalline Silver plus Furukawa Monocrystalline Silver-plated Copper braided Headphone Cable.

Once again, this is a very complex cable structure, which also utilises differently manufactured conductors.

The cable is connected using an MMCX connector, although it should be emphasised that this MMCX connector is angled at 6.7° for optimum comfort when wearing the in-ear headphones and is an expanded MMCX connector for greater reliability.

Incidentally, a straight twist-lock swappable audio plug is used at the other end of the cable, so you can choose between 3,5 mm stereo mini-jack for unbalanced connections and 4.4 mm Pentaconn for balanced connections.

As you like it…

If you want to change the sound character of the new FiiO FD15 Dynamic In-ear Monitor a little, you can do so with so-called Swappable Sound Nozzles, two of these filters, which are simply screwed on, are included in the scope of delivery.

You will also find a variety of different ear moulds, which differ in size, shape and material, so that there really should be the right variant for every ear shape.

Key technical data

As the name suggests, the FiiO FD15 Dynamic In-ear Monitors are in-ear headphones equipped with a dynamic driver. This has an aluminium-magnesium alloy diaphragm with a diameter of 13.8 mm and can reproduce a frequency range between 10 Hz and 40 kHz with other special design features. The impedance is specified by the manufacturer as 32 ohms and the sensitivity as 112 dB.

Prices and availability

The new FiiO FD15 Dynamic In-ear Monitors will be available in Obsidian Black or Racing Silver. The price is listed by the manufacturer at US$ 149,99.

Getting to the point

It is simply remarkable that the Chinese specialist for personal audio devices, FiiO Electronics Technology Co. Ltd., always manages to come up with particularly outstanding technologies in the field of in-ear headphones. Even with headphones that “simply” feature a dynamic driver, the company pushes the existing boundaries and delivers an impressive solution such as the new FiiO FD15 Dynamic In-ear Monitors

PRODUCTFiiO FD15 Dynamic In-ear Monitors
PriceUS$ 149,99
ManufacturerFiiO Electronics Technology Co. Ltd.
DistributionNT Global Distribution GmbH
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