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For the first time, Bang & Olufsen wants to offer headphones that are specifically suitable for gamers with the new Bang & Olufsen BeoPLAY Portal. The company thus speaks of a wireless gaming headphone.

Bang & Olufsen BeoPLAY Portal, this is a real premiere. Of course, it is not the first Bluetooth headphones from Bang & Olufsen, nor the first over-ear headphones, but what is actually new is that for the first time, headphones are available that are specifically aimed at gamers, so the Danes are talking about wireless gaming headphones.

This is quite exciting, because until now Bang & Olufsen with its BeoPLAY brand was considered a provider of personal audio devices in the premium segment, offering solutions that were not necessarily associated with the term gaming.

The fact that gaming has long since moved beyond the target group of kids alone, and has gradually penetrated the age groups of 30 and 40-year-old users along with the gamers over the years, means that the topic has now also reached the target group to which Bang & Olufsen normally devotes itself.

Designed for Microsoft Xbox

It is also interesting to note that Bang & Olufsen has stated that the new Bang & Olufsen BeoPLAY Portal has been developed as part of the Designed by Xbox programme, which means that it is especially dedicated to ensuring a smooth interaction with this gaming console.

This is to ensure that the Bang & Olufsen BeoPLAY Portal can be connected directly to an Xbox Series XIS and Xbox One console via the Xbox Wireless protocol, guaranteeing high-bandwidth, low-latency signal transmission.

Since Bluetooth 5.1 is used for the connection, a direct connection to a PC is also possible, and of course the Bang & Olufsen BeoPLAY Portal can also be connected to smartphones and tablets in the traditional way, using SBC and AAC as well as aptX Adaptive, and USB-C as a wired option.

Elegant aesthetics

Excitingly, Bang & Olufsen advertises the Bang & Olufsen BeoPLAY Portal as offering elegant aesthetics, high-quality materials and Bang & Olufsen’s characteristic sound. These are characteristics that would normally not be used to advertise headphones designed for gamers.

However, the fact that the focus is not only on gamers or that it is assumed that the target group does not only have games in mind when they decide on headphones such as the new Bang & Olufsen BeoPLAY Portal is shown by the assessment that these headphones adapt effortlessly to different situations.

Immersive surround sound and active noise cancellation

Bang & Olufsen BeoPLAY Portal adapts effortlessly to any situation and offers an impressive range of features, such as low-latency surround sound, excellent microphone performance, Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation, transparency mode and an elegant user interface, according to the manufacturer.

High comfort even during hours of use

A very important point, especially with these headphones, is of course a high level of wearing comfort. After all, especially when playing games, the headphones are worn for a couple of hours. Therefore, the company praises a virtually masterful workmanship, the particularly low weight of the headphones, and in addition to the lasting comfort, also a high level of user-friendliness and of course the excellent acoustic performance.

“The Beoplay Portal is the first of its kind – a wireless headphone that combines gaming technology with Bang & Olufsen’s signature sound, design and craftsmanship. Our designers and engineers have worked tirelessly to create a headphone that meets the demanding technological requirements of the gaming community, while also impressing in everyday use. At Bang & Olufsen, we are thrilled to now enter the gaming market with this product that completely redefines its category.”

Dorte Vestergaard, Director and Head of “On-The-Go” at Bang & Olufsen

While the Bang & Olufsen BeoPLAY Portal was previously only available in the US and Canada, it is now available at retailers here in Black Anthracite, Grey Mist and Navy. The recommended retail price is € 499. The matching wireless dongle must be purchased separately.

Getting to the point

It is a first that a company like Bang & Olufsen is now explicitly dedicated to gamers, with a pair of headphones that is supposed to have all the outstanding, typical features of a Bang & Olufsen BeoPLAY Series personal audio device. The new Bang & Olufsen BeoPLAY Portal addresses a target group that has grown up with games and that is now – not least due to the age structure – also part of the core target group of the Danes outside of games.

Manufacturer: Bang & Olufsen
Distribution: Bang & Olufsen
Price:€ 499,-
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